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Career Scope in Spanish Language in India

The world is becoming more and more connected and demand for those who are proficient in Spanish language in India is growing. While there are several benefits of Learning Spanish. The main attraction is wide array of job opportunities and Career Scope in Spanish Language in India. Being fluent in Spanish language opens up the door to a variety of career opportunities in India and abroad.


Career Scope in Spanish Language in India

With the Spanish language, you have the option of choosing from different career pathways such a Foreign Language Teaching, Traveling and Tourism, Translation, Interpretation, Foreign Service, International Business, Journalism — areas where you need proficiency in the Spanish language as a valuable asset that would bring in the big cash and will definitely boost your career prospect.

Knowledge of Spanish can help you get the chance to become a translator, interpreter, proofreader, content writer, and editor. While there are many translation software like Google, Bing, etc. but machine translation cannot replace human translation. That’s why Spanish Translators and Interpreters are in high demand and a high paying job all over the world.

In the age of increasing globalization, many companies in the Education, IT sector, Export houses, Marketing, Retailing, Pharmaceutical sector, Financial institutions, and Small to Large scale business involving international dealing are looking for a large number of people who can work with them as a Spanish language expert.

On one hand, many Spanish companies are setting their regional offices in India and on another hand, many Indian companies are looking to expand into Spanish-speaking countries. From conglomerates Aditya Birla Group to the IT giant TCS to other indian companies who have opened development centers or acquired companies all across Latin America. Many Spanish-speaking regions such as Latin America are specifically seeking bilateral cooperation with India. Spanish language puts in a firm position to succeed in export and import business to Latin America, and also to the U.S where it is the second most important language after English.

If you’re able to speak Spanish fluently, then that could help you land a job in many such international companies in India and abroadThe Indian economy maintains close ties with the U.S economy in many market areas —providing customers with services, tech support and many other services in various fields.

Ability to speak Spanish can eventually increases your chances of finding a new job, getting a promotion or a transfer overseas or of getting selected for international travel or foreign assignment with better pay.


Job Opportunities in Spanish Language

The Hotel, Leisure, Entertainment, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism sector are one of the largest, and fastest growing, sector of the domestic and global economies. With the world becoming a single global village, Knowledge of Spanish is a great-value add to your resume in the field of travel and tourism industry as the career scope of a foreign language is infinite. 

India attracts lots of Spanish-speaking tourists every year and Spanish skills will increase the job opportunities in Tourism, Travel, Hotel, Leisure and Hospitality sector. Spanish is in great demand in the BPO/KPO sector in India. After English, Spanish is the most popular foreign language for jobs in BPO. Since most of these BPO/KPO come from USA where Spanish is the second most important language. Therefore, Adding Spanish to your CV is a surefire way to get a language specialist job in BPO and KPO. 

Due to increasing importance of Spanish in USA; and the growing relations between India and Latin America, the need for Spanish has increased multifold in recent times. The spurt in India’s trade and investment with Latin America is triggered largely by the dynamism of Indian IT, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing sectors. 

Trade between India and Latin America has increased from US$2.6 billion in 2001 to US$42 billion in 2013 and could reach US$100 billion in the next few years. There are many companies that work in Latin America are looking for people who know Spanish and been exposed to Latin culture. (Read – India and Latin America – A new perception and a new partnership

A decade back, there was hardly any job for Spanish teachers but today there are lots of Spanish teaching jobs are available across the country. Several CBSE, ICSE & international schools and colleges & universities have introduced Spanish in their curriculum. These days, many companies and private institutes are looking for Spanish trainers for their corporate and professional courses.

After learning Spanish you can apply for jobs in more than 25 embassies in India. While there are various kinds of jobs in an embassy but they are mostly of an administrative nature. Embassies jobs are generally, highly paid. 

Fluency in Spanish language will give you the opportunity to showcase yourself as a global employee, which can be filled with exciting and lucrative professional opportunities. Ability to speak the language definitely increase your growth manifold if you have Spanish mentioned in your CV. As a result of these career prospects, the Spanish languages are now regarded as a full-fledged career instead of a sideline career.

