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Language Courses in Delhi University

There are two types of foreign language courses in Delhi University, one is at the university level and the other is many Colleges offering a wide array of language courses in DU. They provide a cluster of part-time and full-time degree level courses.

This article covers “Foreign language courses in Delhi University“. Do read the three-part series. (Part – 1: Advantages of learning foreign language in India, Part –2: Most popular foreign language to learn in India and Part – 3: Where to learn Foreign language in Delhi)

Over the last decade or so we have witnessed a huge surge in demand for foreign language professionals. Learning is not only great for your hobby or travelling but can also broaden job prospects, business opportunities and career options in foreign languages. Established in 1922, Delhi University is the premier university consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the country. The University of Delhi is well-known for high-quality education, research, and eminent faculty.

Students who want to pursue have two options: Either part-time classes (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) or study full-time degree level course (B.A., M.A., M.Phil, PhD). D.U. also has many departments dedicated to the study of foreign languages. In Delhi University, There are many colleges such as Hansraj, St. Stephen’s College, Daulat Ram, Zakir Husain, Jesus & Mary, Hindu, Gargi, Ramjas, Lady Shri Ram College to name just a few with a varied range of foreign language programs.

French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese remain on top in the category wish list of most of the student. However, in recent years – Demand for Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, etc. are also on the rise. Arts faculty through various departments also offers some not so popular and less common languages courses in Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech, Swahili, Polish, Tibetan, Croatian, Hungarian, etc. These language courses are not available in any Colleges affiliated to University of Delhi.

There are several colleges where one can pursue part-time / short-term foreign language courses. Delhi University’s Arts faculty does not offer part-time courses in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. For part-time Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in various languages, Contact respective Colleges. Every College has different admission procedure and dates. Admission is done mostly through merit list / cut-off.


List of DU colleges offering Foreign Language Courses


Delhi University – North Campus

  1. St. Stephen’s College, University Enclave – Certificate in Korean, Certificate & Diploma in Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in French and German.
  2. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Pitampura – Certificate in French, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
  3. Satyawati College, Ashok Vihar – Certificate & Diploma in French and German.
  4. Daulat Ram College *, Maurice Nagar – Certificate & Diploma in Chinese and Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean and Japanese.
  5. HansRaj College, Malka Ganj – Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in French and German.
  6. Ramjas College, Maurice Nagar, Delhi University – Certificate in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese & Chinese, Diploma in French, Japanese & Chinese and Advanced Diploma in French.
  7. Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Pitampura, Near Sainik Vihar – Certificate in French and German.
  8. Mata Sundri College *, Mata Sundri Lane – Certificate in French, Spanish and German.
  9. Miranda House *, Patel Chest Marg – Certificate in French, Spanish and German.
  10. SGTB Khalsa College, Mall Road – Certificate in Spanish, Russian, German, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.
  11. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, Karampura – Certificate in Russian.
  12. Hindu College, University of Delhi – Certificate in French, German, Spanish and Russian.
  13. Zakir Husain College, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg – Certificate in Russian. 
  14. LakshmiBai College *, Ashok Vihar – Certificate in Chinese and Japanese.
  15. Kalindi College *, East Patel Nagar – Certificate in Chinese language.

Delhi University – South Campus

  1. Jesus & Mary College *, Chanakyapuri – Certificate in French.
  2. College of Vocational Studies, Sheikh Sarai Ph-II – Certificate and Diploma in French and German.
  3. Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Netaji Nagar – Certificate in French, German & Spanish and Diploma in Spanish & German.
  4. Acharya Narendra Dev College, Govindpuri, Kalkaji – Certificate in Russian, Certificate & Diploma in French, Spanish and German & Advanced Diploma in Spanish.
  5. Kamla Nehru College *, August- Kranti Marg – Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in French
  6. Bharti College *, Janakpuri – Certificate in Russian, French, Chinese & German and Diploma & Advanced Diploma in French & German.
  7. Sri Venkateswara College, Dhaula Kuan – Certificate in German and Chinese.
  8. Gargi College *, Siri Road fort – Certificate in German.
  9. Lady Shri Ram College *, Lajpat Nagar 4 – Certificate in Russian.

* Women’s Colleges of DU
Certificate level requires candidates to have passed 10+2. For Diploma and advanced diploma level, certification and Diploma is required respectively in the corresponding language. Admission will be given on merit or entrance test.


Arabic & Persian at Zakir Husain College

Affiliated to University of Delhi since 1925, Zakir husain Delhi College holds the distinction of being in existence well before the establishment of Delhi university. It carries within itself nearly a history of 300 years as an institute of learning and one of the best place to learn Arabic Language in India

The Department of Persian offers full time three year B.A. (Hons.) and two year MA in Persian Language. For 2018, Total number of seats are 19 for BA (Hons.) in Arabic and Persian. The Arabic department, with its dedicated, competent and committed teachers and student-centred teaching methodology, offers B.A. programme and MA programme focusing on the study of Arabic language and literature.


Spanish at Jesus & Mary College

Over the last 4 decades, the Jesus & Mary College has expanded and reached out to thousands of young women who have graduated from the College. Jesus and Mary College became the first college to start a placement cell in 1998. Starting with one company, today there are around 55 to 60 reputed companies which hold on-campus interviews for placements. A Staff Coordinator arranges interviews by prospective employers.

Why Learn Spanish? There are plenty of benefits of learning spanish language. One main attraction is job opportunities after learning Spanish. J&M College Spanish department offers B.A. (Hons.) in Spanish Language. Total number of seats are 18 for BA course. Admission is done through written exam and merit list.

Foreign Language Courses in Delhi University


Foreign Language Courses in Delhi University (Arts Faculty)

Delhi University’s Faculty of Arts has many departments functioning under it. They are: Department of Arabic, Department of Buddhist Studies, Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, Department of Persian, Department of East Asian Studies and Department of Slavonic & Finno-ugrian studies.


