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Job opportunities for French language in India

In the age of globalization, outsourcing, boom in tourism and export sector – Knowledge of French language in India not only enriches your personal life but also enhances the career prospects, job opportunities and increases your power to act as a citizen of the world. The career options after learning French language in India is immense and ever-growing. 

While there are plenty of good reasons why to learn a foreign Languages in India. Choosing which Foreign language to learn is the first and most important step.

Of all the people I’ve surveyed, met, taught and listened to over thirteen years, career options in Foreign Languages or job opportunities is the single most influential factor in studying a new language. The benefits of learning the French language in India is immense.

Today, there are wide array of Job opportunities for French language in India. Directly and indirectly, the language will provide you with important job-related knowledge and skills that can give you a competitive edge with a better salary.


Career Options in French Language in India

French is one of the most famous and widely spoken languages in the world. There are plethora of benefits and advantages associated with learning French as a foreign language.

The knowledge to speak French is an advantage for finding a job in a wide range of sectors such as travel & tourism, hospitality industry, MNC, BPO, KPO, Embassies, fashion, retailing, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, international business, education institutes, export firms, etc.

Proficiency in French also enhance job options in various international organization like United Nations, UNESCO, the EU, the International Olympic Committee, NATO, the Hague and the International Red Cross.


French expert Jobs in MNC, KPO, BPO, IT, Embassies, etc.

France has the world’s 5th largest economy and its multinationals are spread all over the globe. There are hundreds of international French brands such as Orange, BNP Paribas, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Renault, Alcatel, Axa, Airbus, Christian Dior, Alstom, Chanel, Carrefour, Peugeot, Michelin and many more.

The proficiency in the French not only opens the doors of these French companies in France and other more than 30 French-speaking Francophone countries but also in India and other non-speaking French countries in the world.

Many French companies are setting up their regional offices in India and other parts of the world and ability to speak the language definitely increase your growth manifold if you have french mentioned in your CV. Your ability to speak French put you ahead of others in finding a wide array of jobs in MNCs, KPOs, and BPOs that use French as their working and interactive language.

Several IT companies such as HCL, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc send their employees for overseas on-site jobs in French speaking Europe, Canada and North Africa. The career options for French speakers in India in multinational companies is highly lucrative. 

Today, the trade records between India and French-Speaking countries has increased tremendously, and many French companies are operating in the India market. French will enable you to overcome the language barrier in most places of the world, particularly in Europe, Canada and in Africa, where the language reign supreme.

After learning French you can apply for jobs in more than 25 embassies in India. While there are various kinds of jobs in an embassy but they are mostly of an administrative nature. French Jobs in embassies offer a great platform to gain experience and have exposure to multicultural environment.


Job Opportunities in French as a Freelance Translator & Interpreter

The world has become a global village, career and job opportunities in French are opening up like never before. One can look at working in diplomatic services or an embassy for diplomatic services, MNCs or as Freelance interpreter, proofreading, translator, or content writer. 

With the ever-increasing digitalized world, French experts can earn handsome money by working as a freelancer in different domains such as translator, proofreader, interpreter, editor, content writer,  etc.

You will be surprised to know that almost 50% prefer not to join any company but prefer to work as freelancer. Career Options as a Translator and Interpreter is highly lucrative. You can do this as a freelancer, for embassies, for businesses, and for educational institutions.


Career prospect as a French teacher, lecturer, and corporate trainer

Indian and International companies look for corporate French trainers who can train the candidates for various courses or an on-site opportunity or for dealing with the French clients.

French Language in India is also most taught and popular Foreign language in India. As a result, skilled French teachers and College & Universities lecturer are finding their services in higher demand. The job opportunities for foreign language teachers in this field are a plenty – across the country

As more and more people take to Learning French as a foreign language, the newspapers ads sections are often awash with openings for a French teacher-be it in India, or elsewhere. If you have a passion for teaching, there is always a French language teaching job opening for you, including online French course teaching.


French is Useful in Travel, Tourism, Leisure, and Hospitality Industry

Language plays an important role in the hospitality industry. The proficiency in French is a basic prerequisite for successful communication in the travel and tourism industry. The French language can be utilized in the industry to assist the foreign traveler, communicate with French speaking-employees and to work in French-speaking countries.