There are plenty of Job opportunities and career options after learning Spanish in India. If you are still trying to find reasons to learn Spanish in India. Well, evidence suggests it’s a sound investment.

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  1. Hello sir, I am 18 years old and planning to learn Spanish from Instituto Cervantes. Should i learn from there or do a degree of B.A in Spanish. What is more useful for jobs? And if i got to Spain straight after my B.A or upto level B1 will i be able to survive in Spain or do some jobs to do enough for myself and find jobs in one or two years? Please answer. i cant find answer to this doubt.

    1. Both BA in Spanish or Cervantes courses are fine. If you join Cervantes, you still have to pursue bachelor degree in some other subject. It does not matter where you study. What matter most is how good you are in Spanish as far as job is concerned. Irrespective of your Spanish fluency, it is difficult to find a job in Spain solely on the basis of Spanish since everyone speaks Spanish there. You need some other in-demand skills.

      If you planning to pursue master degree in Spain or a decent Spanish job in India, then you should aim at least DELE B2. It will take 2-3 years. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

  2. Hi sir, I speak Spanish i have 4yr experience as a Spanish resource now I want to job in embassy of any regional country of Spain. Where I can use my Spanish as well so please can you please help to find the link or any vacancy can you tell me there I can apply easily.

    1. There are very few Spanish specialist jobs in embassies. In most cases, Skills other than Spanish is also required. You can check various Spanish-speaking country’s embassies official website or search on job portals. The number of new openings in embassies are quite limited. Recently i received two jobs in 2 embassies but both are filled now. Sometime i also post at Language Jobs

  3. Sir I’m in my 3rd year pursuing BA prog from DU. After this I’ve decided to study Spanish from Cervantes. I wanted to know if I can only study Spanish after my graduation and fully concentrate on this field to get a good job. Will I be eligible for decent jobs in Delhi if I study from Cervantes? And how much time I’ll take to complete B2 level in Cervantes ? I want to become fluent and settle for a decent job within 2-3 years? Please help me regarding this.

    1. Cervantes is a good choice but neither it is the only option nor studying there guarantee for success. You can definitely take Spanish as a full-time career. It will take 2-3 years to complete B2 if you put enough effort.

      To tell you the truth – The number of decent Spanish jobs are quite limited. May be 20% of all the Spanish Job opening in Delhi/India. To be eligible for such jobs, you need – (i) Good fluency, (ii) Proper certification like DELE/SIELE B2/C1 or BA/MA in Spanish, (iii) Experience as a Spanish specialist, (iv) Some other skills / academic qualification, (v) Good contacts, and (vi) Your personality. At least aim for (i), (ii) (iv), (vi) since (iii) and (v) will happen over a period of time.

      1. Thank you Sir.
        So sir I’m confused what to do after graduation regarding the language? Can you please suggest how to proceed with the language course. And do I have to do post graduation in any field along with the language. Is it necessary?

        1. Well, if you wanna learn Spanish, you should! While PG is an added advantage though not compulsory. If you only go with only Spanish, not only you have to depend on Spanish but you have to be good. According to my experience and observation, i would recommend Full-time PG course in job oriented stream along with part-time Spanish.

  4. Hello Sir,
    Foreign language like (Spanish) is fruitful or helpful in traveling industry in India and as well as in abroad? And there required any other specific/professional Tourism Management course? If yes, So How and which Institution is better in Delhi/NCR?
    Thank You.

    1. Yes. There are certain jobs in travel, tourism and hospitality industry where knowledge of Spanish is a great-value add on C.V. There are opportunities abroad too but for that you need other skills like MBA in travel and tourism or International marketing, etc.

      For Spanish Institutes, Delhi – Instituto Cervantes, Instituto Hispania, Mundo Latino, Gurgaon – Lexicos, Noida – LanguageNext. ReadSpanish Institute in Delhi and Career in Travel and Tourism for Language learners

      1. Is there available any Post Graduation Diploma course in Tourism to get more high chances to explore in tourism sector internationally, Rather-then the MBA?