1) Department of Germanic and Romance Studies

Established in 1948, The Department of Germanic and Romance studies is widely recognized as one of the best place to pursue foreign language courses in Delhi university. MA programmes in French, German and and Hispanic Studies was introduced in 1988 whereas MA in Italian Studies was added in 1995. MPhil programmes was restructured in 1998 and BA (Hons) courses in French, German, Italian and Spanish was introduced in 2002.

Every year, a large number of students of the Department avail of scholarships to study or do research at universities in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Romania, Austria, etc. The department of Germanic and Romance studies also has cooperation agreements with several universities abroad with for exchange programmes & study trips for students and research scholars. The Department offers the following courses:

  1. 2 Year DiplomaB.A. (Hons.) in French, German, Italian and Spanish
  2. MA in French, German, Hispanic (Spanish) and Italian Studies
  3. MPhil & PhD Programme in French, German, Hispanic (Spanish) and Italian Studies
  4. Intensive 1 year Full-time Advanced Diploma in Portuguese
  5. Part-timeCertificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Portuguese & Romanian

For 2019 admission, For B.A. (Hons.) in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Total number of seats are 41 for each course. For M.A. in French, Hispanic (Spanish), Italian and German, Total number of seats are 23 for each language course.

The department also offers French, Spanish and German as Discipline Courses-II in few Colleges. (i) Jesus & Mary College – French and Spanish, (ii) Delhi College of Arts and Commerce – German and Spanish, (iii) Gargi College – German, (iv) Vivekanand College – French and (v) Ramanujan College – French.

The aim of the Discipline Courses is to teach 4 basic skills (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading) and enable students to attain CEFR B1 level. This will be helpful for students to pursue Post Graduate course in corresponding language, Study abroad, and also promoting the study of society and culture of the countries where this language is spoken.

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2) Department of Slavonic & Finno-Ugrian Studies

Delhi university’s Department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies is the only place in India where one can learn Slavonic languages namely Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish and Hungarian from the Finno-Ugrian group of languages. The courses offered by the Department have a two-fold aim – to empower students to become fluent users of these languages and to acquaint them with the diverse and rich civilizations of the important regions of East – Central Europe and Russia

The Department of Slavonic & Finno-ugrian studies provides an excellent environment to pursue language and literature study to some of the greatest literary works and scholarly writings produced in East-Central Europe and Russia. They also lay great emphasis on other activities like film shows, exhibitions, quiz programmes, celebration of national festivals etc. They offer 1 year part-time Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Russian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish and Hungarian language course in Delhi.

Thanks to the historical reasons to Learn Russian in India, Dept. is well-known for Russian Language Course in Delhi University. They also offer One Year Full Time Intensive Advanced Diploma, M.A., M.Phil and PhD in Russian. For M.A. in Russian studies, total number of seats are 30 for 2018-2020. Those who are doing M.A. in Russian can choose Polish as a complementary subject.


3) Department of Arabic

The Department of Arabic is one of the oldest departments in the University dating back to 1922, the year of the inception of Delhi University. The Department of Arabic – Arts Faculty offers 1 year Certificate, 1 year Diploma and 1 year Advanced Diploma in Modern Arabic. The center also offers B.A. (H.), M.A., M.Phil and PhD in Arabic. For M.A. in Arabic, Total number of seats are 46 for academic year 2018-2020. After Arabic Language courses in JNU, DU is the second best choice for Arabic Language course in Delhi.


4) Department of Persian

Started in 1957, The Department of Persian is one of the oldest department of University of Delhi in the field of language learning. The Department of Persian – Arts Faculty offers 1 year Certificate, 1 year Diploma and 1 year Advanced Diploma in Persian. If you’re interested in learning Persian language in India, then you can pursue BA, MA, M.Phil and PhD in Persian. For M.A. in Persian language course in Delhi campus, Total number of seats are 30 for academic year 2018-2020. After Persian Language courses in Jamia Millia Islamia, DU is another great choice in North India.


5) Department of East Asian Studies

The Department of East Asian Studies introduced Chinese Studies in 1964,  Japanese Studies in 1969, and Korean Studies in 2001. The Department of East Asian studies – Arts Faculty offers One Year Full-time Post Graduate Intensive Diploma Course in Chinese (CF-1), Korean (KF-1) & Japanese (JF-1) and One Year Full-time Post Graduate Intensive Advanced Diploma Course in Chinese (CF-2), Korean (KF-2) & Japanese (JF-2)

The Department also offers MA in Japanese (MA-JL) and M.A., M.Phil, and PhD in East Asian studies. All students have to choose one language between Chinese / Korean / Japanese while pursuing M.A. / M.Phil / PhD in East Asian studies. Total number of seats are 39 for East Asian Studies and 16 for MA in Japanese respectively. For Ph.D., number of seats are decided every year. The admission procedure for PG courses consists of a written test and an interview

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6) Department of Buddhist Studies

The Department of Buddhist Studies was established in 1957 as follow up to the action initiated by the Government of India on the occasion of the celebration of 2500 years of Buddhism on 24 May 1956. The Department of Buddhist Studies – Arts Faculty offers One year part-time Certificate and One year part-time Diploma in Pali and Tibetan language and literature.

Department also offer M.A., M.Phil and PhD in Buddhist studies with a vision of to prepare Buddhologists who would excel in knowledge, orientation, and application of Buddhist thought of peace and non-violence with high ethical standards and social relevance. Language is also part of Buddhist studies. After Tibetan and Pali Language courses in BHU, DU is the one of the excellent for Tibetan Language course in Delhi.


7) Department of African Studies

The Department of African Studies is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Delhi. It was established in December 1954. The Department of African Studies – Arts Faculty offers 1 year Certificate and 1 year Diploma in Swahili Language. Those who are doing M.Phil and PhD in African studies has to choose Swahili Language as a compulsory subject.