Million of French-speaking people visit India every year and the number keeps on increasing year after year, and they look for a person who can explain things in their native language and fluency in this language definitely provide more job opportunities in tourism industry for French speakers in India.


Importance of French in Import & Export Sector

India has emerged as the fastest growing export market for Africa. India–Africa trade is expected to touch $117 billion mark by 2020-21.

Since French is spoken in 31 African countries known as Francophone Africa, French is essential to communicate and connect with many African countries especially North and Western Africa, you will be able to establish and maintain personal and professional contacts. In an export-import business, There are plenty of career options in French language in India.

Diverse cultures in contact with one another can create unprecedented opportunities for exchange, cooperation, and mutual benefit. In export sector, There are lots of job opportunities for French language specialist in India.



Thanks to ever-growing job market, You don’t have to struggle to secure a job in such a highly competitive labor market like the one in India. It is something you that brings you lots of benefits as it opens you up to the world and the huge opportunities present there. 

The best way to learn the exotic language is through face-to-face interactive sessions with a private tutor or join any institute for French courses in Delhi or any other part of the country.

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  1. Sir
    I am bcom student from Delhi university also i am pursuing french from AFD. I want to make my career in french only but not as a teacher what are other options available and eligibility from them.

  2. Hello sir,
    My name is shanu. I have completed my in computer science in 2015. Due to some circumstances i have taken gap of 3 years. now i want to continue with french language. Please tell me what should i have done?? What are the career opportunities in french language for me.

    1. You have an opportunity to start to build a career in French. You can join University’s 3 year Advanced Diploma or any Pvt Institute or Alliance Française with an aim to complete B2/C1 in 3 years. These days, French Job market is quite competitive. Opportunities exist in plenty of sectors and industries but only if you are really good in French or you possess other in-demand skills.

  3. Hello sir…
    I am kajal from Delhi and Student of bsc 2nd year from ignou and also completed a1 level in French and now I pursue a2 level from alliance française but I am little confused. I don’t know. What about jobs in French career? How can I get better job with bsc and French bcoz I think so there is no combination of French and bsc.

    1. True. I have rarely seen any job where combination of French and BSc are required. Think about adding another skill along with French that will be helpful to find a good job in future. May be a master degree or Diploma course in job-oriented subjects. Aim for French specialist only once you clear at least B2 and gain a decent-paying job. Till then, the advice is – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  4. Hello sir,
    Among Chinese, French and German which one should i choose for my BA. My primary concern is high educational and salary potential in India and Abroad.

  5. Sir I have done masters in English and delf b2 from AFD I want to know about career opportunity in abroad?? What should I do for foreign jobs

  6. Sir
    I have done C1 in French from Alliance Francaise Delhi. Sir I have done bcom hon. From Delhi university and I want to know about my career opportunities in abroad with c1 level in French. How can I get a job in abroad?

    1. It is difficult to get a job in abroad solely based on French skills. Generally, companies prefer native French speakers for overseas jobs. There are few vacancies for teaching English and for that you need something like MA in English along with DELF C1. Few companies also send their employees abroad if you have some other skills like IT, International marketing, Writer, etc. You should try for master degree and with the right combination, there is a good possibility to get a job or even PR in foreign countries.

  7. Hi Sir Thank you for the guide. I have 12 years in BPO sector and plan complete to B2. After i would like to apply for higher studies in french university with scholarship. It is possible sir.

  8. sir, actually i have done MBA and i have done A1 level pursuing A2. i will go for further levels also, sir i have interest in learning french. please help me in finding suitable job.

    1. After Completing DELF B1/B2, you can apply for a number of jobs as per location, interest, and sector, etc. I also post few job opening at Language Jobs and you can find a suitable job on various job portals. Bonne Chance!

  9. sir, actually i am in 12th with commerce stream and i have done A1 level. i will go for further levels also, sir i have interest in learning french but i don’t know which college i should get in and what degree i should take so that i am able to pursue my french side by side. sir in Delhi university, what are colleges that are suitable for me?