  5. Hello sir i am a student doing bcom honours from regular du final year. Let me tell you my passion or dream or aim is to explore every and each part of world i am addicted to it please suggest me what things can help me to go ahead with my dream will spanish help me out or something else?

    1. Unfortunately, Spanish or for that matter any language won’t help. There are 2 options. 1) choose a career that will enable to travel abroad. MBA in International marketing, jobs on the cruise ship, Flight Attendant or successful freelancer are few choices. 2) Do what you want / can and try to make and save enough money to travel the world. 99% travel lovers follow the second choice. Whatever you decide, you can always learn Spanish for plenty of reasons. Why Learn Spanish? and 12 Reasons to Study Spanish.

  6. Hello Sir,
    My name is Kritika I’ve done Diploma in Spanish from St. Stephens college and completed B1 level from Instituto Cervantes. Overall job experience is 2.7 yrs. Can you please suggest me the good job where I can switch with a good package and day shifts only. It will be very helpful.

    1. Diploma or B1 is ok for entry-level job openings in call centres, kpo and bpo. If, however you’re aiming for a good job, better salary, and career growth, you should aim for B2/C1. After C1, you can apply for a number of openings in Embassies, Export Houses, in MNCs, Educational Institutions, and also as an interpreter, translator, and in Travel & Tourism sector. Good Spanish jobs are limited and ergo higher proficiency in Spanish is the prerequisite in most cases.

  7. Hello sir, i am rajesh kenjale. Am an electrical officer in merchant navy and in brief period of time I realised I am not happy and passionate about my field. So I decided to quit. And spend some few months knowing myself. I came to conclusion that my areas of passion are. Travelling, adventures, cinematography. So learning Spanish language would be useful or not to perceive my passion as mentioned above. And sir I request please do suggest what career should I choose to which includes my following areas of interest.

    1. Choosing the career and finding a job as per your passion is a difficult task. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Opportunities However are very limited in such field. Learning language probably got its reputation as easy career but that is far from the truth. The best thing to do is find a job, keep adding more skills including learning Spanish and later as per available opportunity, you can try to find a job as per passion. Good luck.

  8. SIR, I have completed my graduation (BA PROG) in 2017 from Delhi university. From last one year i am preparing for government job exams but now i want to start learning Spanish language. My main aim behind learning this language is job. But my parents won’t allow me for night shift job. so is it possible to get day shift job after completing B1 or B2 level?

    1. It is true that a majority of Spanish jobs are in BPO, KPO and Call centres. There are still many jobs where night-shift is not an option. However, for such kind of jobs higher fluency level like B2/C1 or prior experience or skills other than Spanish are required. Today’s job market is extremely competitive. Thus, your resume has to be good enough to find a decent job in the language market.

  9. As a software professional having experience of 20 years, should I learn french/spanish language. What could be the career option after going through these training?

    1. With your vast experience, why you want to start something completely new from scratch? Changing fields is usually much more difficult than finding a new job or develop interest in the same field. After few years of study, you will only find entry level jobs due to lack of experience. Thus, i won’t advice from a career perspective. If you want to add language skills in your C.V. or want to learn as a Hobby, then it is fine.

      1. I am not planning to change my area of expertise. I would like to remain in this field. Only purpose to learn french / Spanish language to give further boost to my career. So again, what is the prospect of french language professional in software industry?

        1. Many IT company looking to expand the client base in Africa, or Central and South America. In addition, several IT companies send their employees to work at overseas locations in Non-English speaking countries. French or Spanish skills will be quite helpful. There are plenty of work such as document translation, technology help desks, or requirement to speak/email or meet the clients from non-english region. If any company has such employee with language skills, it is a win-win for both.

  10. HI! Rashmi Jain from Ludhiana, India. Kindly suggest me Sir. Is it good idea to learn Spanish as part time course because I am doing job also and career scope after learning Spanish. I want job in abroad.

