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Foreign Language Courses in IGNOU

Are looking for Foreign language courses in IGNOU through distance learning or On-campus regular classes or Online? The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers Certificate, Diploma and Ph.D. programs in various foreign languages such as French, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc. through The School of Foreign Languages (SOFL)

Established in 1985, Indira Gandhi National Open University known as IGNOU, is a distance learning national university located at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. Approximately 20% of all students enrolled in higher education in India are enrolled with IGNOU. Today, It operates through a strong network of 21 Schools of Study, 12 Divisions, 14 Centers, 63 Regional Centers, over 3000 Learner Support Centers, 67 Partner Institutions spread across 35 countries, over 400 teachers and academics, and more than 1,205 administrative staff.

Additional help is also sought from about 6,000 experts from conventional universities of higher learning, professional organisations, and industry among others, and about 45,000 part-time academic counselors. The University provides a multi-nodal learning system through print, audio, video, radio, television, teleconferencing, interactive radio counseling, internet-based learning, (online) face-to-face interactive sessions, ICTs, counseling and practical’s.

There are several advantages of learning a foreign language in India. One major reason is Career Scope and Job Options in Foreign Languages. If you’re not sure which Foreign Language to Learn, then choosing French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese is a great choice.


School of Foreign Languages (SOFL)

Established in 2007, The School of Foreign Languages is one of the 21 Schools of Studies at IGNOU. SOFL Offers innovative, flexible and cost-effective foreign language programmes to learners from all sections of the society and to enable communication across borders. The School of Foreign Languages (Link) works in collaboration with other Schools of the University to develop manpower for a number of sectors. 

The globalisation of business has led to the demand of specialized foreign language experts. This foreign language programme aims at acquainting the beginner with essential rudiments of the corresponding Language, and gradually and systematically inculcates in them an ability to speak, write and read the language with a certain degree of accuracy and confidence.

All programmes are bilingual in medium and has self learning materials integrated with Audio Visual components, which are quite simple, innovative and learner friendly and eventually enhance their learning capacity. The book is being supplemented with additional self study materials developed by IGNOU in the form of user manuals with study guide, exercises on grammar plus CDs for developing spoken language skills and pronunciation.

School of Foreign Languages (SOFL) offers various Certificate, Diploma and Ph.D. courses in various foreign languages such as French, German, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, etc.


Foreign Language Courses offered by SOFL – IGNOU

At present, School of Foreign Languages offers A wide variety of following programmes in different foreign languages:


Russian, French, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean (Distance Learning)

The Certificate in Russian Language (CRUL), Certificate in Arabic Language (CAL), Certificate in French Language (CFL), Certificate in German Language (CGL), Certificate in Japanese Language (CJL), Certificate in Korean Language & Culture (CKLC) aims at people who want to acquire basic level communication skills in Russian / French / Arabic / German / Japanese / Korean language.

Regional Centre for Certificate Programme in Japanese (CJL) is Delhi – 3 whereas for Certificate Programme in Korean Language & Culture (CKLC), Regional Centres are Delhi – 3, Noida, Varanasi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. 

This programme aims at acquainting the beginners with essentials of the grammar, phonetics and other important components of the language and gradually and systematically inculcates in them an ability to read, write and speak the language with a certain degree of accuracy and confidence in their daily communications.

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It is six-month On-campus regular programme of 16 credits. Minimum duration is six months whereas Maximum 2 years offered in both January and July cycle of admission. The book is being supplemented with additional self study materials in the form of study guide, exercises on grammar plus CDs for developing spoken language skills and pronunciation.

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The Certificate in German is offered in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, a cultural institute of Germany. (Link)

The programme bilingual (English and French / Russian / Arabic / German / Japanese) in medium and has Self Learning material integrated with Audio Visual components, which will further enhance their learning capacity. The SLM is being prepared keeping in mind the requirement and needs of today’s learner.

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Minimum eligibility is 18 years of age and above + passed 12th or equivalent exam. There will be Counselling Session / Contact classes on weekends spanning over the entire duration of the course at the respective centres. These contact classes would cover all the units of the syllabus.

The evaluation for Certificate in Russian / Arabic / French / German / Japanese Language consists of two parts: (1) Continuous Assessment (30% weightage) and (2) Term End Examination (TEE) (70% weightage).