  10. sir if i have done A1, A2 and B1 levels from AFD then after that how can i become an interpreter or sir what are the career options i can find?

  11. Sir, I am pursuing french language as for further career opportunities. I am in my late 30s, will my age be a barrier in getting opportunities in corporates or any other sector for that matter? What all options I can explore? I have experience of more than 6 yrs in recruitments with a consultancy firm.

    1. No. Age is not the barrier. My suggestion would be to use your existing skills since you already have experience and expertise. Learn French as a hobby and once you reach high proficiency level like B2/C1, then you can try new career options or combination with your existing skills. Take French as an added advantage on your C.V. and not full-fledge career.

  12. Sir I m pursuing BCOM honours from Delhi university and I am in last year and doing certificate In French from ignou. Is ignou certificate worth doing and what should I do after CFL.

  13. Sir I am really confused which language should I choose. Spanish or French or German? If I choose French so which is the best Private Institute in Delhi

  14. Hi sir Anshuman hear. Sir I have completed my 2 year UG diploma in french from B.H.U and after that I have completed my P.G diploma 2 year from B.H.U sir can u plzz tell me my PG diploma is equivalent to advanced diploma?

    1. Every university has different certification and Diplomas. In most cases, Advanced Diploma in French will equate 3 years of study (part-time). If you had studied for 3 years, then it is as good as Advanced Diploma. You can also appear for DELF exam to check your French proficiency level. DELF B2 has more weightage than Advanced Diploma in the job market. ReadDELF/DALF Exams in India. Check French Jobs.

    1. Make your C.V., and apply to different companies through various job portals or directly if you see any new opening. Entry level salary is between 2-4 Lakhs P.A. and rest will depend on numerous factors like job profile, location, existing skills other than French, proficiency level, experience, etc. Bonne chance!

  15. hi sir i have done MBA-HRM with Certificate French from center for Global language Bangalore university. I am searching for job and also im pursuing Diploma in french

    1. Great. You should aim for at least Higher Diploma after completing Diploma and Advanced Diploma. You can also appear for DELF Exam at Alliance Française, Bangalore.

  16. Hello sir, i wanted to know that if i have completed till B2 level then how can i get into an embassy for a job. What is the criteria to get a job in embassy and what kind of jobs are available in an embassy for a person like me?

    1. While French is a great value-add to your C.V., it is not the only criteria to get a job in Francophone embassies. For different Jobs, there are different requirements. From MBA in international relation to HR to Counselor to IT to Customer Support. Embassies do update about few openings – You can apply for it.

  17. Hi sir i want to learn French language diploma course from du. how can i join du for this course? Is this course helpful for any getting any job.

    1. First you have to pursue Certificate in French, followed by Diploma and Advanced Diploma. It will take 3 years. Last date is over for session 2018-2019. Either you can try next year or take admission in any private institute. French offers a wide range of Job opportunities. However, these days minimum eligibility criteria is Advanced Diploma / BA (Hons) or DELF B2. Read – French Language Courses in DU and French Classes in Delhi

  18. Sir I am 12 pass and I have delf A2 certificate I am learned from alliance francaise pondicherry can I get a job now

    1. If you want a Job as a French specialist, A2 is not enough. Try to complete at least B1 if not B2. DELF B2 is considered good enough to make you qualified for most of the Jobs in India.

  19. Sir, right now i am pursuing my graduation and i have done a1 and given a2 but i didn’t get pass. I had given these 3 years back then i started for preparing CA but now i want to drop it and want to start again for French as i have keen interest in learning French and can i go for b1 directly without getting a2 done? Also i am concerned what will my career in this and what options will be available for me ?

    1. It’s never too late if you have the interest and passion to learn French! Yes, you can avoid A2 and directly can jump to B1 but you have to study for that. It depends what you want to do! From Freelance Translator to Jobs in MNC. Career options are numerous. ReadBenefits of learning French in India

  20. Sir, i m actually a BA(H) English student, and i am planning to do a short term course in french language, is it actually a good decision, given that the subject interests me, and i know its basics? Also is du preferably good for short term courses? Sir, i would actually want to know its scope in future?