    1. Yes, you can study part-time. It is difficult to suggest anything based on limited information. Spanish can add great value to your C.V. and it is useful in plenty of sectors & industries. Don’t learn without any reason or goal. “The more you read, the more you will know about future”.

  11. Great post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am impressed! Very helpful information specially the last phase 🙂 I deal with such info a lot. I used to be looking for this particular information for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

  12. Hello sir actually I have done my certificate course from hansraj College in du and now I’m doing diploma course from Stephen College and I’m in B1.1 in instituto cervantes. I want to know what should I do after my diploma course and What are the future job options in Spanish.

    1. After Diploma, you should pursue Advanced Diploma. You can also continue studying in Cervantes till you clear DELE B2 or C1.

      According to my experience – 75% Jobs are entry level jobs in BPO/KPO/Service industry and 25% high-paying good jobs in Embassies, Export Houses, Educational Institutions, in MNCs and also as an interpreter, translator, and consultant/guide in Travel & Tourism sector. Aim for high proficiency like C1, then you can try for the better options. Recently, i posted a job vacancy in an embassy – JOBS

  13. hello sir, i am pursuing my BA Eng honours and with that advance diploma course in spanish from an institute of spanish. i have completed my a1, a2 and b1, and on with b2 level. what should i do after this diploma job or i am thinking of doing MA in spanish. plz suggest me sir.

    1. Have you completed B1 issued by Cervantes or institute own certification where you are studying? Only Cervantes is authorized to conduct DELE exam in Delhi. You can certainly pursue MA in Spanish from DU or JNU. Admission is through entrance exam. To clear the test, required knowledge is equivalent to Advanced Diploma or DELE B2. Check your Spanish knowledge through SIELE or DELE exam and not any private institute own test.

  14. Sir, if a person has good command over Spanish language but has not appeared for DELE, is it necessary to give all exams in series (like A1 then A2.. then B1… and so on) or one can directly apply for higher level, like directly for B1 or B2?

    1. Yes, You can sit for exam of any level and can skip A1 or A2 level and give B1 or B2 exam directly. However, It is not advisable to do so. You need to be good in all 4 parts (Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening as per DELE curricula) and at least 500 hours of classroom study or equivalent to get to a B2 level. So, skip only if you are sure.

  15. Sir is it worth doing a certificate course in spanish language from IGNOU ? Or any other Institute? I am absolute beginner in Spanish language and want to learn it.

    My hobby is language learning and I have some or little grip in many Indian languages such as Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, but none is certified. I learned all of them by myself in a very random way. Is there a opportunity for a career in different Indian languages?? Or should i try for any foreign languages?.
    Namaskaram and Thank you very much sir ???

    1. Since everyone speaks Indian Languages in India. How it will be useful in the career? Of course, one can become teacher, translator, interpreter in Indian languages but for that, higher academic qualification like MA or Ph.D. in the same language is essential. Remember, Good Speaking skills and Good translation skills are two totally different things.

      Since your hobby is language learning, you can definitely pursue Spanish. You should try for any private institute over IGNOU. Once you reach the higher proficiency level, you can try the 2nd one. This is what i did. 🙂

  16. Sir,
    I am presently in B1.2 in spanish from instituto cervantes.. I want to teach and also want to do translation, interpretation job but I am not at all a literature person..Is DELE C1/C2 worthy for teaching or it is necessary to do M.A. from du? Please guide me..!!
    Thank you!

    1. You can teach few school students or Beginners level Spanish but DELE B1.2 is not enough to become Spanish teacher/lecturer/trainer in any School, University or Corporate world. Try to complete at least B2.3 or C1. You can also try for MA in Spanish after B2 though not necessary.

      To be a successful professional translator or interpreter, you need near-native proficiency in both the language (Source as well as the target language). The job therefore requires a high level of competence like C1/C2 or MA in Spanish. ReadTranslator and Interpreter as a Career Options

  17. Hi sir i have done travel and tourism diploma and i have also worked in this field for more than 6 months now i am looking for some change i am thinking to opt a language course . So can you please suggest me is it beneficial of doing language course after travel diploma and where i can find the job in these field.