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Admission Procedure, Eligibility Criteria, Entrance Exam, Dates

For Admission in Under Graduate (BA Programme), You need to pass in 10+2. For few courses, admission is done on the basis of entrance exam while for some courses, admissions are based on merit list / cut-off. 

If you want to pursue a part-time courses in foreign languages, then you should directly contact the College concerned. Admission is mostly done through merit list. Preference is given to existing students of the same College. Prior knowledge of the language is not required for Certificates. However, for Diploma and Advanced Diploma, Certificate and Diploma in the same language is required.

For PG Intensive Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Chinese / Japanese / Korean (CF-1, JF-1 and KF-1), Bachelor’s Degree is required followed by Common Entrance Test (SLAT) of the Department of East Asian Studies. For Advanced Diploma (CF-2, JF-2 and KF-2), Bachelor’s Degree + Diploma in the corresponding Language (KP-1) / (JP-1) / (CK-1) issued by Department of East Asian studies or Advanced Diploma in the corresponding language. Final admission is done on the basis of entrance exam.

For MA courses, Minimum Eligibility is BA in the corresponding language or any subject from D.U. or any recognized University. Good Knowledge in the same language is required since Admission is based on written exam and then viva-voce in some cases too. Question paper will be in the corresponding language.

For research courses M.Phil, The candidate should have good academic record with first or high second class Master’s Degree (at least 55% Marks) or an equivalent Degree. All the eligible candidates are required to sit for entrance test as per the dates announced by the Department. Weightage is 75 marks for written test and 25 marks for Interview. Good Knowledge in the same language is required.

For research courses Ph.D., The admission in DU will be granted on the basis of entrance examination (75 marks for written test and 25 marks for Interview). Minimum Eligibility is M.Phil or M.A. with an excellent academic from University of Delhi or any recognized University. Good Knowledge in the same language is mandatory.

Please Note : Admission for the Session 2018-2019 are closed. Comments are disabled. It will be enabled in April 2019 and this article will be updated before the admission starts for 2019-2020 session. If you have any question, you can ask here — Foreign Language Courses in Delhi

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  1. Sir whether pursuing french language would be better or spanish in DU for certificate level? And please help me know the procedures for admission and cut-off related to that one too after class 12.

  2. Sir, I would like to know.Is it possible to do MPhil in french having MA in English and advance diploma in french language.

    1. I guess you will be eligible to sit for entrance test. Since no. of seats are few (5-10), it won’t be easy to clear entrance test. As per master question paper for M.Phil in French, not only high proficiency like C1/C2 is required but also good knowledge of French literature, culture and civilization. You need to study beyond Advanced Diploma. You can prepare for 2019 entrance test.

  3. Dear Vikas Sir, I am a student at AIIMS, New Delhi. Want to pursue basic level course in SPANISH language. Can not wait for next year. But interested in doing from good institute, preferably not from private institute. Please help and suggest further. [Contact: Hidden]

    1. Unfortunately, Last date for all the Universities are over. You can try Cervantes, Mundo Latino, or Instituto Hispania. These are private and fees are on higher side but quality is good. There are few other centres in Delhi too but not good enough to be recommended. ReadSpanish institute in Delhi

  4. sir
    i would like to learn spanish or persian. sir i want to ask you is basic knowledge important? to do a spanish diploma or certification? financially i am not so strong to do this course by private institute. I have done my 12th in arts but sir i want to learn spanish to make my career best. [Hidden] is my number sir please get me full knowledge sir and must tell me about the fee either

    1. For Diploma, Certificate or equivalent is required. For Certificate, No prior knowledge in the same language is mandatory. You can try various Colleges affiliated to DU for Spanish courses. Fees are affordable. However, last date is over. You can try next year. You can also try YMCA or Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Fees are on lower side. ReadSpanish Courses in Delhi. If in case, interested in Persian, Persian Courses in Delhi

  5. Sir, I want to pursue with certificate course Japanese language but I don’t know how to take admission and about entrance test.

  6. Vikash Sir, I really like to thank you for all your help. I got admission in St. Stephens and that was not possible without your guidance and frequent updates. Your blog is really paradise for those interested in foreign languages. I will surely keep in touch with you. Thank you once again.

    1. I’m really humbled by your compliment and kind words. I wish you all the very best in the journey of Language learning 🙂

  7. Sir I got admission in Ramjas college and in Chinese language. I’m so happy. Thank you sooo much for clearing my all doubts. I love your blog, it is awesome…

  8. Hello sir,
    My name is Anurag Rai and I want to pursue German & French languages. Will you help me to know the admission last date and best collage.

  9. Sir, I want to pursue with certificate course for Spanish language but I don’t know how to take admission and about entrance test.

    1. This year, it looks difficult since last date is over for most Colleges. Admission is mostly based on cut-off or direct admission if total number of applicants are less. Only in few cases, there is entrance. You can try few private institutes. ReadSpanish Courses in Delhi

  10. Sir I have filled the form of Acharya Narendra College to learn Spanish as a certificate course, I know I could get Ramjas or Stephens but haven’t applied because of traveling issue. Someone told me Acharya Narendra is not a good college you should go for a private institute for Spanish like The Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi.

    What to do ? Sir please advice

    1. For Short-term courses (not full-time BA, MA, etc), Private Institutes like Cervantes, Mundo Latino and Instituto Hispania are better than any DU Colleges as far as quality of Spanish teaching is concerned. However, class timing may or may not me convenient and affordability are two reasons, many opt for DU Colleges. You can go with pvt. centres.

  11. Sir can we pursue two different language certificate courses at the same time from different colleges of DU

    1. For most Colleges, It is not possible. While It is possible to pursue two different language courses from two department in any academic year. However, I don’t recommend learning two languages simultaneously. Language is a vast subject and you will get confused between the two languages. In the field of languages, quality matters!