    1. Since you have the interest, you can definitely pursue short-term courses. French offers numerous rewards and a wide range of jobs across various industry. However, short-term course won’t help you achieve the goals. You need at least DELF B2 or Advanced Diploma. It will take 2-3 years. For 2018, last date is over for DU. You can try few private centres like Alliance Française or ILSC. ReadLanguage Courses in DU and French Courses in Delhi

  21. Hello sir
    I am pursuing my B2 level in french from AFD. I’ve got an immense interest in translation and interpretation. People recommended me to go for JNU but to crack the entrance exam is a real task. Could you suggest me some other universities for the same? Or any hacks to clear the exam? Also, what all departments am i eligible to for the Embassy if i just know the language and have good communication skills?

    1. 3 days back only, i wrote – Translator and Interpreter as a Career Options.

      While i agree that it is very difficult to crack JNU entrance exam but it is not impossible. Application form will be available in Sept & Entrance exam in December. You can also try Arts Faculty (DU) for MA in French (Entrance exam will be held May-June next year). If you are ready to study in other cities, then there are several options such as Mumbai University, Pune University, BHU, EFLU, Kolkata University, etc. You have 6-10 months, you can start preperaing for entrance or complete C1 & find a good job 🙂

      While French is an added advantage, it is not the only criteria to get a job in French speaking embassies. For different Jobs, there are different eligibility criteria. From MBA in international relation to HR to Counselor to IT to CC.

  22. hello sir, i did french language from AFD. I have DELF A1, A2, B1, certificate. This year i am gonna complete my graduation from Delhi university. and now i am continuing with my french language course by afd. is it a good decision to do a job right now or first i should complete B2 level ??

    1. In my opinion, you should first complete B2 or even DALF C1. Two reasons. 1) To study and work at the same time is not easy specially if you’re pursuing B2/C1. As per my experience, Most people fail and quite tricky to get it all done. Once you start receiving monthly paycheck, It will be difficult to quit the job. 2) After B1, you won’t get high-paying or decent job in top companies. After B2/C1, you will enhance your career prospect in job market.

  23. hello sir I have a really big problem what should I do I have done certificate course from YES and for further from where I can pursue and also after completing this course what are the other courses under French that can I do and my CV more heavier and also get good job????

    1. What is YES and location? If you’ve already completed Certificate, then you should continue with Diploma and then Advanced Diploma in French. You can also join any private institute offering courses as per CEFR and try to complete DELF B2 in future.

        1. There are plenty of career and job opportunities in various sectors and industries. However, to find a decent job – You need French Knowledge equivalent to at least DELF B2. My suggestion will be to continue studying French for next 2-3 years and i’m sure you will find something good.

  24. Hello Sir,I am pursuing B.Tech Computer Science from Delhi and I am in 3rd year. I studied french language in school from 6th to 10th standard. I also won olympiads held by Alliance Française. I want to know if there are job opportunities in French Embassy Delhi?

    1. Yes though very limited vacancies. School level French is not enough or considered for any job. You have to study French from reputed centre and pass at least DELF B1/B2 or Advanced Diploma from any University. Then only French will add value in your C.V.

  25. sir i completed my btech in 2017 in the stream of civil engineering i am intrested to learn french language and willing to do job as a translator freelancer etc suggest me to learn french upto advanced diploma or to get a good placement job in civil engineering from hyderabad

    1. You can try Alliance Française Hyderabad. You can complete Advanced French (C1) in 3-4 years. C1 is the minimum requirement to become a freelancer professional translator. With experience, learning, and specialization, Skilled translators always find their services in high demand and they are paid quite well.

  26. Sir i am nitish from rajasthan i am in 12th class commerce stream and i want to know about this field …… i learn french ? How can i get sucess in this field?

    1. Success depends on your knowledge, fluency and experience. There is always opportunity for those who are proficient in French. You can definitely learn French provided that you are ready to study for next few years.

