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Language Courses in JNU

Interested in learning Foreign Language Courses in JNU? How to apply and get admission in Jawaharlal Nehru University? This ultimate guide will help you find all the relevant and important information about Eligibility Criteria, 2019 – 2020 Entrance Exam, Admission procedure, Syllabus, Sample and Previous year question Papers, List of Centres and Departments dedicated to foreign language study in JNU, List of courses, Fees, Important dates, etc.


Jawaharlal Nehru University is one of India’s top-ranked central university located in New Delhi, India. Established in 1969, It constituted under the Jawaharlal Nehru University Act 1966, (53 of 1966). The University has been based on a campus spread over approximately 1000 acres of land on the Aravali range in New Delhi. JNU has over 7300 students, who come from all parts of the country and abroad, and from all sections of society.

Despite the fact the admission procedure is quite difficult due to limited number of seats, pursuing Foreign Languages Courses in JNU is one of the most sought-after in the field of languages in India. Despite the political controversies that often surround it, JNU seems to have survived the battering to its image, emerging as the best university of India. Recently, It has managed to get an A++ rank, the highest in the second cycle of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in October 2017. It is probably the only central university in the country that is research-oriented, and not just doling out degrees.

School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies (SLL&CS)

Established in 1969, JNU’s School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (SLL&CS) with the core faculty of language and literature is directed solely to the study of linguistics, literature, and culture studies. It is not only the best university in India in the field of learning languages and pursuing higher studies and research in various languages but the only institution of its kind in India where facilities for teaching and research in most of the major foreign languages are available.

Besides, the School also has a well-equipped Language Labs and Multimedia Complex (LLC). All the Centres of the School and the School itself have active international collaborations with leading universities of the world through AoC-s and MoU-s. They publish its own journal, Journal of the School of Languages (JSL), that publishes significant research on literatures, languages, culture studies, comparative studies, and translation that cut across language boundaries. 

SLL&CS produces the very best scholars in the fields of language teaching, linguistics, literature and culture studies, as well as internationally acclaimed translators and interpreters. If you are planning to take up learning any foreign languages in India, JNU is the best university in the country

Training in any one of the languages being offered by the School enables one, at the end of the training, to become a translator, interpreter, a teacher, employe in a corporate world or an intercultural consultant. In an era of globalisation, a person trained in a foreign language is always in demand thanks to a wide array of Career Options in Foreign Language

The different units of the School offer a variety of programmes in different languages. There are Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma of Proficiency programmes, BA (Hons.), MA and MPhil/PhD programmes in various foreign languages like Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Pashto, Bahasa, Mongolian, etc. Out of total twelve centres, SLL&CS has nine centres for different foreign languages

Foreign Language Courses offered by JNU

Foreign Language Courses in JNU

1) Centre of Arabic and African Studies (CAAS)

The Centre of Arabic and African Studies (CAAS) has emerged as one of the most prominent centres among all the Indian Universities especially in the field of modern Arabic Language and specialisation in its literature, translation and interpretation. If you’re interested in pursuing Arabic Language Course in Delhi, JNU is the best choice. One of the reasons why most Indians are learning the Arabic language in India is to enable them get jobs in the Middle East or in other parts of the Arab world. 

The Centre of Arabic & African Studies (CAAS) offers full-time three-year BA (H), two year MA and five-year M.Phil/ PhD programmes in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture. The centre also offers optional courses in Hebrew and African Swahili language. Given India’s growing ties with Israel and rising demand and job prospect, JNU has already started Certificate and Diploma in Hebrew Language.

2) Centre for Chinese and South-East Asian Studies (CCSEAS)

Over the years, Centre for Chinese and South-East Asian Studies (CCSEAS) has grown into one of the largest Centres of the SLL&CS in JNU. BA (Hons.), MA, M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in Chinese Language, Literature and Culture Studies at the CCSEAS Centre have been attracting and inspiring both the Indian and foreign students for over four decades. JNU is the only option if you’re interested in pursuing Degree level Mandarin Chinese Course in Delhi or North India.

Thanks to the rising Job Opportunities in Chinese Language, The Centre offers an intensive specialized training in modern Chinese language with particular emphasis on the commonly spoken language (putonghua or Mandarin) in present day China. They also offer Certificate of Proficiency (COP) and Diploma of Proficiency (DOP) in Bahasa Indonesia Language in Delhi campus.