  12. Sir, if I’ll get three languages Chinese, Japanese, and Korean and I have also interest in all of these three subjects, which language should I pursue for future according to its demand?

    1. Vivekananda college doesn’t offer any short term courses in French as per information available. They offers French as Discipline Courses-II and i think last date is over for this session. You can still contact the College.

  13. Sir i want to study foreign language at du…when will the forms will open and what is eligibility criteria….i have not studied any foreign language in 12th so which course i have to get admission

    1. For Most Colleges, Last date is over. You can try next year or Join any private institute. All the details are there in this article.

  14. Sir..
    I am doing BA (pro) from SGND Khalsa College. Sir, I wish that I learn french language from DU college. What can I doing both courses in the same time.

    1. SGND Khalsa does not offer any Short-term French course. While there are dozens of Colleges affiliated to DU for French courses and you are eligible for those courses too. However, last date is over for most Colleges. You can try few private institute. ReadFrench Courses in Delhi

  15. Why are there 39 seats shows as available for JF 2 Course in DU, East Asian Studies, when they directly admit JF 1 students to the JF 2 course. When will be the results announced for JF 2?

    1. I did not get you. Students of JF/KF/CF-1 get direct admission in JF/KF/CF-2 only if they pass the exam. Also, few students don’t continue beyond PG Diploma. That is why for few remaining seats, there is an entrance exam.

      1. There was an entrance for JF 2 in which seats available for the course were 39 out of which 11 seats for OBC, 3 for ST and 6 are reserved for SC . If JF 1 students are directly admitted to the P.G Intensive Advanced diploma course (JF 2) and there are only a few seats available why did the east asian department did not display it on their website with the correct information on seats availibility for students taking the entrance for JF 2?

        1. You are right. I’m not sure why the information was not available to candidates who were appearing for exam. There is a possibility that this time all JF-1 students has to appear for JF-2 entrance exam too? Difficult to say. DU provides very limited information in the age of digitalisation 🙂

  16. Hello Sir, I had applied for french diploma in St. Stephen’s college. As required I have cleared the entrance test also. I would like to know that for verification what all documents do I need to carry to the college. As there is no info on the site about the documents it is just written come for verification. Please help!

    1. Congrats Mannat. You can carry a print-out of the online application form, self-attested copy of the 12th mark sheet and copy of Certificate in French. Carry original also for verification. Last date to deposit the fees is 18th July. So, don’t worry. You can visit the College today. If more documents are required, you can take admission early next week.

      Je te souhaite plein succès dans ta future carrière et bonne chance. 🙂

  17. Sr I want to take admission in mata sundri college for French language What is the last date for admission and from where I can get application form

    1. I guess Admission dates are over. Today, They announced fifth cut-off list. It was almost direct admission Link. You can still visit the College and try.

  18. Sir if student is not able right now to take admission form on behalf of the student someone else take the admission form

        1. They offers Certificate in French, German and Spanish. Last year it was July end. This year, i did not find the information. Visit the College or Call at 011 – 27666983 / 7437 / 7367.

  19. Sr I want to take admission in mirinda house college for Spanish language what is the last date for admission and from where I can get application form

    1. Mirinda House is Women’s College. There is no information regarding last date. Contact the College admission department.

  20. What is the last date for submission of part time foreign language form in sgtb Khalsa college and Daulat Ram college?

  21. Hi Sir, i wanna learn spanish language from any college which is affiliated to DU. please let me know when the admission form will be out? and is the private institute good learning spanish language?

  22. Sir I’m not clear my 10th exam sir but I’m done a 6 month bpp course in ignou university which is eligible to 10th & +2 and now I’m doing degree in ignou university so can I eligible for the language course in Delhi University or no sir.

    1. As per IGNOU website – “This BBP Programme is offered by the University to those students who wish to do Bachelors Degree of IGNOU but do not have the essential qualification of having passed 10+2”. I’m not sure if this is equivalent to 10+2 and possible to enroll in any course in other University where minimum eligibility is 10+2. You can contact DU admission department for confirmation.

  23. Hey, I’m Riya Singh, I wanted to know, after completing graduation from Delhi University, is it possible to take admission in the language courses after the completion of degree? Or we can take admission only if we are studying into any of the years?

    1. Yes. You can take admission in language courses even if you are not pursuing any full-time course from DU or already graduated.

  24. sir,
    i have passes class 12 this year with an aggregate of 79.25 this year. I have taken admission in NCWEB can certificate in german be pursued along with ncweb??

    1. I guess you already applied and waiting for the merit-list? At the time of admission, applicants whose names appear in the list have to bring a print-out of the online application form along with a self-attested copy of the 12th mark sheet for verification.

  25. I want to do a French certificate course from Acharya Narendra dev college, is it a good college for french ?

    1. The College is fine. Like any other DU College, This college also offers Certificate in French with the collaboration with Arts faculty’s Germanic and Romance departement. Last date for Sale and submission of duly filled forms is July 16, 2018.

  26. Sir i want to do certificate in spanish language from du are the forms out and admission are going on in du orr admission closed for the language part time course

    1. Admission process is over for several Colleges. For few Colleges, admission procedure is still going on. You can apply by visiting the shortlisted Colleges offering Certificate in Spanish.

  27. Sir, I want to do certificate course in Spanish from DU but my 12th best four percentage is 57. and I have given exam of BA final year and I had a back in 2nd year. And I score by now 330/700 so can I get admission for graduate basis.

    1. That will depend on total number of applicants. Wait and check the merit list. If you don’t get the admission, you can try other good options for Spanish course in Delhi / NCR.

  28. Hello Sir

    Sir I have applied for certificate in French and in the cut off it is written 85% and above in 12th and 60% and above in graduation. So can I take admission on the basis of graduation only? As my 12 % is 70%.

    1. Well different Colleges has different eligibility criteria and cut-offs. Wait for the final list. If you don’t get the admission. No need to worry. DU is not the only option to learn French. Let me in know, i ‘ll suggest you some other good options.

