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Interested in Foreign Language Courses in Chennai? Find the best institutes offering French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Russian language classes in Chennai.

Once you are convinced about the benefits of learning a foreign language. This brings up the next question : What is the best foreign language to learn? In an age of increasing globalization, a new language is a great value-add to your resume as the career options in Foreign Languages are growing like never before.

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Language Classes in Chennai

Here, we have the list of some of the popular and best institutes providing various Foreign language classes in Chennai with all the necessary details for you to join and thus learn French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Japanese in Chennai.


1) Korean Classes at Inko Centre in Chennai

InKo Centre in association with King Sejong Institute Foundation and Sangmyung University offers various short-term Korean language classes in Chennai. It is a branch of King Sejong Institute which was established by the South Korean government around the world since 2007. The institute is a solid foundation for all Korea-related research, Taekwondo, monthly screenings of Korean films, cultural activities, Café Mori for authentic Korean dishes, and Korean Language courses in Chennai. Thanks to popularity of K-Drama, strong influence of ‘hallyu’ and growing job opportunities in Korean language, the interest for Korean language skills has also increased tremendously.

The Korean courses offered by Inko Centre are divided into 3 broad parts – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. It is further divided into 2 sub levels. The centre also offers Korean Language for Business Purposes. They run three courses in a year and the duration of each course is three to four months. The Korean classes in Chennai are conducted by experienced & certified Korean teachers to ensure quality learning experience. The Korean programs are designed as per (TOPIK) Test of Proficiency in Korean exam. Chennai is one of the four authorised centre for TOPIK Exam in India.

Address : InKo Centre, No: 18, Adyar Club Gate Road, Chennai.
Phone : +91 – 044 – 26361224. Email :
Website : Link 

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2) Russian Classes at Russian Centre of Science and Culture

Founded in India in 1958, Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) is a non-profit organization affiliated to the Russian Embassy. The main goal was to strengthen the friendship between the peoples of India and the Russian Federation and to also promote Russian language and culture of Russia. Premises of the Russian Center include: movie and concert hall for 260 seats, exhibition hall, dance classes, language courses, and library.

RCSC Institute gives you an opportunity to learn Russian language in India and through it to be introduced to Russian culture, literature, customs, history, art, and traditions. The Russian courses in this centre is designed as per Russian State Educational Standards and Programs, their structure and objectives are based on CEFR. They offer various short term Russian classes such as Elementary Course (Level 1, 2 – 120 Hours each), Basic Course (Level 3 – 180 Hours), and customized crash course of Russian Language for professionals, students and language enthusiasts and also for those students who are going to Russia for higher studies.

Address : 74, Kasturi Ranga Road, Chennai.
Phone : +91 – 044 – 2499-0050. Email :
Website : Link 

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3) Spanish Classes at Instituto Hispania, Chennai

Founded in 1997, Instituto Hispania is one of the oldest and popular private Spanish language institute in Chennai. Instituto Hispania has designed and developed its own syllabus in accordance to the CERF and Spanish Language proficiency test in India i.e. DELE and SIELE.

The teaching staff of Instituto Hispania is expert in the field of coaching and cater to all the needs of the students keen on learning the Spanish language in India. Instituto Hispania levels are divided into three broad categories which are further divided into a total of eight levels. Fees for each level is around ₹ 13,554.

  • (i) Basic (A1+A2) – Certificado Básico (A1.1), Certificado Intermedio (A1), Diploma Inicial A2).
  • (ii) Intermediate (B1+B2) – Diploma Pre-Avanzado (B1.1), Avanzado (B1), Diploma Pre-Superior (B2).
  • (iii) Advanced Module (C1+C2) – Diploma Superior (C1), and Perfeccionamiento (C2.1).

Address : No.5 Kamaraj Avenue, 1st Street, Adyar, Chennai – 600020. 
Phone : +91 – 044 – 43521523, 9840512514. Email :
Website : Link

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4) German Classes at Goethe-Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan)

If you can’t go to Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich to immerse yourself in German language and culture, there are still many excellent opportunities to start learning German in Chennai. The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. In India, the German institute is called Max Müller Bhavans, in honour of the most well known German philologist and indologist. Thanks to the wide array of career opportunities in German language, It is the second most popular foreign language in India. The Goethe-Institut offers the best atmosphere for learning German in Chennai.