3) Centre for French and Francophone Studies (CFFS)

The Centre for French and Francophone Studies (CFFS) is actively engaged in teaching and research in French and Francophone Studies. The CFFS offers full-time courses at the level of B.A. (Hons.), M.A., and M.Phil/Ph.D. in French language. JNU is the first University in India to create a Centre of French and Francophone Studies. Why Learn French? While there are numerous benefits of learning French in India. The main attraction are Career Scope and Job Opportunities in French Language

At the MA level, students may specialize in French & Francophone Literature or Translation & Interpretation. Courses on language, linguistics methodology of teaching French as a foreign language and civilization (History of Art, Cinema, French thought and Mass Media) are common to both streams.

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4) Centre of German Studies (CGS)

Established in 1971, The Centre of German Studies (CGS) is among the first departments to offer separate degrees in Literature, Translation, and Translation/Interpretation. These specializations are offered at the beginning of the program when students choose one of these areas of specialization. They offer B.A. (Hons), M.A., M Phil and PhD Program in German. Occasionally, Centre of German Studies also offer part-time or elective Dutch language course.

Recent years have seen intensified collaborations and academic cooperation with universities in Germany and Austria. We have student and faculty exchanges with, amongst others, the Universities of Köln and Wuppertal, the Freie Universität, Berlin, and the University of Konstanz in Germany.

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5) Centre for Japanese Studies (CJS)

Centre for Japanese Studies (CJSis one of the centres of excellence in the South Asia, where the programs ranging from Bachelor Program to Doctorate level Ph.D. are offered. The courses are designed to acquire not only the language skills but also impart basic knowledge about the history of Japanese literature, culture, history, society etc.

Postgraduate courses in the centre envisage students to pursue higher level of expertise, using Japanese Language as a tool in the areas of Japanese Literature, Culture, Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation. Under the M.Phil./ PH.D. programme, students pursue further research in fields related to Japanese Language, literature, culture, society etc. CJS is offering a 4-semester optional course in Japanese to the B.A. students of the other Centres of the School as well as M.Phil/ Ph.D. students of Japanese Studies in CEAS and SIS.

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6) Centre for Korean Studies (CKS)

The Centre for Korean Studies (CKS) is one of the biggest academic centres of Korean Language, Literature and Culture Studies in Indian Subcontinent. It offers B.A., M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in Korean Language, Literature and Culture Studies. The Centre for Korean Studies (CKS) also offers a part-time Certificate of Proficiency and Diploma of Proficiency in the Mongolian Language in Delhi campus.

Read — (i) Korean Classes in Delhi (ii) Scope of Korean in India (iii) Korean Proficiency Test in India

7) Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies (CPCAS)

The Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies (CPCAS) has emerged as a prominent seat of Modern Persian Studies all over India. Besides Modern Persian Studies, it also excels in Translations, Area Studies of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan; Indo-Iran Relations; Ancient Iranian Studies, History of Persian Language and Literature and Stylistics in Modern Persian Literature.

The Centre of Persian & African Studies (CAAS) offers B.A. (Hons.), M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. programmes in Persian and Central Asian Studies, which cover the entire gamut of language, literature and culture of Iran; Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkey. The centre also offers Certificate of Proficiency in Pashto, B.A. (Hons.) in Pashto and Optional Courses of Turkish Language are being taught here with professional skill and scientific methods.

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8) Centre of Russian Studies (CRS)

Since its establishment in 1965 almost five decades ago, it continues to be the leading Centre for learning Russian Language, Literature & Culture in India. It is the oldest Centre of Jawaharlal Nehru University. The Centre of Russian Studies (CRS) offers UG and PG Courses well as M.Phil & Ph.D research programmes. It is well-known Centre for the study of Russian language, literature and culture in India.

It promotes area specific as well as interdisciplinary research activities in the field of Russian Language, Literature, Culture and Translation Studies. The Centre since its inception has been playing an important role in developing good relations between the two countries and has produced a large number of qualified language interpreters and translators.

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9) Centre of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Latin American Studies (CSPILAS)

Centre of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Latin American Studies (CSPILAS) is innovative with regard to its academic structure. The mainstream programme of the Centre has a full time five year integrated M.A. programme in Spanish. Students have the option of a BA (Hons.) degree at the end of the 6th semester (3rd year). The Centre has two separate research programmes: M.Phil and Ph.D. degree in Spanish/Hispanic.

Why Learn Spanish of all the languages? There are huge advantages of Spanish Language. The primary reason is jobs for Spanish speakers in India

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If you’re interested in Learning Portuguese in India, Then centre also offers courses in Luso-Brazilian Studies. Several students have completed M.Phil in Portuguese with their research on topics related to Brazilian literature and culture. The centre has been running part time programme in Italian language at the level of Certificate and Diploma as per the availability of the faculty.