  29. What is the career in spanish language i have just completed certificate course I’m gonna apply for diploma….

  30. Sir what is the last date for French certificate courses from du, does it need any pre registration………for year 2018?

  31. sir i want to apply for french language what is procedure for this plz tell me about all this

    1. Shortlist few Colleges offering Certificate in French, Visit the respective Colleges and Apply. Once merit list is out, go with the nearest or best one.

  32. Sir I was going for Spanish Certificataion in DU, but my brother said go for a private institute with your regular college(DU). Any suggestions ? Please

  33. Sir I have given exam for certificate in French and also my 2 year exams. This year i will do diploma in French. I want to know if i want to study French as regular course what would be the procedure. Which course can i apply for after my graduation.

    1. Diploma and then Advanced Diploma are part-time courses. After completing Advanced Diploma in French, you can apply for MA in French from (Dept. of Germanic and Romance studies – Arts faculty). It is regular course and admission is through entrance exam. You can also apply for MA in French from JNU. Other than BA, MA, M.Phil, Ph.D., most French courses irrespective of Colleges or institute are part-time courses only.

  34. hello sir, i just want to ask how much proficient in any language would someone be on a scale of 10 after completing the certificate course from du and how are language course from private institute?

    1. Difficult question. It depends on student. However as per curriculum is concerned, Certificate – 2/10, Diploma – 4/10, Advanced Diploma – 6/10, MA – 8-9/10.

  35. Sir tell me if I choose a very good College and not the college which is near my regular college, Means Going for a best college will give me certificate for it’s own name or college will not be mentioned only Delhi University is given on certificate.

    1. College plays a very limited role as far as part-time language courses are concerned. All are affiliated to the various language department of Arts Faculty. They manage everything including faculty, syllabus, examination, etc. Not sure if College name is mentioned or not, but it won’t make any significant difference as all are more or less same and all are affiliated to Arts faculty. At the end, Only Knowledge matters not the College. Regular courses are altogether different thing and Choosing the right College is important.

  36. Sir, I am a student of Delhi University and I would like to take up German language as a certificate course. My best of 4 in 12th standard was 81.75%. I want to know when will the forms be available to apply for the certificate course, what all colleges I can apply to, and what is the eligibility criteria. Thank you

    1. There are several Colleges offering Certificate in German. Select few Colleges from the list (try to choose nearby Colleges since it is a part-time course), Then visit respective College and fill the form. Every College has different dates, but generally between 2nd week of June to 1st week of July. You can read comment section for more relevant information. ReadGerman courses in Delhi

  37. Dear Sir, i am working professional. 12th Completed in 2008 with 59.4. I want to pursue french certificate course. Is there any chance of getting admission in weekend classes. I belong to OBC.

  38. Hi sir,

    I am pursuing PG from Jammu University. Am I eligible for the language courses in DU weekend batches? Also can u please confirm the documents required to carry at the time of admission. I have filled in the form of Stephens and Ramjas. Can u please also tell other colleges which released their prospectus. Thanks for ur help! 🙂

    1. Yes, you are eligible. However, not all courses are offered on weekends. Many colleges offer classes early morning or late in the afternoon on weekdays. Do check the timing as per your convenient before taking admission. Since language courses are part-time. Thus, most Colleges don’t have the prospects.

      Required documents are DoB, ID/Address, Passing certificate & Marksheet (12th or Graduation), Character, few photographs, and SC/ST/OBC Certificate if required. One set of photocopy self-attested & Original for verification.

      How will you pursue part-time courses in DU alongside PG course from Jammu University? I guess distance learning? Good luck!

      1. Dear Sir,

        I am pursuing PG from distance learning only and hence wanted to pursue language course from DU alongside.

        Can you please tell me that how will I get to know about the colleges which are offering weekend batches as not much information is given over the internet regarding the same.

        You are like the last person I can connect to get the same info. It will be of great help if u could let me know the names of only those college which are providing weekend batches classes and will they release prospectus or do I need to visit all the respective colleges one by one to get the admission done.

        Sorry for bothering and thanks for your utmost support.

        1. Unfortunately, Except few, most Colleges don’t reveal the timing of the classes in advance. Visiting all the Colleges is the only solution. Also DU is not the only option to pursue part-time language courses in Delhi / NCR. You can contact me and i will update you the best options as per your requirement.

  39. I want to apply for BA in japanese, what is the procedure, date of application and which college is best for BA in japanese? Please sir give me the option to take admission in best collage.

  40. After reading few articles, I am completely mesmerized by your immense knowledge about foreign languages. This is the best blog for those interested in languages. No ads, only important information and quite unbiased in your view. Sir, you have answered all questions very patiently. Kudos to you.

  41. Sir my second year starting next month I am going to do Spanish (certificate). So I want to ask which college is best among Ramjas / Hansraj / St Stephens. My top 4 subject marks are 92.25 so I think I’m eligible for these colleges, so please suggest.

    1. All three are good Colleges. It’s better to apply in all 3. Application forms are not expensive. Certificate in Spanish is a part-time course, and the classes are usually held early morning or late in the afternoon or weekends. Later, you can choose the one as per your convenient class timing, distance and fees. Let me know, once you start learning Spanish 🙂

      1. Okay thanks sir I got you. I will apply in all the three and the main thing is timings yes. Thanks and one more question:

        Is Spanish a good choice as I am bcom hons student and will be going for MBA. So is Spanish is good choice as per my career ?

          1. Sir I am getting in all three colleges – ramjas, hansraj and Stephens. Which to choose for Spanish.

          2. This is a part-time course and College has limited role to play. You can choose whichever of the three as per distance from your regular College/Home, Class timing that suits you and Fees.

  42. sir, i have recently appeared for my last semester examinations of English Honors from delhi university itself. now i am willing to apply for a certificate course of German. Am i eligible to apply as these are part time courses done along with the graduation ? if yes, what is the procedure and on what basis admissions are done ?