  27. Hello sir.
    I am m.phil in English with B.ed. I have done CELTA from London and cleared IELTS as well. Nowadays learning French. My age is 34 please suggest me the area to start with completing French level B1.
    Thanks & Regards

    1. With such high level of academic qualification in English, why you want to complete DELF B1 in French? DELF Exams are based on SWRL (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening). Since, Success ratio is quite low for online courses and self-study. Ergo, you should join some good institute where you can study French as per DELF curricula.

      I can suggest you something specific and relevant based on your location, reasons to learn, and how you are studying!!

  28. Hi Sir,
    I have completed PG in Public relations.I wish to learn a foreign language. So please suggest me a language and center in trivandrum which helps me in my career growth and proficiency in language.

      1. Hi sir,I am studying 11th standard.My school introduced french language it is optional.I avoid tamil language and I take french can help for me to write a government exams for government jobs. Some people told to me “you take french language it cannot help to write a government exams.Please sir to clear my doubts

        1. Barring few Government jobs, Nowhere Hindi or any regional language like Tamil is required (At least not in my knowledge). Knowledge is important for Gov. jobs but not mandatory to study in high school or College. Continue with French!

  29. Hello sir,

    i have completed my 12th class in 2003 and due to some circumstances i have left my graduation in 2nd year. after that i have 8 years work experience in MNC. now i need to do French language course. please tell me that will i get an opportunities of new jobs like in embassy or as a translator.

    1. While getting a full-time job in Embassy is difficult due to limited vacancies and too many applicants. However, you can definitely aim to become a successful translator if you study French for next few years.

  30. Sir my name is Ratnadeep, live in mumbai, age 46 interested in learning atleat two languages and change my career as working as accounts executive can get chance to my career at this age please suggest me. Is there any saturday sunday in mumbai university as without changing my current job qith a year and what will be fees like with a year

    1. Age is not the issue but try to learn only one language. Learning two languages at the same time is not the right approach. You can contact MU whether they offer weekends classes. In addition, there are various private institutes and embassy affiliated centres for weekend language courses. MU fees is quite low compare with private learning centres.

  31. Hello Sir,

    My son is presently studying in ninth Standard. He wants to pursue B A in French after his 10+2. Is it mandatory to have French as a subject at 10+2 level. We live in Kolkata and there are very few school (CBSE/ ICSE) offering French as a subject at 10+2. Please let me know the career opportunities here in India with a degree in French.

  32. Sir I am housewife and wanted to learn one Foreign Language. My Qualification is MBA-HR in 2010. Which language do you suggest to learn can help me to get a good Job.

  33. sir, is there any other part-time or short term courses required in the field of translator? to build up a good resume?

    1. Translator by doing part-time or short-term course? To be a successful professional translator, you need near-native proficiency in both the language (Source as well as the target language). For that, you have to complete Advanced level in French. This will take 4-5 years.

  34. Sir, I m BA part 3rd student and i want to learn french so there is necessary to do a certificate or diploma course in any foreign language to finding a job. If yes then suggest me that what can i do and from where ? Nd sir its not possible for me to go delhi and complete the course.

    1. Well Certificate or Diploma is required to apply for a job, at least in most cases. Without certificate, It would be difficult for a recruiter to shortlist the right candidate out of 100’s. Certificates give you a head start. Once you have the job, performance and experience are more important. In long run, only Knowledge and experience matters!

      Where do you live? I can recommend few options as per your location.

  35. Dear Sir,

    I was born in France and my parents are indians I can speak French Gujarati English Spanish Hind and Bambara. I live in Africa since two and half year. I use to be teacher in a school, i worked in french institute and now I’m giving private french courses. Where can I apply ? I would like to work for indians company in africa I mean I would like to be settled in India and traveling in africa it’s not an issue for me. Any advice? Any company potentially interested from my profile?


    1. First of all, congratulations Vibha! You’re embarking on a most exciting journey of Polyglot. You are living in Africa and want to settle in India? India has emerged as the fastest growing export market for Africa. Many Indian and MNCs are looking to expand their footprints in Africa. You can find plentiful amount of opportunities in export sector. You can check which Indian companies have presence in Africa specially French speaking North Africa. Send your résumé to all such company. That ‘ll be start. You can also send me.