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School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies has three more centres, namely 10) Centre of English Studies (CES) 11) Centre for Linguistics (CL), and 12) Centre for Indian Languages (CIL).

How to get admission in JNU for foreign language courses?

JNU Entrance Examinations for B.A. (Hons.) 1st year

Candidates who want to appear for the entrance exam should have completed 10+2 with minimum 45% or who are due to appear. Currently, JNU offers admission in the first year of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – The 10 different languages divided in 3 clusters.

Cluster 1: French, German, Spanish, Russian
Cluster 2: Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Cluster 3: Persian, Arabic, Pashto

Candidates may opt for three Languages from two clusters or three languages from within the same cluster. The written entrance test for this programme is a common test which will be conducted along with the B.A entrance test for 3 Clusters consisting (Cluster 1: Four languages – French, German, Spanish, Russian. Cluster 2: Three languages – Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Cluster 3: Three languages – Persian, Arabic, Pashto).

Questions pertaining to general knowledge, artificial language, short essays on issues related to the subject etc. would be covered in the syllabus. The written test will be conducted in the English and the question paper will be both subjective and objective.

No. of seats for B.A. (Hons.) 1st year (As of May, 2018): French – 38, German – 38, Russian – 54, Spanish – 31, Japanese – 38, Korean – 35, Chinese – 45, Persian – 31, Pushto – 15, and Arabic – 31.

JNU Entrance Examinations for B.A. (Hons.) 2nd year

There is also a provision to admit students in the 2nd year of B.A. (Hons.) programme subject to fulfilling the prescribed eligibility criteria. The first year of Bachelor’s degree or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto with at least 45% marks under 10+2+3 pattern of education with adequate proficiency in the concerned language.

JNU Part-Time Courses

Entrance exam of Certificate of Proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia is conducted as a joint test with other part time programme; Urdu, Pashto and Mongolian. The eligibility criteria is 10+2. The written examination is conducted in English and is of total 70 marks. The syllabus covers – 1. General Knowledge; 2. GK of the country of the languages; 3. Aptitude test and General English.

JNU’s MA, M.Phil, P.h.D. courses

Entrance Examination for M.A. and M.Phil. in the concerned language shall be conducted in the same language. In addition, Admission to Ph.D. Programme is also offered in the most of these Centres.

B.A.(Hons.) in foreign language (except Pashto) being an integral part of the 5-year M.A. programme, on successful completion of B.A. (Hons.), the student will be eligible to seek registration to the first year of the M.A. programme (i.e. fourth year of 5-year M.A.) in the respective language, without having to go through the entrance examination.

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JNU Language Courses Fee Structure

In two words – Almost Free! JNU Admission form, Hostel Fees, yearly Tuition fees, Library and other miscellaneous fees are negligible. JNU is funded by Central Government. This means that the students from the poorest of the poor backgrounds can come and study in JNU. 

Want to study in a sprawling campus of over a 1000 acres with all the facilities, lively campus life, and under highly qualified faculty that also almost FREE? Well, there is a reason why Foreign Language courses in JNU is considered as the BEST in field of Foreign Languages in India.

JNU Language Courses Admission 2019-2020

  • Previous Year Question Papers for BA (H) 1st Year, BA (H) 2nd Year and MA – Link
  • Entrance Exam Syllabus Part-time, BA(H) 1st Year, BA(H) 2nd Year, MA, MPhil, PhD – Link

JNU Important Dates 2019-2020

  • Start of Online Application Process – Yet to be announced (LINK)
  • Closing of Online Application Process – Yet to be announced
  • Date of JNU Entrance Exam (JNUEE) – May, 2019. (LINK)
  • Admission and Registration for selected candidates – June 2019

The selection for BA/MA/COP/DOP programs in various foreign languages would be based solely on the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based entrance exam (100% weightage). With the announcement of JNUEE 2019-2020 dates in May, 2019 application forms, e-prospectus and exact dates will be announced soon for language courses in JNU.

(Updated on 12th December, 2018)

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  1. Sir,I recently checked JNU’s official website and they say that the minimum age limit for BA hons. in foreign language is 17 years old. the thing is i am 16 years old can i give the entrance exam?

    1. That was for last year. This year, JNU has not yet released the prospectus for 2019-2020. Wait for confirmation. Even if they follow the same eligibility criteria like last year, it will be “Minimum age : 17 years as on 1st October 2019”.

  2. Hello sir,
    I would like to do my BA in one of foreign languages in jnu but confused which one to choose my primary concern is the high salary and demand for the language whether it is European or Asian language. Which one to choose help me sir.

  3. sir the exam pattern of JNU consists only MCQ type questions or there will be writing part also like writing essays and rearrange sentences ?