  18. Hello sir
    My name is Alexandra morales. I’m from Chile and I am married in India. I want know what job I can do? My Spanish is good but my English is little weak (grammar problem). Please help me.

    1. Where you live in India? Firstly, You need to improve your English and then can apply for numerous job openings. Send me your updated C.V. to vikash[at] I will update you accordingly!

  19. Hi Sir
    I really like your blog. Your work is appreciable. Presently I am TGT in. Public Sector School. Learning a foreign language is my hobby. Please guide me which language to choose so that my job doesn’t get affected. Are there any institute in Delhi which can give classes only on Sunday.

  20. ¡Hola señor! I have just completed my graduation in Spanish from Delhi University and I’m going for masters too but I would like to know if there are any other jobs apart from the bpo’s as I don’t want to work in that. Are there any other options?

    1. BPO/KPO are not the only option. After MA in Spanish, you can try for Translator, Interpreter, International marketing in an export house, or as a Spanish expert in top MNCs. ¡Buena suerte!

      1. Gracias señor! Where can I look for international marketing? It seems interesting and I’m thinking of doing MBA from distance program is it a good idea? And how much can a person earn after doing so?

        1. Several Universities and Colleges offer such programs. Distance learning is not valued by all employers and regular courses are always better. Earning depends on various factors such as knowledge, experience, type of jobs, company, market trend, etc. There Is no One-Size-Fits-All in Career.

  21. Hi I completed my technical Mtech now I fond of to learn a Spanish language. Can this language help my career in technical field also?

  22. I want to learn foreign language so can you suggest which institute is better for learn Spanish. between Bhartiya vidhya bhawan and instituto cervantes?

  23. Hi sir
    I am learning Spanish language. Me gusta Este mucho. Pero no se which career option to opt for after learning this because I don’t like working for 9-10 hours sitting in an office but I am more passionate about interacting with new people everyday. so can you pls help me out about the Spanish career except teaching. I will be really grateful.

    1. You will be surprised to know that a significant no. of Spanish professionals are Freelancers. As an independent freelancer, You can work as a translator, interpreter, proofreader, editor, content writer for a company or any agency / consultant. To do this successfully, you need near-native proficiency close to C1/C2 or MA in Spanish. There are plenty of options other than teaching. ReadCareer Options as a Translator and Interpreter.

    1. What Kind of Job Are You Looking For? Prepare your C.V., Register yourself on various job portals, Apply to few openings as per your liking. These days, most job openings are related to BPO / MNCs. Few recruiters also contact me for a variety of jobs related to Spanish. Send me your C.V. to vikash[at] I will forward it.

  24. Hi, I am from travel and tourism management back ground . Right now working with hospitality industry. Now I want to learn spanish language for further development of my career . So is it possible? And if it is possible then how much helpful it is ? Specially in the age of 36.

  25. Hi, i have completed my 12th and presently i have take admission in bharatiya vidya bhawan delhi for advance diploma in Spanish language. Can i get job in mnc companies after advanced diploma in Spanish language and also 1st year student of bcom

    1. Yes provided that your Spanish will be good at that time. Also try to appear and pass at least DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language) B2 if not C1 in next 3 years from Instituto Cervantes.

        1. DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exams are official certificates certifying degree of fluency in Spanish. It is organized by the Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish government, through the Ministry of Education. ReadDELE

          1. Yes. In fact, you can give anytime. There are 6 levels, try to clear at least A1, A2, B1 by the time you complete Advanced Diploma.

        2. Hello sir, my age is 35 yrs. I am working in exl bpo services Pvt ltd as a executive, but Now I want learn a foreign language to boost my career, will it will help me?. Please suggest me which language will be better and from where I can learn it. Thank you sir.

  26. Hi, I have completed BE in computer and now interested to learn Spanish from Pune. Which Institute is best in pune for Spanish language ? and What is career scope after completing this course ?

