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Foreign language Teachers

Learning a language can open up new career path and one such option is Job opportunities for foreign language teachers, faculty, and trainers.

As globalization continues to be the trend these days, more and more people feel the need to learn at least one foreign language. Languages are the hallmark of communication in the business world, and with Indian companies merging into the global economic scheme of things, breaking the language barrier for better job opportunities becomes paramount.

There are so many benefits of learning a new language and job prospects in foreign languages is one of the most popular motivators while picking a foreign language to learn. Your ability to speak a foreign language entails you have broken the language barrier to some degree, and you’re opening yourself up for improved career opportunities in specialized fields of endeavors.

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Career Outlook for Language Teachers, Faculty and Trainers

Do you have a flair for teaching and lecturing? Your proficiency in a foreign language can help you land a great teaching and lecturing jobs in India. The good thing about being a language teacher is that you will not only be open to job opportunities in India but also open up career opportunities as a language trainer and teacher in foreign countries where such proficiency is in hot demand.

Considering that there is obviously so much the majority of native teachers cannot teach you when it comes to understanding the nature of a particular foreign language because they simply have not done it themselves. This is where the key point lies. Working in the combination of native teachers alongside learner teachers in a faculty can render effective results. For instance, if you speak Arabic and you work with native Arabic teachers, you will find it easier to explain the perspective and concerns to your friends or other people that they never had an idea about.

Furthermore, some key agencies of government and many companies are always looking for foreign language teachers with proficiency in specific foreign languages. If for example, you speak French or Spanish fluently, you can become a language trainer for staffs of the Indian export houses doing business in Africa or Latin America. This is because language is the barrier in these francophone and hispanic world for these companies.


Six Reliable Career Options for Foreign Language Teachers

Here are top six career options for foreign language teachers.


1) Foreign Language Teachers Job in Schools

Today, there are more than 1,000 Indian School affiliated to CBSE, CISCE, ICSE and international schools such as Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) have introduced Foreign languages it into their curriculum. It is taught either as third or second language or as an extra subject.

With a growing number of students opting to study various languages, Those who are fluent in the corresponding language are often deployed as foreign language teachers. The job opportunities in this field are a plenty – across the country.

In order to get a job teaching Foreign language in India, you will need to be a college graduate from any field and higher proficiency such as B2/C1 or degree in the corresponding language (sorry but short term certificate / diploma courses won’t cut it). In few cases, B.Ed degree and experience can also add great value in your resume.


2) Faculty or Trainer in any private Institute or Learning Centers

The number of candidates taking up foreign language courses in recent years has risen dramatically. As more and more people take to Learn foreign languages, the newspapers ads sections are often awash with openings for a French or German teacher – be it in India. Even though you might not find the pay very attractive in starting, it is a good place to start your career as a instructor, and from there move to higher opportunities after harnessing your language skills.

Over the past few years, The foreign language learning market is accelerating at a strong pace in India. With an aim to tap the increasing demand, Hundreds of language schools exist in various cities for most languages. So, as a languages teacher you’ll be in demand.


3) Faculty or Lecturer or Professor in Colleges and University

What has changed this last decade in several universities? More Universities offering foreign languages as part of curriculum. Foreign language teaching has become an integral part of the 21st century’s life-long learning process. Your degree or certification in the foreign language can make you an Assistant Professor or Visiting faculty working in any of the numerous Colleges or Universities in the country.

With more and more Universities offering a foreign language as part of the curriculum, getting experienced and knowledgeable faculty or lecturer is becoming difficult. The competition to get into Universities is tough. For Full-time lecturer, or Assistant and Associate professor, you need Ph.D. doctorate degree. In few cases, Master degree in the same language and UGC Net are also accepted. In order to teach part-time, you will need to have the relevant degree for the language you may wish to teach. For part-time faculty, experience plays the most important role.


4) Corporate Training in Foreign Languages

In the workplace or the corporate world, learning a language for business benefits both the company and individual employees as a whole. corporations often use language training to expand business into more markets. Ability to speak the important languages improves a business’s ability to negotiate effectively in international markets and opens up new opportunities.

Several Indian and International companies look for trainers who can train the candidates for various professional courses or corporate training or an on-site opportunity or for dealing with the overseas customers. As a result, skilled corporate trainers are finding their services in higher demand. Thanks to the endless opportunities in the teaching field, The career prospects and job options in this field continues to be very robust and seamlessly increasing.


5) Freelance Language Tutors

A tutor is a person who offers classes to individual or a small group of students. The focused attention, personalized curriculum, customized courses and tailored guidance of private tutoring jobs can help you learn any language. This approach is the most effective and productive method of learning though fees are a bit on the higher sides. Additionally, students arrange their own classes and are able to schedule sessions at times that are convenient for both student and tutor.

Many candidates also choose a combination of the two options: they start with group tutoring to cover the fundamentals at a lower cost, then they move into private tutoring to get the vital one-on-one guidance / assistance. Home or Private Tutors generally charge according to their level of education and experience. A typical language tutor will charge between Rs 400 to 1000 per hour for a high school or College-going student, and a certified teacher with top-notch experience will take anything between Rs 800 to 2000 per hour.


6) Online Language Teaching

Over the past ten years, we have seen the development and expansion of online language courses and programs. It is really easy to open a online teaching classes. In addition, It is easy to manage even a large number of students and since there is no time constraints on fixed class schedules, students are also inclined towards learning online. You can schedule your teaching by choosing your hours – you can work from anywhere, anytime – all you need is an internet connection, headphone and a webcam.

Due to factors such as time constraint, e-learning has quickly emerged as an alternative means of continuing education, making online teachers to strive for increasing their web-based programs. Despite courses successfully making the transition to online instructions, some educators are still facing challenges in creating high-quality, foreign language courses offered exclusively over the internet. If you have a passion for teaching, there is always a foreign language teaching job opening for you, including online one-to-one teaching.


Most Popular Foreign Languages for Teaching in India

French and German continues to occupy the leading spot among foreign language courses promoted by various schools and Universities. Some schools and colleges also offer Spanish. Arabic, Persian, and Russian are commonly available at several universities in the country.

As far as corporate training and professional courses at various institutes are concerned, Japanese is quite popular. There is also some demand for uncommon languages like Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, Scandinavian and Nordic languages, just to name a few.

Few institutes also offer Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Italian and Portuguese. But, there seems to be a shortage of trained professionals to tap the growing demand for learning a foreign language. Since Chinese, Japanese and Korean are considered to be some of the most difficult languages to learn (especially for English speakers). Therefore, most students prefer European languages. The demand for French, or German, or Spanish are equally and widely spread for all types of programmes in India.


Final thought

Having a career in a foreign language is something that is always going to be highly profitable. Once you are able to take a decision in respect of the Foreign Language Teachers, Faculty and Trainers as a career options, the sky is the only thing that would be the limit to the success that’s coming your way.

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