  4. Sir,
    I passed out my class 12 (2018) and now i am doing my BA 1st year but I am interested in learning foreign language. so I wanted to know if it is good to start all over again and for the admission do I have to wait for this coming 2019?

    1. JNU has announced a delay in the JNU Entrance Exam for the academic year 2019-2020 due to the change in the exam mode. This time, It will be computer based test. Registration forms will be available soon and entrance exam might take place early 2019.

      Getting admission in JNU is not an easy task. Start preparing for BA 1st year as per the cluster and if you pass the entrance, take the admission. JNU is ranked number one for foreign language courses.

  5. Hello Sir this is Debarati speaking. Sir I am currently studying in class 12 and my board exams are going to be held in 2019 February or March. I am willing to study spanish language course at JNU, so will I have to wait till next academic year to get admitted only after acquiring my 10+2 certificate or am I able apply for it before. If so I would be grateful to you for helping me with the method.

  6. Respected sir, I am a student of class 12th ICSE Board and want to do German Language in 3 years degree Course and I am literally confused about the procedures of admission and dates of online registration form. So please help me

  7. Hello Sir
    If i’m not wrong i thought i saw the application forms was to be done by 13 of Oct but for some other reasons i couldn’t do it, so is it still possible for me to give the entrance for language?

  8. respected sir,
    i am a malayalee student (kerala) but i don’t know about jnu entrance exams and many things you please give me any advice for confidence to me.

    1. If you don’t have any prior knowledge in the language of your choice, then BA (Hons.) is the only option. Check the syllabus (LINK) and Previous year question papers (LINK) and start prepearing with the help of few books. The registration process is yet to start and maybe this time exam is expected to conduct in online mode.

  9. Respected Sir,
    Please suggest me the Guide Book for entrance exam for BA Hons in Ist year in French Language. Can you please provide any type of help for preparing the same exam.

    1. respected sir,
      please guide to me for entrance exam for BA Hons 1st year in french language. can you please provide any type of help for preparing the exam.

  10. Respected Sir,
    I am a student of 12 of cbse in 2019. I want to do BA Hons in French Languages from JNU please help me.

    Arvind Kumar

    1. You can apply once the registration will start. You can start preparing for the entrance exam. Check the syllabus and previous year question papers. Everything is there in this article.

  11. Hello sir.
    My Name is Nitish. Sir i want to learn Russian language from “JNU”. And i have already completed my Graduation from University of Delhi B.A(Hons) English. So, Sir please let me know that what should i do to learn this language in “JNU”. I will be very thankful to you.

  12. Sir I am pursuing one year diploma in Spanish, can I get admission in BA Hons Spanish (2nd year) in JNU. am I eligible for it?

    1. If you have already completed or pursuing 1st year bachelor degree, then Yes you are eligible to apply. Entrance exam will be held in December. Check the Syllabus and previous year question papers.

  13. Sir I’m doing my equivalent paper from ignou this year. So is their any possibility to get admission in jnu for 2019 season?

  14. Sir besides the previous question papers which study material should I study for BA entrance exam for chinese, japnese, Korean language?

    1. Buy few books for entrance exam in Languages. For East Asian Language cluster – GK, artificial language, short essays, and study about culture, geography, prominent personality, customs, art, history, literature, etc of China, Korea and Japan. For BA (2nd year), Knowledge equivalent to Diploma is required. Check Syllabus & Previous year QPs to get the idea.

  15. I’m doing advanced diploma in german from Delhi University. I want to do MA(translation) in german from JNU. Could I please know the syllabus and the format of the entrance test? I really want to prepare for the same. And when shall I apply for the same?

  16. Sir, what does BA (Hons) in Foreign Language actually mean? Does it mean Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Foreign Language? Will language be the main subject?

  17. Sir can I do MA in Chinese language from JNU after doing certificate, diploma and advanced diploma in Chinese from DU or I have to first take admission in JNU for BA in Chinese and then only I can do MA? please reply me.

    1. For MA in Chinese from JNU, you need bachelor degree and knowledge equivalent to advanced diploma since admission is through entrance exam. So, Yes Advanced Diploma in Chinese from DU is fine.

      1. Sir, I’m learning Spanish from bhartiya Vidya bhawan and I think the language department of bvb affiliated from jnu. I just want to know I have completed 2 semester and pursuing 3rd and I want to get admission in jnu so what can I do to get admission?

        1. No. BVB has no affiliation to JNU. MA in Spanish is not possible for you. Once you complete 6 semester in Spanish and graduation, then possible. Try either BA (1st year) or BA (2nd Year) in Spanish.