    1. Yes, you can apply. First shortlist Colleges, then visit respective Colleges and apply. Eligibility criteria is 12th and admission is mainly done on the basis of cut-off. For few Colleges, It is either Direct or Entrance test, depends on total applicants. Read – German courses in Delhi

  43. Sir i am a student of shaheed rajguru college of du and want to learn japanese language on weekends. Is it available in colleges of du on weekends? Kindly help sir.

    1. SGTB Khalsa, St. Stephen’s, LaxmiBai, Daulat Ram and Ramjas offer Certificate in Japanese. Few Colleges do offer Weekend language classes. St. Stephen’s doesn’t offer weekend Japanese classes. To find the relevant information, visit the respective College. There are many options for Japanese courses in Delhi.

    1. Earlier, Questions used to be both subjective & objective. However, The pattern may have changed. If test duration will be of two hours, then most likely MCQs. The exam will be held on 18th June, 2018. Bonne Chance Tania!

  44. Hi Sir,
    I’m looking for German Certificate course from Ramjas, but there is no application form available at their website yet. Can you pls share the link or guide upon admission procedure.

  45. Hi Sir, I realised that my previous question was a little ambiguous. I wanted to know if I could apply to MA Hispanic at DU with a Bachelor’s in English and a two-years (level II) diploma in Spanish from a recognized university. Does this make me eligible? I am doubtful if this two year diploma would meet the eligibility requirements. Grateful for your help.

    1. Yes. Bachelor in any discipline. BA in Spanish is not mandatory. However, Knowledge of Spanish (equivalent of DELE B1/B2 or Advanced Diploma is required) in order to clear the entrance exam and viva-voce test. Question paper will be in Spanish only. You can check previous year QPs.

  46. Could you please tell me if it’s possible to apply to MA Spanish with a two-year diploma (Level II) degree from a recognized university? Could you also throw light on the placement opportunities available after having studied advanced diploma in Spanish from DU?

    1. For MA in Spanish, minimum eligibility is Bachelor degree in any subject from any recognized University. Two-year diploma is not enough. Moreover, Good Knowledge in Spanish is also required since Admission is based on written exam and then viva-voce (Both exam will be in Spanish only). DU offers placement provided that you are good in Spanish.

  47. When will the application forms available this year? I am 2nd year student of hindu college n want to pursue Spanish certificate course from my college.

    1. Currently, there is no information. You can contact the College. Most likely, the application form will be available between 1st/2nd week of June till 3rd/4th.

    1. That will depend on language and course. University of Delhi do offer placement if you’ve completed B.A./M.A. in any particular language. You ‘ll definitely going to find a plethora of opportunity in various sector provided that you are good in the corresponding language. DU also has cooperation agreements with several universities abroad with for exchange programmes & study trips for students and research scholars.

  48. I wanna do BA Hons in Spanish. How many colleges are there in DU and in Delhi for admission?

  49. Sir, I want to pursue a certificate course in Spanish n my college does not offer any language course. Could you suggest me a good college in South campus and please can you mention the date when the admission starts?

    1. The fees varies by college, but generally between Rs 5,000 to 20,000 for certificate courses. St. Stephen’s College fees for Certificate in French is Rs 18,000 (Weekdays) and 20,000 (Weekends). Cut-off depends on total application. More applicants, higher cut-off and vice-verse. Choose few good Colleges (try nearby Colleges), apply and wait for cut-off.

  50. Your blog is really helpful but I have certain doubts. I’ve finished the certificate course (JP-1) from Delhi University. I would like to know the process for admission into diploma course. Please upload the dates and details regarding the same.

    1. From which College you’ve completed Certificate in Japanese? There is a provision for direct admission in Diploma course if already completed certificate in the same language from DU. 3 Colleges (St. Stephen’s, Daulat Ram and Ramjas College) offer Diploma in Japanese.

      St. Stephen’s College online application form will be available from 10th June whereas for Ramjas, Admission process will begin from 4th June. Application form for Daulat Ram will also be available in next few days. You can apply to all these 3 Colleges either through visit or online application (if available).

      1. hi SIR
        this is aditya. please let me know about certificate in French from DU. so how can i apply , what is the admission processor, if i did 12th in 2011. so can i apply for it. let me know about this on my email :- [invisible]

    1. Only Arts Faculty (Department of Germanic and Romance Studies) offer BA (Hons.) in German. The Four Year UG Programme has multiple exit points: At the end of two years/4 semesters – Diploma, 3 years – BA, 4 years – BA (Hons.) degree in German. Application form is available online since 15th May at Last date of Online Registration is 7th June 2018 (6:00 PM). Admission will be done on the basis of merit.

  51. Hello sir, what about the language teachers (they are native or indian teacher) in their respective languages?

    1. They are Indian. However most DU faculty’s are highly qualified with decade of experience. DU also has cooperation agreements with several universities abroad with students and faculty exchange programmes. Many prominent research scholars and faculty from other countries visit DU from time to time.

  52. Hello sir, sir i wanted to do japenese certificate diploma course from DU,and i have done graduation in fashion designing, pursing for bcom 2nd yr from sol, so m i eligible to do this course from du, plz send me all the details, thank you

  53. Hi, sir i am a BBA graduate with 65% aggregate batch 2015 pass out and i want to apply for certificate course in language. Am i eligible for this ?

    1. Yes. Candidates who have passed the 12th, or equivalent thereto with an aggregate of at least 45% marks are eligible to apply for Certificate courses.

  54. Sir I want to pursue a certificate course in German could you suggest me a good college in South campus and please can you mention the date when the application starts …it would be really helpful …thank you Sir

    1. In South Campus, you can pursue Certificate in German from 5 Colleges. College of Vocational Studies, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Sri Venkateswara College are three good choices. Application form will be available from 1st/2nd week of June. Do check the respective College and their official website for admission notification. ReadGerman courses in Delhi

  55. Hello Sir! I want to apply for the certificate course in German language. Which college will be a better option and when the admission process will start?