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Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language (DTG)

The Diploma in Teaching of German as a foreign language is the first of its kind through distance mode with an active practical component of classroom teaching. This programme is aimed at meeting the needs of professional German language teachers. This programme was developed in collaboration with Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, University of Vienna and IGNOU.

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DTG is meant for all persons who have a B.A. , German knowledge of B1 or equivalent German language proficiency and who want to teach German. The DTG programme comprises of 24 credit in all. Each credit amounts to 30 hours of study comprising of learning activities. To successfully complete the programme, you will have to earn 24 credits in of one year.

DTG is activated only in the following cities: Delhi/NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai. Minimum duration is One year and Maximum is 4 years. Mode of instruction is only German.

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Certificate in Russian, Chinese & Persian (On Campus / Face to Face)

IGNOU’s School of Foreign languages offers Certificate in Russian Language, Certificate in Chinese Language, Certificate in Persian Language. These programmes will be delivered on campus regular mode / Face to Face. 

The Persian course is offered in collaboration with Iran Culture House New Delhi. The Programme is expected to provide a basic working knowledge of the Persian Language and Iranian Culture. (Link). They also provide learning support along with the content software to the learners. This programme is expected to be extended to Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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For last few years, they are also offering Certificate in Russian Language in on campus regular mode. The attendance is compulsory in the regular on campus classes. A student needs to attend minimum 75% of classes. 10% of attendance could be condoned based on medical grounds only. (Link)

The University also offers Certificate in Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC) and Diploma in Chinese Language and Culture (DCLC). (Link) and (Link)

This introductory Certificate in Chinese Programme offered face-to-face (on campus) has two parts: Chinese Language (Mandarin) and Chinese Culture. It gives students a basic foundation for their study of Standard Chinese mandarin. With 300 basic Chinese characters as well as recognise a further 500 Chinese sentences and phrases, It provides essential grounding in the pronunciation and tonal structure of Chinese Language.

Learning Outcomes (LO) upon completion of the Diploma in Chinese course, students will be able to participate in simple conversations in Chinese and produce the tones of Modern Standard Chinese accurately using the pinyin system of Romanisation; explain the principles of the Chinese character writing system; recognise and write approximately 1000 basic Chinese characters; recognise a further 2000 Chinese words and phrases.

Besides IGNOU has also employed Chinese National to teach Chinese Language. Duration for Certificate in Chinese and Russian is 6 months whereas for Diploma in Chinese, it’s 1 year. 

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Online Spanish and Chinese Courses

The School of Foreign Languages has launched a Certificate in Spanish, Certificate in Chinese, and Diploma in Chinese in online mode. (Link). This is for the first time in India that the teaching of Chinese language and culture will be imparted through online demonstration via IGNOU satellite. Under this scheme, study materials, teaching and holding examinations will be held through online mode.

The Certificate In Spanish Language (CSL) is a fully online programme is being offered by IGNOU in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes, a public institution under the auspices of the Spanish government. (Link). AVE (Spanish Virtual Classroom) is an internet-based educational infrastructure set up to teach Spanish.

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Ph.D. in Arabic / French

Masters in any discipline with good knowledge of French / Arabic. Candidates with M Phil or relevant 5 years teaching/ industry experience may be considered for admission into Ph.D. The Doctoral Programme in Arabic is aimed at developing a critical understanding of Arabic Language, Literature and Culture

Scholars are likely to contribute in the modern teaching methods for Arabic, contribution of Indians to Arabic world of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Arab world with emphasis on Language, Literature and Culture.

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Ph.D. in French aims at specialisation in French & Francophone literatures and cultures. Special emphasis has been laid on studies of linguistic aspects and on evolving didactics for ODL mode of teaching foreign languages (French). Minimum duration is two year and Maximum is five years. Like any other Ph.D. course, there is no age bar.

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  1. Sir, I’ve done my 12th in 2012. Right now I’m doing BA from IGNOU. I want to know if there is any bachelor degree program in foreign language? Please guide me.

    1. NO. IGNOU does not offer BA in any foreign language. As far as i am aware, No University in India offers BA program in any foreign language through the distance learning mode. May be because language learning is not effective in the distance education due to lack of proper interaction, communication, and regular guidance.

  2. hi, i want to know the dates of registration for teaching diploma course in German for January 2019 course. Can you please help me?

      1. Sir, I completed my (10+2) with 85% in 2013. And I want to do certificate course in German language. Am I eligible for IGNOU? And please tell me what the admission processes. Thank you.