  18. Hello sir,
    I’m very confused like what to do to make a good career. I did Bachelor in English literature (DU) and correspondence MBA in Marketing (Amity university). Someone told me you will get best packages if I’ll do some other foreign language. I want to go for Japanese language, sir please tell me is it worth for me to go for BA again.

  19. Hello Sir, my name is Azhar. I have done (2012). I am interested to learn Spanish. Am i eligible to give an entrance exam?

  20. Hello sir, I want to do MA in French from JNU, I have diploma in French from St. Stephens (DU) and also have the knowledge of Advance diploma but due to some personal reason I didn’t clear advance diploma exam. So I want to know am I eligible for Masters or is it compulsory to have certificate in advance diploma. Please let me know.

    1. For MA in French, Only eligibility criteria is bachelor degree. You don’t need advanced diploma or even certificate in French. However, Knowledge of French equivalent to Advanced Diploma or DELF B2 is compulsory to clear the entrance exam. You can check syllabus and last few years question papers to judge yourself.

  21. Sir i m from bihar nd i m pursuing graduation 2nd year from here sir i wanna do a course in any foreign language where i got better scope in future. what is the procedure. Kindly give me information about that.

    1. All languages are important though Top 5, namely French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Mandarin offers better career opportunities. You can apply for BA (Hons.) 1st year entrance exam. For 2nd year entrance, Prior knowledge in the corresponding language is required. It will difficult to achieve that level of proficiency in 3-4 months. Syllabus, Dates, Admission procedure are mentioned in this article.

      ReadForeign Language Courses in Delhi and Which Foreign Language to Study?

  22. I have completed my BA and MA in linguistics from University of Dhaka and Diploma in french from Institute of modern languages from the same university. I want to further study french in JNU. Please tell me what to do and from where should I start?

    1. Salut Sabrina! What is your Nationality and Where are you currently residing? I guess you are not Indian. JNU Offers BA, MA, and M.Phil/Ph.D in French. I checked Dhaka University and 1 year Diploma in French is not enough to clear the entrance for MA in French. BA won’t be the right thing to do and you might not be eligible for Ph.D. in French. If your French is good, You can still try MA in French (depends on your French knowledge).

      If you are in India, you can apply online like anyone else otherwise there is also an option to apply from outside India (In that case, you’ve to select “in absentia” category for which separate application form is available). Admission procedure is going to start in two weeks. If you want to pursue French or any other course from India, there are several good options. You can mail me if any query. I’ll be glad to help you. Bonne Chance!

      1. Merci beaucoup Monsieur ! I live in Dhaka. MA in French will be difficult for me. To be honest, I have completed my B1 in French, and my pronunciation is quite good, but I still have lacking in fluent speaking and listening. So If it possible I want to start from BA 2nd year. And here to mention I have a linguistics major. I really look forward to hearing from you about the procedures.

        1. You’re a truly a linguaphile. 🙂 Of course, you can apply for BA (Hons) 2nd Year in French. Check Syllabus for 2nd year (LINK), Previous Year Question Paper (2017 – LINK), (2016 – LINK), (2015 – LINK), Also Read carefully Admission Procedure for International Students (LINK)

          Forms will be available from 15th September. You can apply online. Since no. of seats for BA 2nd year is very few. Thus, you need to prepare quite well. Let me know, if any query.

  23. Hello,
    I wanted to ask what kind of degree one gets after getting into and completion of B.A(H) 2nd yr for any foreign language. Is it like a normal 3 year degree or there is a different one for someone who has applied for the 2nd year one.

    1. After 3 years, You will get BA (Hons.) in the corresponding language irrespective of whether you took the admission in 1st or 2nd year. Only those who completed 1st year can take admission in 2nd year (provided that entrance exam is cleared).

  24. sir, i am doing CP2 i.e. 2nd year in Chinese from Delhi university (part time) and i want to take admission in JNU for my further studies in chinese. which course should i apply for?

    1. I guess you just started Diploma in Chinese. If you’ve already completed or pursuing 1st year bachelor degree, then BA (H) in Chinese 2nd Year entrance exam. Mind you, you have to really work hard on Mandarin not because question paper will be difficult but due to limited seats (5-10). BA (1st year) if you are either not doing graduation or not a graduate.

  25. Sir I am learning Arabic (cop) level from school of foreign languages this year. Can I take BA 2nd year exam or should I take BA 1st year entrance exam held in 2018 December?

