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Career in Export and Import

Language skills open up a whole world of opportunities and one such option is Career in Export and Import business for Language Experts.

Once you are convinced about the importance of learning a foreign language. This brings us to the next question : Which foreign language is best to learn? Faster communication, extensive travel, increasing exchange of ideas, International businesses, information, outsourcing of jobs, internet, modern technology etc. have reduced the world into a global village. With the world is becoming more connected, a new language is a great value-add to your resume as the career scope in Foreign Languages are limitless!


Job Opportunities in Export and Import Industry for Language Learners

The world has become smaller and smaller due to its digitized global economy. These have opened up large opportunity in businesses involving various forms of importation and exportation. Majority of the larger corporations in India now prefer to hire people who can speak new or more foreign languages other than their own native language.

No doubt, the impact of global economic growth and bilateral interaction under the innovative forces of technology has made the world to become a global village. This new trend has further open up huge investment and job opportunities for career-minded people who can easily participate in business ventures involving export and import of goods and services from India to other places.

Most of the MNCs and business organizations — from medium to large-scale businesses — now prefer to employ the services of employees who can speak new or more foreign languages than people who speak only their native language.

For examples, your ability to speak Mandarin Chinese will present you with a career opportunity of working with a company or firm that’s engaged in importing or exporting goods or services from China to India or from India to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more. Companies who are into the export business will find your proficiency and qualification in Mandarin perfect for their business because; the aforementioned places are where the language is widely spoken or spoken as a first or second language.

Moreover, you also have the option of just engaging these companies in business — acting as an intermediary or their representative in India. It is something you’re always going to get favored from all angles. It is a win-win situation for you any time, and in any place.

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Demand for Language Experts in the Export and Import Companies

On one hand, many International companies are setting their regional offices in India and on another hand, many Indian companies are looking to expand into other countries. The knowledge of a foreign language will give you the opportunity to showcase yourself as a global employee and helpful in finding jobs in multiple international companies and build a meaningful career in export and import industries.

Trade is the engine of the global economy. Today, there is an increasing demand for Indians who are fluent in foreign languages to help in establishing, coordinating, dealing, and managing the business abroad. Due to language barriers, many Indian companies face challenges to expand the business abroad or export their products.

Only 20% of the world’s population speaks English (Native and Non-Native). In crucial sectors with export potential such as manufacturing, agricultural products, IT, leather goods, textiles, gems & precious metals, pharma, engineering goods, petroleum products, etc. gaps in understanding each other due to language barriers are holding back firms from trading the world.

Many export houses and Indian firms are looking for people who can speak Foreign languages like French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. fluently. The work would involve calling companies, telephonic conversation with them, managing queries, assisting in sales coordination and even visiting those countries for business purpose.


Top Languages to get you hired in Import and Export sector

In the increasingly globally connected world, there is no far-off place. Many Spanish & Portuguese speaking regions such as South and Central America, French Speaking African countries, Mandarin-Speaking China, Bahasa-speaking Indonesia, Arabic speaking Middle-east, German-speaking central Europe are specifically seeking bilateral cooperation with India. This approach is opening a world of opportunities for many Indian companies.

French and Spanish are two most popular Foreign languages in the international businesses. Many Indian and MNCs are looking to expand their footprints in French-speaking Africa, Europe and other parts of the world. You can find plentiful amount of opportunities in export sector. Spanish language puts in a firm position to succeed in export and import business to Latin America, and also to the U.S where it is the second most important language after English.

Driven by these global trends, the world is slowly moving away from being an English-dominated work culture. Apart from French and Spanish, there is also growing demand for people who know Mandarin, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese. It is always better to choose a language which is most spoken in the countries you or your company are likely to do business in.

Clearly, there is a rising demand for foreign language skills. Mastering a foreign language could open the doors to the job opportunity and career in Export and Import sectors and international trade & business.

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