    1. 16 Colleges affiliated to Delhi University offer Certificate in German. 5 out of 16 are Girls College (Daulat Ram, Mata Sundari, Miranda House, Gargi and Bharti). Thus, you can apply to 11 Colleges. Since, Certificate in German is a part time programme, Therefore keep distance in mind while applying. Narrow down your college choices. Admission process will start in 1st/2nd week of June. ReadGerman courses in Delhi and Why Learn German

      1. Thank you sir for the above information. Sir if I pursue for a diploma course in German language then what will be the eligibility criteria for that?

          1. Ok Sir. Last thing that I wanna know is where I have to apply for the certificate course? I mean by visiting directly to the college, by apply online on their respective sites or I’ve to fill up the undergraduate form of du under Merit based or Entrance based course?

          2. First decided the Colleges, then check respective website if Online application form is available or not. If available, apply otherwise visit the College. Few Colleges like St. Stephen’s College do offer online application.

  56. Hello Sir i want to do Turkish language Course. Can You tell me about complete procedure including entrance exam syllabus and how to do apply for this Course.!!

  57. sir, which language is better french, spanish, german and is certificate necessary for all, if u r 0 in these languages.

    1. French, German and Spanish are three most popular and important language to learn. I suggest you to ReadWhich foreign language to learn in India If you are learning for hobby or travelling or going abroad for study or just want more skills in C.V., certificate is not compulsory. However, If you want to make your career in languages, a certification can prove your competences, enhance your résumé and can thus help you to get an invitation for a job interview. In starting, a certificate can easily make you stand out from the crowd and beneficial to start the career. For success, Knowledge matters & not certificate!

    1. That will depend on two things 1) which language 2) Type of course like Part-time or Degree level. All details are there in this article or comment section. Let me know if any doubt or query.

  58. Hello sir, I’ve done my graduation in English hons & wish to pursue either spanish or French in postgraduation. What is the criteria for it? & Plz can you help me out with the scope of these 2 combined in future??

    1. Only Arts Faculty (Department of Germanic and Romance Studies) offers M.A. in French or Hispanic (Spanish). Eligibility is Bachelor degree + Advanced diploma in the language concerned (Equivalent to B1). Candidates have to qualify in the Entrance Test + VIVA-VOCE Exam. Few seats are also reserved for Students who have completed BA (Hons.) in the corresponding language with 60% marks from D.U. Admission is through Merit List / Cut-off (No Entrance).

      Both French and Spanish are good choice for career though French has an edge. Choose any one. ReadWhich foreign language to learn in India

  59. Sir, I want to do pg intensive diploma in Japanese language. So should i have basic knowledge of Japanese language?

    1. No. Prior knowledge of Japanese is not required for PG Intensive Diploma in Japanese (JF-1). Eligibility criteria is Graduation, followed by Common Entrance Test (SLAT). The written exam is based on Language Aptitude, Reasoning, and G.K. & Awareness. Forms will be available from 11th June, 2018.

    1. Delhi University 2018 Registration for UG and PG courses has been already started. Online form is available at Here and Here. You can also contact DU’s Arts Faculty at Helpline number 155215 / 011-27006900. For Short-term/Part-Time language courses, every College has different dates. Choose the language, then Colleges and Visit & Apply. Admission process is about to start.

  60. Sir, I want to pursue in certificate of French and Arabic simultaneously. Is it possible to do so?

    1. Of course, it is possible. However, I don’t recommend learning two languages simultaneously. My suggestion is to start learning a language, reach at least intermediate level or when you’re confident with the corresponding language, then start the second one if you want to. Most people struggle while learning two at same time and get confused between the two languages. Moreover, language learning requires lots of time. May not be possible for most. However, It’s a very individual thing.

      Several Colleges affiliated to University of Delhi offer Certificate in French. Limited options in D.U. as far as Certificate in Arabic is concerned. Jamia Millia Islamia also offers Certificate in Arabic. If you have to choose one, French is better one. Good luck with your language endeavors, whatever approach you decide is best for you! ReadForeign language courses in Jamia Millia Islamia and Which Foreign Language to learn first

  61. Sir I’m pursuing french from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan but i want to do diploma from Du so please tell me what’s the procedure for getting admission in DU and which is the best college for french

    1. For Diploma in French, Certificate or equivalent in French is required. There are several good Colleges like St. Stephen’s, DaulatRam, HansRaj, Ramjas, Kamla Nehru, College of Vocational Studies where you can pursue Diploma in French. You have to visit respective college for admission form, check the merit list, dates and other important details. Admission procedure generally start in end May or early June every year.

  62. Sir i want to do Korean language course..can u tell me about complete procedure including entrance exam syllabus and how to do apply for this course….

    1. There are two options. One at the university level (Arts Faculty – Department of East Asian Studies) and the other is D.U. Colleges like SGTB Khalsa, St. Stephen’s and Daulat Ram College. To pursue PG Intensive Diploma in Korean from Arts Faculty, minimum eligibility is Graduation and then Common Entrance Test (SLAT) of the Department of East Asian Studies. The entrance paper is based on Language Aptitude, Reasoning, and G.K. & Awareness.

      For Certificate in Korean from different Colleges, Admission is done through Direct/Merit List/Seat Availability. Contact respective college for the details. ReadKorean language course in Delhi

    1. Not yet. Sale of prospectus for Ramjas College’s Japanese course will start in the last week of May or 1st week of June, 2018. Admission will take place in July.

  63. Sir,
    I had french as my subject till class 8, I appeared in class 12 and expect results now, can i persue ba hons french. Or french upto 12 th is mandatory as min requirement for admission to sny BA hons course in Delhi Univ

    1. Yes Riya, you can pursue BA (Hons) in French from University of Delhi. French in class 12th or prior knowledge of the language is not compulsory.