    1. Check the eligibility criteria and question pattern for both. If you are already doing bachelor degree and Arabic is good enough, then you should try for 2nd year entrance otherwise 1st year. Both exam are totally different. Check Previous year question papers and syllabus to get an idea. QP and Syllabus

  26. I’m doing 1st year and CMA can I get admission in language course of Spanish? Thankfully. kindly update plz

    1. Interested in BA? 2nd year is not possible since entrance paper will be in Spanish and 4 months is not enough to reach that level. You can apply for BA in Spanish (1st year). Apply and prepare. All details are there in this article.

  27. Does there any criteria in jnu that if one student can not qualify in the 2nd year entrance examination in foreign language can get a chance to direct admission in 1st year?

    1. There is no minimum marks. The seat allotment will be purely based on candidate’s rank. Since number of seats are very less (single digit), Thus expect high cut-off.

        1. That depends on the number of seats vacant in specific courses in 2nd year. Generally it is 10%-20%. So, maybe 5-8. Just a guess!

  28. Sir, I have completed my BA graduation, I have knowledge in Spanish language. I want to give the entrance exam for BA 2nd Yr in Spanish. Kindly guide me with the following process.

    1. As per the last 3 years Question papers (2017Link, 2016Link, 2015Link), my suggestion would be to concentrate on grammar, vocabulary, and paragraph writing. Invest in few good books, take help from any Spanish teacher (if required) and practice 3-4 hours daily. You have enough time i.e. 4 months. The question paper was equivalent to what we generally see Advanced Diploma exam. You can apply online from 15th September.

    1. JNU doesn’t offer Diploma in Hebrew. However, Given India’s growing ties with Israel and high demand, last year JNU announced to start certificate and diploma courses in Hebrew. I will update if there is any news regarding that.

  29. sir i am 3rd year student and get passed out in 2019. so i want to take admission in any of the one year language programme in jnu. please guide me further i will be thankful to you.

    1. JNU offers One-year Certificate of Proficiency (COP) only in not so popular languages like Bahasa Indonesia, Mongolian, and Pashto. If you’are interested in any of these 3 languages, you can apply when forms will be available. If your choice of languages are different, then you can either try private institutes or any other University next year.

    1. 3% seats are reserved for Person with Disability. Thus, 1 out of 38 seats are reserved for PWD for BA (Hons.) in Japanese.

  30. Sir I’m from Rajasthan. I am doing B.Com 3rd year in Maharaja Ganga Singh University. Can I take admission in MA In Chinese language.

    1. No. Admission is through entrance test and to pass the exam, Knowledge equivalent to Advanced Chinese is required. It will take 2-3 years to reach that level of proficiency in Chinese.

  31. Sir, I want to do certificate course of French language. I am graduated from du this year. so please give me necessary information about this course

  32. Hi Sir, I have completed BA this year and i want to take Korean language. Is it possible for me to give the entrance? I also want to know if any Student exchange programme for language and also when is the entrance for 2019 batch?

    1. You can give the the entrance test for BA (H) in Korean. Since you have already completed BA, it may not be wise to repeat bachelor degree again. MA in Korean is not possible for you since Knowledge equivalent to Advanced Diploma or TOPIK Level 4/5 is required to clear entrance exam. JNU do offer some student exchange programme during the course. Entrance exam will be held in December and forms will be available from next month.

      1. Sir since i’m thinking to give the entrance for korean language BA(H) 1st year. can you please give me some suggestions as to which topic i should stick more or concentrate on.

        1. For BA (Hons.) in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, There is a common written test. Syllabus is G.K., artificial language, short essays on issues related to the subject etc. You can check last 3 years question papers (Here). Buy few JNU entrance books and start preparing for it.

  33. Hello sir right now I’m doing MA 2nd year from IGNOU, I want to learn Korean. So can I apply for MA in korean language direct is it possible or I have to do BA.

    1. While you can apply for MA in Korean. However, to clear the entrance test – Knowledge equivalent to Advanced Diploma or TOPIK Level 4/5. This may not be possible for you. Don’t try for BA(H) since you have already completed BA. Try few private institutes or Short-term courses from DU or Jamia next year. ReadKorean Courses in Delhi and Scope of Korean in India

  34. I did French certificate this year from SGTB KHALSA DU. Can you tell me how many Colleges are offering Diploma and can i take admission in session 2018-2019 in any DU colleges? Please Help.

  35. Sir, My son has been studying in Chinese honours in Banaras Hindu University in the 2nd year. He wants to admit in JNU in same Class. Is it possible?

    1. No. As far as i know, there is no provision to transfer from one university to another. The only possibility is to give entrance exam for 2nd year BA (Hons.) Chinese in December this year. If his Chinese is good, he can try. However, he has to repeat 2nd year again starting from July 2019.