  3. I am 36 years old and i am completed 12th (science). can i do foreign language courses and eligible for job. please guide to me. thank you.

    1. Yes. Age is no bar to study and get a job. If you want to make your career in languages, you have to study for at least 3 years. IGNOU distance learning certificate is not enough. Try some Universities or private institute.

  4. Sir,
    This is with regards to French Language Certificate Course. As an outsider I have a query – Delhi will be the nearby centre for me to enroll, hence I will not be able to attend regular classes rather will prefer to take online classes. Therefore, please advise for how many days exams there will be at the centre. Additionally also advise is there are any other formalities (e.g. assignments) to be completed , if yes, then for how many days one needs to be physically present at the centre.
    Regards, Prakash

    1. IGNOU neither offer any regular class nor online course. What they offer is distance learning program. They send study material, you study on own and then fill the form and appear for the exam. I’m not sure about assignment part in certificate course. Enroll yourself in IGNOU only if you don’t have any other option.

      1. Sir thanks for the reply, please advise the number of days exams will be held , and candidate needs to be there at the centre.

        1. Sir, it been wonderful to have interaction with you, such instant and satisfying answers we get. I have lined up another query with regards to higher studies in French language. I wonder if I can enroll myself by next year for Phd from IGNOU, my education background- M.A.( Hist.), and Diploma levels in French from Alliance Française de Delhi. Past approximately three plus years I am in teaching profession. Please advise.

          1. NO. For PhD in French – other than Master degree in any discipline and experience, you also need a very high proficiency in French something like MA in French or DALF C2. This will take 3-5 years to achieve.

  5. Sir, I want to enroll myself for French Certificate course programme as a distance lerner, and will be able to take classes and exams online, is this possible? OR I need to to be there at the main center, I believe that is Delhi. However, I have already done some level French Diploma from Alliance De Delhi, hence I can manage classes online. My motive is achieve prestigious IGNOU certificate too.
    Please advise, Regards, Prakash

    1. If you have already completed some beginners level French, then there is no need to pursue Certificate from IGNOU. They don’t offer any Online French course. If you enroll for distance learning certificate course, then you have to take the exam at the centre only. IGNOU French course only covers beginner level French and offers limited benefit from career perspective. It is better to join any reputed institute and prepare for international DELF exam. ReadFrench Proficiency Test in India and TCF and TEF Exam in India.

  6. Sir i am a homemaker of 43 years stayin out of mumbai. I wish to study a foreign language online either Spanish or Japanese. Could you suggest which to study? Which authentic website can provide online study material and online exams?

    1. IGNOU offers Certificate in Japanese Language (CJL) in distance learning mode and Certificate In Spanish Language (CSL) in online mode. You can enroll in one of these course in December/January. These courses are only meant to cover beginners level. Language is an interactive and that is the reason online/distance learning are not that effective. There is no intermediate level course offered through online or distance learning. After completing Certificate course, you can join any institute to learn. You can choose Spanish.

  7. Hello Sir
    I have applied for CKLC. I want to know if it is important to attend counselling? Due to personal reasons i couldn’t attend it. And also please tell me what are the job opportunities available for me through this certificate course?

    1. No. It is not mandatory. Certificate is just a beginner level. There is negligible job opportunities after completing the CKLC. It is just a start. If you want to make your career in Korean Language, You should aim for Advanced Level like TOPIK Level V or Advanced Diploma from any University, or Advanced Level from any Pvt. institute or Korean Culture centre. It will take 3 years if you study 10-15 hours per week.

  8. sir, i have taken admission in french language course but study centre is delhi and am from karnal, i have small baby i can’t come to attend classes so is it compulsory to attend classes.

  9. Hello sir,
    I have done my post graduation ( I want to be a translator then which language should I choose which is beneficial for me.

  10. Hello Sir, I am Sakshi from Jaipur. I would like to take admission in Certification in Korean language course which was started recently this year only. But I have come to know about it a few days back and the admission date has been passed. So when can I apply for the same course later? And also on their website, they haven’t Korean language certification course yet so it’s been difficult for me to know about this course in brief.

    1. Last date for registration was 31st August. All the details were there on IGNOU website and same was updated here too. Check announcement LINK. This is the LINK for registration Check. Register, Fill the form, upload photo, 12th Marksheet, Aadhar Card, Select nearest regional/study centre, and Pay the fees of Rs. 2700. All done!