    1. Spanish is not the only thing required for Jobs in embassies or consulates. There are various of kind of jobs and most are of administrative nature. HR, Accountant, Customer support, IT, MBA in International relation are some of the requirement. Knowledge of Spanish is an advantage and there are few vacancies for Spanish experts too and minimum requirement is DELE B2/C1.

    1. NO. 4-Year BA (Hons.) is a Full-time degree course whereas Advanced Diploma is part-time Diploma course. If you’re doing Advanced Diploma, you still need a degree course prerequisite for MA and also for most jobs. If you’re pursuing Bachelor course or already completed, then Advanced Diploma is right thing to do. Knowledge wise – Practical difference is not significant.

  27. Thank you Sir for this amazing blog. I have completed my masters in Chemistry, but I don’t really see any scope in it before I do my PhD. On the other hand, I also have interest towards learning Spanish on the professional level. So, should I change my field from chemistry to Spanish or stick to chemistry?

    1. You have already spent enough time in the field of Chemistry. My suggestion would be to continue the same and learn Spanish as a part-time. You don’t need to quit any job or existing course to study Spanish. In future, as per interest level and career opportunity, you can choose one.

  28. Hola señor!
    Sir I have learnt spanish till B2 level I want to become a spanish lecturer. Can you guide me as to what I should pursue now? Sir, I know spanish language and I want to work in an embassy in India where my skills can prove to be of use. Can you guide me on how to apply in embassies if I know a foreign language?

    1. For Spanish lecturer, Minimum requirement is MA in Spanish. UGC-NET in Spanish is an added advantage and prerequisite in few universities. In some cases, Candidates who have cleared DELE C1/C2 are also eligible. As of now, your goal should be to complete DELE C1/C2. For Embassy jobs, vacancies are limited. You can check their website for any job notification.

  29. Sir,I want to learn Spanish language from Mumbai which institute is the best institute to learn Spanish language in Mumbai….and how much year it will take to learn do full Spanish language course i.e. till level c2?…and what course should I prefer parallel Spanish language after means After bcom which parallel course should I do example,MBA,etc

    1. Academia De Español (Andheri West), Hispanic Horizons (Bandra West) and Instituto Hispania (Khar West and Thane – Mulund) are three best institute to learn Spanish in Mumbai. ReadSpanish Language Courses in Mumbai You can pursue some courses as per your interest like Travel & Tourism.

  30. Sir I am working as an Android Application Developer in Gurgaon and wanted to learn a foreign Language please suggest me the best language and institute.

  31. Hello sir,
    I’m studying Spanish from Instituto Cervantes and I plan to complete all levels (till C2). Is the C2 level comparable to the MA courses in India or should I think of doing MA as well after my C2 from Cervantes? (If I want a good job at the embassies or at Cervantes itself, India or abroad).

    1. After C2, you will be eligible to apply for 95% jobs, including embassies or cervantes or abroad. However, it is not equivalent to MA. DELE is more about Spanish language skills whereas MA is a degree course and primarily focus on culture, civilization, history, literature and only some part is related to Advanced language. While MA is not compulsory from career perspective, You can appear for the MA entrance exam after completing B2. !Buena suerte!

  32. Hi Sir,

    I have done my MBA and currently working in a fin-tech company. I started learning Spanish as a hobby and would like to shift my career as a Spanish lecturer in college. I have completed A2 from IFLAC Bangalore. Could you please guide me with the certifications that are required to become a lecturer?

    1. ¡Es bueno saberlo! For Spanish lecturer, Minimum required qualification is MA in Spanish. UGC-NET in Spanish is an added advantage and prerequisite in few universities. In some cases, Candidates who have cleared DELE C1/C2 are also eligible. As of now, your goal should be to complete Advanced Level C1/C2.
      Disclosure : I’m a Spanish Lecturer 🙂

    1. For Spanish, you can try Lexicos (Sector 51, Gurugram). I’ve not visited that centre, so cannot confirm about the quality. In Delhi, Cervantes, Instituto Hispania and Mundo Latino are 3 best. For German, I did not find any quality institute in Gurgaon. While little far away but you should consider Goethe-Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan. It is the best for German classes.