  36. Hello sir.
    I cleared my in physics with 71% and want to take admission in jnu for studying foreign language course. so what have i to do for this? When to apply?

    1. Barring a few not so popular languages, JNU does not offer any part-time language courses. For MA entrance, Knowledge equivalent to Advanced Diploma or B2/N2/HSK V/ etc. is compulsory. So BA (Hons.) is the only option. Repeating the graduation degree course may not be the right thing to do. Think over it. Application form will be available next month. If you want to learn any language – There are many options in Delhi and other cities.

  37. Sir I am very desired to qualify the entrance examination in 2nd year in Japanese language. kindly tell me the procedure or the best way to prepare. I did 1 year course in Japanese language and I quit for my poor economic condition and now I want to take admission in 2nd year. please help me.

    1. You have 5 months to prepare for entrance exam. Syllabus and Previous year questions already posted at the end of this article. Since number of seats are very few, you need to work hard. I wish you all the best Ahantika 🙂

      1. Any special book which will help me because the questions in the previous years question papers are tough for me.

        1. There are many such books specially for Foreign language entrance exam. You can buy few as per description or review from any bookshop or online shopping sites.

  38. Hello sir I am a student of class XII so I wanted to know that when should I appear for an entrance examination. This year or next year, but if I try for it next year in September or whenever they provide for won’t I have to wait for a long time from June – September?

    1. Appearing candidates can also apply. Thus, you can appear for the exam this year in December, 2018. Forms will be available in September. All details will be here in advance.

  39. Sir please let us know some good and reliable source to prepare for jnu 1st year exam in foreign language after 12th. Is it possible to take all three languages from same cluster itself. Is it possible to take all three languages from all three different clusters respectively.

    1. I’m not sure about any private institutes for JNU entrance preparation. You can contact few in nearby areas. You can either opt for three languages from two clusters or all three languages from one cluster. Three languages from three clusters is not possible as per the last information.

  40. sir, can you tell me the the syllabus of 2nd year entrance exam for french language and also the procedure of getting into it.

  41. Sir, I’m doing graduation from Du(sol) and want to learn Arabic language from JNU. What is the procedure of admission?

    1. Centre of Arabic and African Studies (CAAS) offers BA and MA in Arabic. JNU does not offer any part-time courses. Admission is through entrance exam. For BA – prior knowledge in Arabic is not required whereas for MA – Proficiency equivalent to Advanced Diploma is compulsory. Forms will be available in September.

  42. Sir, i have completed post graduation in economics, and waiting for the results. I would like to study foreign language in JNU, specifically Mphil in Japanese, course no: JP609 Research technique and methodology. When will be the entrance exam and how to apply for the same?

    1. JP609 is the part of MPhil in Japanese. I’m not sure if it is possible since you have done PG in economics and not Japanese. MA in Japanese or a degree equivalent to it is the prerequisite for MPhil Japanese program. Entrance Examination shall be conducted in Japanese only in the month of December.

  43. Sir I have completed my 12th this year. And I want to do Spanish language course from jnu. When the entrance exam date will come.

    1. Application form will be available in September and Entrance exam will be held in December. I will update in advance.

  44. Sir I got admission in Ramjas college and in Chinese language. I’m so happy. Thank you sooo much for clearing my all doubts. I love your blog, it is awesome…

  45. I am doing diploma in spanish from Delhi University and I wanted to do Masters in Spanish from JNU. Is it possible ?

    1. Yes. Admission in MA in Spanish is through entrance test and Minimum eligibility criteria is graduation in any stream. However, Proficiency in Spanish (equivalent to Advanced Diploma or DELE B2) is required to clear entrance test (not certificate but knowledge). You can try in future once your Spanish will be good enough.

  46. Sir I am doing graduation from DU – SOL (Bcom hons) and I want to do language course from jnu. Pls give me the details.

    1. You’re interested in which course and language? Admission procedure will start in September. I will update all the information in advance.

  47. Sir i have passed my graduation exam this year with english and geography but i want to do foreign languages course then what can i do? MA in foreign languages or BA.or diploma course…

    1. You want to study at JNU? The University does not offer any part-time courses in most languages. Since you have already completed graduation, BA is not advisable. For MA, you need knowledge equivalent to B2/Advanced Diploma which i guess is not possible. You can try few private institutes for short-term professional courses. ReadForeign Language Courses in Delhi

  48. Sir what is this 45% marks under 10+2+3 pattern of education. How will my proficiency in the language will be judged and what’s the syllabus for second year entrance in chinese language?