      It’s a beginners level Korean course. You have to study on own through study material which they will send. For CKCL course, there are 5 Regional Centres in Delhi, Noida, Varanasi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. You can wait for 5 months and then apply in next session i.e. Jan, 2019.

    1. No. CKLC is a distance learning programme. You have to study on own through Self Learning Material (SLM) integrated with Audio-Visual components which will be provided by IGNOU. For CKLC, there are only 5 regional centres i.e. Delhi, Noida, Varanasi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Today i.e. 31st July is the last date to apply.

    1. NO. IGNOU is an open university for distance learning courses. Only occasional Saturday and Sunday sessions are possible.

    1. Yes, IGNOU’s School of Foreign Languages offers Certificate in Spanish, Certificate and Diploma in Chinese in online mode.

    1. NO. IGNOU offers only Certificate in Japanese. It will be difficult to master Japanese through online or distance mode. May be that is the reason. After certificate course, it would be better to join any Japanese learning centre.

  11. Myself (Professor Atul Kumar – Professor Plant Physiology. Age 60 years at GBPUA&T. I want to go for Certificate course in French language through Distance education mode. Please guide me. Thanks

    1. Duration of Certificate in French Language (CFL) is 6 Months. Admission is done twice a Year (January / July), One can take admission through Online as well as Offline. You can apply online through IGNOU portal. Link

  12. HELLO sir I got compartment in my 12th standard boards this year only. plz let me know is it possible to pursue japanese language course on 10th standard qualification. I tried to contact admission dept but nobody receives the phone call. Plz sir let me know if my admission is possible for the japanese language course.
    Thank you.

  13. Dear sir.
    I am from Vadodara. I wish to apply for PhD in French. I have completed and also have completed DELF B1 French. I have 5 years of teaching experience in French language. I am translator in MNCS . Can I apply for PhD in French?

    1. NO. For Ph.D. in French, minimum eligibility criteria is MA / M.Phil in French or any discipline with good knowledge of French something like DALF C1/C2. The admission is done on the basis of written test followed by interview. If you’re interested in Ph.D. in French, first you should try for MA in French and for that, you need proficiency equivalent to DELF B2/DALF C1.

    1. It cannot be compared to any language proficiency test since these are mostly distance learning. IGNOU offers only Certificate level in most courses. These courses are for those who want to learn Beginners level at affordable fees without taking expensive regular courses in any professional institutes.

  14. Sir, i want to know about french distance course from ignou. Actually i am from Bhuj Kachchh (Gujarat) can you help me where is near by regional center

  15. I have came across a news about a Certification course in Korean language. Is there really any course on Korean language which I can take as a distance learning? Please let me know about it in details. Thank you.

    1. Yes. IGNOU has already launched Certificate in Korean Language and Culture Programme (CKLC). Last date for fresh admissions is 15th August, 2018.

  16. Hello, sir is there any online course for Russian language if yes then how can I get admission .please reply

        1. I guess Admission is open for July 2018 session. Last date for fresh admissions for Certificate program is 15th August, 2018. Contact IGNOU or visit their Admission website. Link

  17. Sir, I am 12th com pass out in 2004. Is there any scope for me in any language for further study & career opportunity. Please help me.

      1. Thank you for your reply sir, how would I start / how would I apply for this. Which language course is more preferable or career oriented in future pls guide.

  18. i am a science graduate. Is there any use of certificate in french language for me? can i get job on this basis?

    1. You can surely pursue Certificate in French. However, Only Certificate is not enough to get a job. Minimum Advanced Diploma or B1/B2 is required for most jobs.

      1. Hello sir…
        I am from bhutan and I am very much interested in learning french language please do let me know the procedures..

        1. If there is any French learning centre in Bhutan, you should pursue the course over there. If you’re interested in IGNOU, then you can definitely enroll in French course. For Admission Eligibility, Countries and Fees, Check. You can apply online or contact the nearest regional centre or Delhi centre. Check

  19. Sir/madam
    I am student of MSW enrolled in January 2018 batch with IGNOU and now i want to join certificate course in French language but it is not available at any center in punjab. So if i join this course at Delhi then how many classes i have attend. Please help me. Thanks.

    1. It is difficult to say but generally classes are held once in a week though not compulsory. You can contact the local IGNOU admission department for the official information.

      1. Sir i want to know about french distance course from ignou. Actually i am from bihar can you help me where is near by bihar regional center

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