  33. Thanks for guidance.
    Please give Institute teaches Spanish as per DELE for C1 and C2 in Bangalore. Hope now after completing B2 level from Mysore University. can try Spanish related jobs in India later after BCom degree completion. In Specific to get jobs at Spain at present level what is the next step to be of DELE specification for my daughter. Please guide. With Warm Regards

    1. For Bangalore – You can try Instituto Hispania (Koramangala), Institute of Spanish Studies (J P Nagar), IFLAC (Basavangudi). I am not sure whether Mysore University B2 level is equivalent of DELE B2. You can contact these 3 centres and decide accordingly.

  34. Sir i am looking HR as my career option for future. In order to enhance chances of getting job overseas. So i decided to go for Spanish from coming September. Is this a right choice or French will be a better option?

  35. sir i wanted to know that job opportunities are more in french or in spanish. which one is more in demand in india french or spanish in future.

  36. My Daughter will be completing B 2 level in Mysore University during October 2018. She is studying B Com 1 year now. Sir, for C 1 and C 2 level suggestion for study. Please guide

    1. Mysore University offers Diplomas in Spanish, Level – A1, A2, B1, B2. However, these levels are as per University curricula and not as per Spanish Gov. approved DELE. She can try MA in Spanish from any reputed University like EFLU Hyderabad, JNU, DU, Bangalore University, Pune University, etc. All these Universities have MA in Spanish. For C1, C2 as per DELE – There are several good institutes but only in Metros like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

  37. I m in now my last year i take english literature for major what foreign language should I choose which is good for my career & job purpose also spanish or japanese. I am confused about language please guide me about this

    1. While there are plenty of good reasons to learn another language. There is no best or better one. It depends on various factors. If you just want to enhance your career prospect, then Both Spanish and Japanese are good options. The average length of time to learn advanced Japanese is 3-4 years whereas 2 years for Spanish provided that you study 10-15 hours per week. I’d suggest to read few articles and take your own decision. ReadWhich foreign language to learn , Scope of Japanese in India and Scope of Spanish in India

  38. I m pursuing sybcom and interesting in learning Spanish but I want to know is there career in Spanish language and is this right time for me to join

    1. Of course. Spanish is one of the most popular foreign language as far as Career Scope and Job prospect are concerned. You can definitely pursue Spanish language course. Let me know, if you have any query. Good Luck!!

      1. I completed 12 with 73% from state board is any chance to get Spanish language in du and is it good for me ..

  39. Estoy estudiante de la universidad de Delhi. Y ya he hecho mi semestre segundo. Quiero conocer sobre la carrera de este lengua. ¿Puedes dar me unos consejos que me ayude? ¿Qué hacer para ganar mucho? ¿Qué curso debo estudiar con el español para ser un exitoso? Me refiero paralelo…..

    1. Estás haciendo BA o MA ? si BA o certificado, entonces intenta completar maestría en español en 5 años próximos. También puedes prepararte para el examen DELE A1 a C2. Podrías ganar mucho dinero si vas a completar maestría o C2. ¡Buena suerte!

    1. Fully fluent means completing the level of C2 (DELE) / equivalent to Native. One year is too short term to become fluent. Generally, it will take 3-5 years to reach the goal provided that you spend 10-20 hours per week. If you follow the full immersion route (Listening Music, Watching Movies, Reading everything, Speaking with those who already know Spanish, etc. all only in Spanish, then you can achieve the excellent proficiency in less time say 2-3 years. This is true for 99% students though 1% exceptional super intelligent do exist.

  40. Hello Sir, I am doing BCA I just want to know that is there any scope in Spanish or German language according to my BCA course. Please help. Thanks.

  41. Hello sir….
    I have read almost all articles in this blog and others in internet but confused yet which one between french and Spanish to choose for my BA. Is Spanish and french same in terms of jobs as translator, interpreter, foreign service and others. How much time it will take to become a freelancer translator or interpreter.