The course is divided into 6 broad levels: Goethe-Zertifikat A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The centre also offers Extensive, Intensive and Super-Intensive courses. The Intermediate levels (B1, B2) and Advanced Levels (C1, C2) are also subdivided into 2 or 3 parts. With the best teaching staff and exclusive reputation, this institute has become one of the prominent and best German Classes located in Chennai.

Address : No.4 (Old No.14), 5th Street, Rutland Gate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Phone : +91 – 044 – 2833 1314. Email :
Website : Link

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5) Mandarin School – Chinese Language Course in Chennai

Another well known name when it comes to Mandarin Chinese Classes in Chennai, Mandarin School is probably the best in the business. Planning to visit China or looking to enhance career opportunities in Chinese Language? The courses are designed and developed to impart Mandarin teaching specially working professional and college-going students.

There are total four levels – Level 1 (Basic), Level 2 (Intermediate), Level 3 (Advanced 1) and Level 4 (Advanced 2). Their Mandarin classes take place through the week and there are batches through the day that you can choose to attend based on your schedule. They also offer Mandarin for Kids and customized courses for the for the corporate world. The courses are designed as per internationally accredited exam for non-native Chinese speakers called the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or HSK – The Chinese Proficiency Test.

Address : Mandarin School, No 3, Jaffar Syrang Street, 2nd Floor, Parrys, Chennai.
Phone : +91 9092481636. Email :
Website : Link

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French Language Courses in Chennai


1) French Classes at Alliance Française of Madras

Established in 1953, Alliance Française of Madras is part of the network of Alliance Francaise in India under the aegis of the Embassy of France in New Delhi. AF has a vast network of over 1,100 branches all over the world. Alliance Francaise de Madras is a trusted name for French language training in Chennai. The institute also has branches outside Chennai, in Coimbatore and Trichy. Equipped with modern infrastructure, The centre also holds a plethora of cultural events such as screening of movies, workshops, performances, concerts, etc every month.

The course is divided into 5 levels: Level 1 – Beginners/ A1 (160 Hours), Level 2 – Elementary / A2 (160 Hours), Level 3 – Lower Intermediate / B1 (200 Hours), Level 4 – Higher intermediate / B2 (200 Hours), and Level 5 – Advanced / C1 (240 Hours). The centre offers regular and intensive French courses. All the trainers at this French Institute are certified to help the students learn the French Language in India. All the courses are designed as per French language proficiency test in India i.e. DELF/DALF and TEF Exam in India.

Address : No.24, College Road, Chennai 600 006.
Phone : + 91 – 044 – 28279803 / 28271477 Ext: 01. Email :
Website : Link


2) Here and Now – The French Institute in Chennai

Here and Now – French Institute is one of the most renowned French Coaching Institute located in Chennai. They have designed special curriculum with the latest and the most effective teaching methods. If you are interested in pursuing the different French learning Courses and programs, Here and Now, French Classes in Chennai should be an ideal choice.

The French Course is divided into 5 different levels – Level 1 (A1), Level 2 (A2), Level 3 (B1), Level 4 (B2), Level 5 (C1). They offer an awesome environment for learning French. Also, any student irrespective of age can join this Institute to learn French language in Chennai. For aspiring Canadian Immigrants, they also offer TEF Canada (Test d’Évaluation de Français) French Training Course.

Here and Now is one of very few institute offering Diplôme de Français Professionnel (Affaires) B2. For those who are specifically interested in Job opportunities in French Language, The 22 months (weekends) and 15 months (weekdays) Diploma in Business French course help you improve your chances of getting your dream job. They also offer super-intensive Immersion Program in Business French. It is a 972 hour – a 108 day, full-time job oriented French course. It is certified by Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Paris, Ile-de-France and It is a real asset on your CV.

Address : Venus Complex, No.648, P.H. Road, Chennai.
Phone : +91 9841052070. Email :
Website : Link

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Japanese Language Courses in Chennai


1) Hayakawa Japanese Language School & Cultural Center

Hayakawa Japanese Language School & Cultural Center is one of the most famous Japanese Institutes in Chennai which is known to provide exceptional training for the students to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Another great thing about learning Japanese at Hayakawa is that they have a nominal fee structure. The focus is laid on quality teaching and the requirement of a good score in JLPT exam in India.

HayaKawa offers four courses in the Japanese Language. C-JAT I (Basic) – 3 months, C-JAT II (Intermediate) – 4 months, C-JAT III (Advance) – 5 Months, and C-JAT IV(Business) – 6 months. The centre also offers Japanese distance learning programs. The course material comprises Hayakawa Learn Japanese original Text book, Multimedia Interactive Learn Japanese CD, Hayakawa Learn Japanese workbook for Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. They have both Indian as well as native Japanese language trainer for offline Japanese language classes in Chennai.