  49. Is there any book which provides the guidance to qualify in jnu 2nd year entrance examination of Japanese language?

    1. Not that i’m aware of. It would be better to join any Japanese institute. It would be difficult to learn Intermediate level Japanese without any teacher.

  50. I want to know top universities offering foreign language course other than jnu and du….and also this year when will the admissions or entrance forms will start of the same at jnu and du

  51. Sir, This year I completed my 12th. Now I want to do foreign language from French. When the application forms will come?

  52. I completed my 12th this year but I got to know about the foreign language course later and the registration dates of many colleges have over so can I apply this next year means, Is there any age limit?

    And are there some DU colleges who provides admissions in language course on entrance basis? If there are so please tell me all colleges name.

  53. There are only that much seats available in JNU or these seats are just only for 2018 because there are so less seats…

    No. of seats for B.A. (Hons.) 1st year (As of May, 2018): French – 38, German – 38, Russian – 54, Spanish – 31, Japanese – 38, Korean – 35, Chinese – 45, Persian – 31, Pushto – 15, and Arabic – 31

    1. Unfortunately, JNU or most of the top-ranked university have limited intake and that includes 50% reservation quota. For past several years, number of seats are more or less same. If you want to study at JNU, you need to prepare quite well for entrance exam. Don’t worry JNU is not the only option to learn foreign languages. I made my career in the field of Foreign Languages without studying at JNU or any top-ranked University. At the end, Knowledge and Experience matters!

  54. Can I do french language course from JNU if I’m doing English hons from du right now. I’ve just completed 10+2 and taken admission in du for english hons. Can I do french course too along side?

    1. JNU does not offer any part-time French course. Studying two degree level regular course is not possible even though UGC has given the go-ahead few years back. Admission in BA (Hons.) is through all India entrance exam and admission dates are over for 2018. If you’re interested in pursuing short-term French courses, you can try few DU Colleges (if last date is not over) or any Private institute like Alliance Française de Delhi. ReadFrench Language Courses in Delhi

  55. I am graduated in F&LA from NiFT in year 2011, right now I am 28 years old and want to learn french. Is there any age limit to take the course, if not them how to apply for the course and what is a fee structure.

    1. Which course are you looking for? JNU doesn’t offer any short-term French course. Admission in MA is through entrance exam and knowledge of Advanced French is compulsory. There is no age limit for any master degree. If you’re looking for some professional French courses, then there are number of options with no age limit. At what location you want to study?

  56. Sir i just passed my 10 + 2 i want to apply for french courses in jnu please tell me what to do and from where

    1. JNU offers BA (Hons.) in French through all India entrance exam. The university don’t offer any short-term / part-time french course. Admission process will begin in September-October for 2019-2022 session.

  57. When your form will be distributed for the course of BA (HONS) FOREIGN LANGUAGE , kindly give me information of the same.

  58. Sir I’m post graduated & Somhow I learned Spanish by my own but now i really want to enroll in Diploma /certificate courses..And the Major hurdle is that i am living a remote area in Uttarakhand..What to do please guide me.. I’m clueless.

  59. I’m graduated this year in English (honrs). My age is 21. Am I applicable for the B.A. honors in Japanese?

    1. Yes but Why you want to pursue graduation again ? You can study Japanese from any private institute or Japanese embassy affiliated centre and prepare for JLPT (Japanese language proficiency Test).

    1. Since JNU is fully funded by the central government. Thus, Fees is very nominal. Just few hundred Rupees. However, due to limited seats and large number of applicants, getting admission is not easy. Check – JNU Fees.

  60. I want to do honrs in Japanese language.What is the criteria for the entrance examination,and in which month the examination will be held?

    1. Admission process starts in September-October with Online application form. Entrance exam – January, Declaration of written exam – Feb, Viva-Voce test and Final result in March-April.

  61. I want to do language course in center of German language plz send me details of this course Nd admission date also

    1. Centre of German Studies (CGS) offer full-time BA (Hons), MA, M Phil and PhD Program in German and admission is through all-India entrance exam. For Academic session 2018, Admission process is already over. For next session 2019, you can apply online in September. You can check – JNU Admission

    1. JNU offers part-time Certificate in Pashto, Mongolian, Bahasa Indonesia and Urdu. 10+2 is required and you can contact JNU admission department. These languages are not popular and offer limited career and job opportunities. For Degree level courses, Admission process starts in September-October for next academic session. You can apply in September this year if you are interested. It is better to opt for part-time courses in important languages like French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. and for that try D.U. or Jamia Millia Islamia or any private/embassy affiliated centre in Delhi.

      ReadForeign Language courses in D.U. , Language courses in Jamia Millia Islamia , Language courses through Embassies and Language courses in Delhi

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