    1. Yes, as i said earlier in the comment section – Both French and Spanish are good from a career prospective though French has more opportunities than Spanish.

      To be a successful professional translator or Interpreter, you need near-native proficiency in both the language (Source as well as the target language). While one can become a translator/Interpreter in 4-5 years. However to become successful and specialist in various fields like Financial, Legal, Medical, Technical and Literary, it will take several years close to a decade. One can make good money by working part-time / Freelancing but only if you study French or Spanish for at least 5 years. If you want to become Interpreter or Translator, Complete C2 or MA in French/Spanish.

  42. Hello sir…. I am getting ready to do my BA in one of foreign languages but confused which one to learn….My main concern is its demand abroad as i would like to pursue my MA in one of foreign countries…..Which one will provide me more freelancing and part time job opportunities in India…Which one is more in demand

  43. Hi sir.
    Is there any career opportunities for Italian and Portuguese languages in India as I would like to study Both after completing my Spanish. Is there any learning centers for Both. Is it or learning french is useful.

    1. Every language including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian offer Job opportunity in various sectors. All are useful and important. You can learn multiple language provided that you have passion, interest and time. To become fluent in one language, it will take 3-5 years provided that you study 10-12 hours per week. To learn 3-4 foreign languages, it will take 10-15 years. Without practical approach and strong desire, it will be extremely difficult. Learning a language is a lifetime investment. Choose one and learn it properly. Once done, think about second. It will be more beneficial.

      ReadWhich foreign language to learn , Scope of Portuguese in India , Portuguese Classes in Delhi , Scope of Italian language in India and Italian Course in Delhi

  44. Hello sir..Of the french and Spanish which will give me easy access to other foreign languages in demand….And of the french and Spanish which one you will suggest to me to learn first. Between french and Spanish which one I can be fluent in within one year. Which will provide me more part time work opportunities in India. Which will be more in demand in the coming years. Which is the easiest regarding writing, pronunciation and speaking

    1. To become fluent (equivalent to C1/C2) in any language including French or Spanish, it will take 3-5 years. Both language will good for future though French has an edge over Spanish. Spanish is easier than French.

  45. Hello sir…..
    I know Arabic well and which language you will suggest me to study with Arabic as I am getting ready to do my BA in one of foreign languages
    Which will provide me more career opportunities in India and Abroad…..

  46. Which language from french and Spanish provides more part time and freelancing opportunities in India..
    Which one has more demand abroad…..

    1. Both European languages are popular and offer a varied range of Job and career opportunity. Between these two, French is better and offer more Freelance opportunity than Spanish. French is one of the most taught language in the world after English. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret. ReadWhich foreign language to learn

    1. Estupendo Alisha. En Delhi/NCR, Hay muchos trabajos en MNC, KPO, BPO y empresas de exportación para aquellos que hablan bien Español. B1.2 es bueno pero no lo suficiente para buscar un trabajo con buen salario. Además puedes continuar aprendiendo hasta B2.2. Te deseo éxito y buena suerte en sus proyectos futuros.

  47. Recently I’ve done my graduation & now I want to learn Spanish language. Is it good for a career opportunity

  48. Hello sir,
    Which language from french and spanish to learn in india. which one has more demand and paying high for jobs as translator, interpreters and others. Help me decide my career.

  49. Ahora he completado el nivel A2 y también ha hecho graduación. quiero trabajar en una empresa. [Added English Translation– Now I have completed level A2 and has also done graduation. I want to work in a company.]

      1. hello sir, I’m doing Japanese language and now planning to do one more foreign language. I want to do job in embassies, so can you please suggest me should i do spanish or german after japanese.

        1. I generally don’t recommend Learning two languages at the same time. The better option is to complete Advanced Japanese (equivalent to JLPT N5 or N4), Find a job and then start learning the second one. For the next language, You can choose between French, Spanish and German. ReadWhich foreign language to learn in India

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