Address : Hayakawa, 19, East Mada Street, Aminjikarai, Chennai – 600029.
Phone : +91 – 044 – 2664 1117 / 8939990770. Email :
Website : Link



Established in 1974 as ABK – AOTS DOSOKAI is one name which has created a niche for itself in lieu of being one of the best institutes offering Japanese Language courses in Chennai. It is the oldest Japanese language institute in south India having a history of more than 40+ years. Thanks to wide range of career prospects in Japanese language, this centre if a popular name in the field of Japanese learning in Chennai. 

Their standard Japanese course is divided into 5 parts – JLPT N5 (150 Hours), JLPT N4 (150 Hours), JLPT N3 (150 Hours), JLPT N2 (200 Hours), and JLPT N1 (300 Hours). All the Study Materials and Contents are prepared in house by ABK-AOTS Dosokai. Since 2002, It is the only authorised centre to conduct the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in Chennai for the four southern states.

Address : 37, 3rd Floor, Chateau ‘D’ Ampa, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai
Phone : 91 – 044 – 2374 0318. Email :
Website : Link 

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Foreign Language Institutes in Chennai


1) Italian and German Classes at LanguageLab

LanguageLab in Chennai is also a very famous Institute which offers courses to learn German and Italian language. LanguageLab has been founded by a consortium of native linguistic teachers, who have knowledge in their native languages as well as proficiency in teaching methodologies.

Learning Italian Language in India is the gateway to the world of art and literature. Language Lab offers 4 different levels of Italian language courses, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert as per Italian proficiency test. The entire course is covered in 12 months. Upon completing the course, you will earn a certificate of proficiency recognized by “The Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry“.

This Foreign Language Institute in Chennai also offers 5 levels courses in German. The German program is divided into Beginners, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I and Advanced II. It is a course of 14 months and both Italian and German courses are designed as per Zertifikat Deutsch in India and focuses on all four language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing. If you are interested in studying German or Italian courses and programs available at a pocket-friendly price, Language Lab Classes in Chennai should be your pick.

Address : c/o IICC, 2B, Jamals, No. 17, Jaganathan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Phone : 91 – 044 – 2824 2397 / 2399, 9080582082. Email :
Website : Link

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2) INaWORD – Centre of Foreign Languages

Founded in 2000, INaWORD is another multi-lingual Institute to impart quality foreign language training in the city of Chennai. Anticipating to the rising career opportunities in foreign languages, InaWord started with French and German. Today, they offer a wide range of courses in French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. All the courses are designed and developed as per International language proficiency test such as CEFR – French DELF, Spanish DELE, German Start Deutsch, Japanese JLPT and Mandarin Chinese HSK, etc. They have four types of courses, namely Flair for Adults, Junior for Children, Excel for School going young learner, and Affinity for the corporate world.

InaWord main branch is located in Kasturba Nagar in Adyar. They also have 3 more centres at Anna Nagar, Kilpauk and Nungambakkam. This is a full-fledged foreign language learning centre where the students irrespective of age can learn foreign languages in the most convenient way and most friendly environment. Since 2011, INaWORD is the only examination centre in South India authorised to conduct Spanish Language Proficiency test i.e. official DELE exam in India by the Instituto Cervantes, the official body representing the Ministry of Education in Spain.

Address : No. 26, Teachers Colony, Kasturba Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.
Phone : +91 – 044 – 24455077, 9962935152. Email :
Website : Link 

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3) Communiqua Foreign Language Institute

If you are one of the few people looking to learn a new language then Communiqua can definitely be a good option. It is another reputed foreign language training institution located in Purasawalkam, Chennai. Imparting the highest level of quality language teaching and training students is the prime incentive for the Training Team at Communiqua. With the certified and experience teaching staff and exclusive reputation, this institute has become one of the prominent name in the field of foreign language learning in chennai.

Currently, They offer spectrum of short-term courses, Kids Group programs, exam preparation course and customized courses for corporate world. Apart from French, this Institute in Chennai offers learning courses for other European languages like Spanish, German, as well as East Asian Languages Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Duration of each course is between 50 to 80 hours and they conduct the language classes on both weekdays and weekends.

Address : 66-A, Purasaiwalkam High Road, Purasaiwalkam, Chennai.
Phone : +91 – 044 – 26416799, 98408 33186. Email :
Website : Link

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