  64. Sir I am a (second year) student, can I apply for any language course from any other college as my college Don’t provide it?

    And second question is which language should be given priority to learn ? As I am a commerce background student pursuing Bcom Honours.

  65. Sir is there BA in Japanese in DU and if yes is it entrance based or merit based?

    1. Unfortunately, University of Delhi does not offer BA (Hons) in Japanese. If you have completed your graduation, then you can pursue PG Intensive Diploma (JF-1) and then Advanced Diploma (JF-2) in Japanese. Admission is through Common Entrance Test (SLAT) of the Department of East Asian Studies.If not, then you can try various Colleges like SGTBK, St. Stephen’s, LaxmiBai, Daulat Ram and Ramjas College for part-time Certificate in Japanese followed by Diploma and Advanced Diploma. ReadJapanese Language courses in Delhi

  66. Sir I want to take admisson in certificate course for German language what will be procedure for this course and when we can apply for this course?

    1. There are a number of colleges under D.U. that offer part-time Certificate course in German. College names are already mentioned in this article. You can apply sometime in Mid-May but every College has different dates. You can contact the respective college and department for admission forms and other queries. Admission is given on the basis of merit list/cut-off marks.

      If you don’t get admission in DU Colleges, then you can also try Max-Mueller Bhavan (Affiliated to German embassy) for Beginners level German (A1, A2). Fees is on higher side but quality of German class is good. ReadGerman classes in Delhi

  67. I want to apply for one year diploma course in German language through Delhi university,I have never learn German,so is that any problem..

    1. Without prior knowledge in German, it is difficult to get direct admission in Diploma courses. First, you need to pursue Certificate in German. There are dozens of Colleges from where you can do Certificate course. After completing the course, you can enroll yourself for Diploma (Direct admission for those who have already completed Certificate from the same college).

      1. Thankuu Sir for such a quick response..can u plz tell me..what the duration of German certificate course?

          1. If you are interested in short-term language courses, then you need to contact the respective colleges. All Colleges don’t offer online application. Check respective College website. It would be better if you choose few good Colleges and Simply visit the college where you are getting the course of your choice. The admission is direct or on the availability of seats or cut-off/merit list.

  68. Sir/Madam,
    I want to do a one year part time course in German or French through Delhi University. Can you please help me with the admission procedure and 2017 cut off for the respective languages.

    1. There are around 20 Colleges in Delhi University from where you can pursue Certificate in French or German. Every College has it’s own admission process (mostly on merit list & depends on total application). There is no one common test, procedure or similar merit list.

      You can check respective College website for details. Name of the Colleges offering Certificate in French and German are already mentioned in this article.

  69. what is the procedure for applying in Dept of Germanic & Romance studies for degree in German? Is there any entrance or is it merit based?

    1. Hi Ritika,

      PG Admission is through entrance test. You can apply online or visit the arts faculty to fill the form. Online registration will start in mid May.

      1. thank you sir for such a quick response. Can you suggest some readings or something which could be referred while preparing for exam?

        1. Are you looking for UG or PG in German? Admissions in UG / B.A. German is given on the basis of MERIT / cut off list whereas admission in PG is done on the basis of marks in entrance exam and interview.

          For PG courses, Question paper will be in the corresponding language. Knowledge of Advanced Diploma in the language concerned or B1 level (CER) or any other equivalent qualification is required to appear for the exam.

          1. Thank you sir for replying, I’ve given my boards this year and I was having German as a subject in 12th, so I wish to continue with the German as an undergraduate degree i.e. BA hons German. Thank you so much for your helpful guidance, really means a lot

          2. Danke schön…. 🙂 if I’ll get admission for UG in German in dept of Germanic and romance studies I’ll post it here 😀 😀

    1. Department of Germanic and Romance Studies 3 years full-time B.A. (hons.) in French or German or Italian or Spanish. Admissions in B.A.(hons) is given on the basis of MERIT / cut off list. Check DU site for important dates.

      In addition, you can also pursue part-time Certificate courses in various European Languages like French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian or East Asian languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Check respective colleges for Admission procedure.

    1. Every department has it’s own syllabus. Generally, admission in UG courses are based on merit list / cut off marks. If there is entrance, then (i) Language Aptitude ii) Reasoning (iii) English Language Ability and (iv) General Knowledge and Awareness.

      For PG/Masters course – Knowledge in the corresponding knowledge (equivalent of B1-B2/Advance Diploma) is required.

  70. I want to apply for one year diploma course in japanese, what is the procedure, date of application and the syllabus for the entrance test?

    1. There are two types of Diploma course in Japanese. One at the college level. Ramjas, DaulatRam and St. Stephen’s College offers Diploma Course. Minimum eligibility is certificate in Japanese and admission is done through Merit list or Entrance Test conducted in June. Check respective Colleges for more details. Arts Faculty also offers One Year Full-time PG Intensive Diploma Course. Min. requirement is Graduation. The application form will be available in May/June and entrance exam will be held in last week of June or 1st week of July, 2018.

      Syllabus – The question paper is common for admission to full time courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Languages. The question paper is divided into Four Sections: (i) Language Aptitude – 10 questions (ii) Reasoning – 10 questions (iii) English Language Ability – 15 questions and (iv) General Knowledge and Awareness – 15 questions. Total 50 question, 2 marks each. Check previous year question on Department of East Asian Studies website

    1. Online registration for UG/PG courses will start in Mid May and entrance exam will be held between 2nd week to 4th week of June 2018. Final Result will be announced in 1st week of July 2018.

      For all details and exact date, Contact department of Arabic (Main Campus Room No. 17, Faculty of Arts Building, Tel.: 27667725 Extn. 1281, 1282, 1283 and South Delhi Campus Faculty of Arts Building, Tel: 24107772 / 24116938)

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