      1. S’est Sir,

        Thank you for your message!! That’s really encouraging me on that idea. Sure I will check about companies over here. I think that if they are already here… They don’t really need me.. What about that?! I will also get an appointment with the new ambassador over here and also let him know about my skills and that project. Sure I can send you my bio data. Thank you very much. Regards. Vibha.

  36. Hello Sir,
    I visited some institutes in Delhi they are saying that already so many people learned french and opportunists are going less day by day. So can you guide which language can I prefer to learn.

    1. While it is true that French is over-crowded. However, very few are proficient equivalent to C1/C2. There is always some opportunities who have good Knowledge. Soon, i am planning to start a job site where you’ll find language job opportunity across sector/country. As far as which language, you can go with Japanese or Chinese. If looking for not-difficult, then Spanish or German. ReadWhich foreign language to learn

  37. Hi Sir,

    I want to learn foreign language but confuse which one should i learn that i will get better job in future but i also somewhere get scare that future translation jobs will be wiped out by artificial intelligence in 2025 and will be launch by google microsoft. so now i want to learn that language which will be in demanding in future and have secure jobs even in age of artificial intelligence.

    1. ReadWhich foreign language to learn in India. Translation is not just about words and grammar. There are various complex things like words to context, slang, dialects, proverbs, culture that changes from region to region. Due to language complexity, Machine Translation can never replace human translators. To be a successful professional translator, you need near-native proficiency in both (Source as well as the target language). This will take several years (close to 5-7-10 years). Only 3%-5% people study one language regularly for such a long time. Currently, there is a shortage of quality language interpreters and translators. Don’t worry, future of translator is bright 🙂

  38. Sir,I am interested in learning new foreign languages such as French (1st preference) or Spanish (2nd) and pursuing CFA in india. I want to get a job in Indian investment sector. Which language is good for me to learn??

  39. Sir I am 3rd year BA (history special ) student and i am currently learning Persian basics . I am confused which language should I learn among French and Japanese on the basis of good job (salary and scope) in India or abroad and, and what kind opportunity will I have after learning that language ??? Sir please help me out

    1. In an age of rapidly increasing globalization, both French and Japanese are good for career prospect and job opportunities. Choosing which one to learn is a very subjective thing and depends on several factors. French is the most popular foreign language as far as career scope is concerned whereas Japanese is one of the highest paying job provided that you study for 3-5 years. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret. I’d suggest to read – Which foreign language to learn in India , Scope of Japanese in India and Scope of French in India

    1. Proficiency in French offers a varied range of career options and Job opportunities in India and abroad. Many MNCs in India as well as Indian companies are expanding their footprints. If you are good in French, these companies can offer various Job opening in different countries. In addition, they do send on international trip. However, to find a job only on the basis of French as a French expert or specialist in international market is difficult as their 1st choice is native speakers though not compulsory. Overall, Scope of French language in India is bright.

  40. Is there same opportunities like French for Spanish language in India. Will Spanish will be a beneficial one for Jobs in cooperate sector in India.

    1. Both language offers a plethora of opportunity in various sectors in India and abroad. However, as i said French offers more career scope and Job opportunity compare to Spanish. Yes, Like French, Spanish will also be beneficial for corporate sectors.

  41. Hello Sir I m Nakul from Delhi I have completed my B1 level in French from Alliance Française De Delhi. But I don’t know where can I do the job in India or foreign plz help me

    1. B1 is an intermediate level. You can apply in various KPO, BPO and MNCs. There are lots of opportunities in these sectors. Prepare your C.V., Find a suitable job on several job portal site, apply and give interview accordingly. If you want to make a successful career in French, you need to complete at least B2 or C1. Bonne Chance!

    2. Sir I m Ajay kumar a student of BA 3rd year. I want know French language what I do for this and what is the best way for me I hope you ‘ll help me thanks.

  42. Hello sir……

    From the french and Spanish which language you will suggest me to study regarding the demand, salary and opportunities in the present and coming years…..
    Hope you will help me….

    1. Between French and Spanish, I would recommend French. Not only French has an edge as far as demand, career scope and job opportunities are concerned but also more scholarships is granted by Francophone (French speaking countries) compare to Spanish speaking countries.

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