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    Career Scope & Job Opportunities after Learning Spanish in India

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    The world is becoming more and more connected and demand for those who are proficient in Spanish language in India is growing. There are a wide array of job opportunities and Career Scope in Spanish Language in India. Being fluent in Spanish language opens up the door to a variety of career opportunities in India and abroad.


    Career Scope in Spanish Language in India

    With the Spanish language, you have the option of choosing from different career pathways such a Teaching, Traveling and Tourism, Translation, Interpretation, Foreign Service, International Business, Journalism — areas where you need proficiency in the Spanish language as a valuable asset that would bring in the big cash and will definitely boost your career prospect.

    Knowledge of Spanish can help you get the chance to become a translator, interpreter, proofreader, content writer, and editor. While there are many translation software like Google, Bing, etc. but machine translation cannot replace human translation. 
    That’s why Spanish Translators and Interpreters are in high demand and a high paying job all over the world.

    In the age of increasing globalization, many companies in the Education, IT sector, Export houses, Marketing, Retailing, Pharmaceutical sector, Financial institutions, and Small to Large scale business involving international dealing are looking for a large number of people who can work with them as a Spanish language expert.

    On one hand, many Spanish companies are setting their regional offices in India and on another hand, many Indian companies are looking to expand into Spanish-speaking countries. 

    From conglomerates Aditya Birla Group to the IT giant TCS to other indian companies who have opened development centers or acquired companies all across Latin America. Many Spanish-speaking regions such as Latin America are specifically seeking bilateral cooperation with India. 

    Spanish language puts in a firm position to succeed in export and import business to Latin America, and also to the U.S where it is the second most important language after English.

    If you’re able to speak Spanish fluently, then that could help you land a job in many such international companies in India and abroad
    The Indian economy maintains close ties with the U.S economy in many market areas —providing customers with services, tech support and many other services in various fields.

    Ability to speak Spanish can eventually increases your chances of finding a new job, getting a promotion or a transfer overseas or of getting selected for international travel or foreign assignment with better pay.


    Job Opportunities in Spanish Language

    The Hotel, Leisure, Entertainment, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism sector are 
    one of the largest, and fastest growing, sector of the domestic and global economies. With the world becoming a single global village, Knowledge of Spanish is a great-value add to your resume in the field of travel and tourism industry as the career scope of a foreign language is infinite. 

    India attracts lots of Spanish-speaking tourists every year and Spanish skills will increase the job opportunities in Hotel, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism sector.

    Spanish is in great demand in the BPO/KPO sector in India. After English, Spanish is the most popular foreign language for jobs in BPO

    Since most of these BPO/KPO come from USA where Spanish is the second most important language. Therefore, Adding Spanish to your CV is a surefire way to get a decent job in this sector. 

    Due to increasing importance of Spanish in USA; and the growing relations between India and Latin America, the need for Spanish has increased multifold in recent times. 
    The spurt in India’s trade and investment with Latin America is triggered largely by the dynamism of Indian IT, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing sectors. 

    Trade between India and Latin America has increased from US$2.6 billion in 2001 to US$42 billion in 2013 and could reach US$100 billion in the next few years.  There are many companies that work in Latin America are looking for people who know Spanish and been exposed to Latin culture.  (ReadIndia and Latin America – A new perception and a new partnership


     career options after learning spanish in india


    A decade back, there was hardly any job for Spanish teachers but today there are lots of Spanish teaching jobs are available across the country. Several CBSE, ICSE & international schools and colleges & univerisites have introduced Spanish in their curriculum.

    These days, many companies and private institutes are looking for Spanish trainers for their corporate and professional courses. 

    After learning Spanish you can apply for jobs in more than 25 embassies in India. While there are various kinds of jobs in an embassy but they are mostly of an administrative nature. Embassies jobs are generally, highly paid. 

    Fluency in Spanish language will give you the opportunity to showcase yourself as a global employee, which can be filled with exciting and lucrative professional opportunities.

    Ability to speak the language definitely increase your growth manifold if you have Spanish mentioned in your CV
    As a result of these career prospects, the Spanish languages are now regarded as a full-fledged career instead of a sideline career.

    There are plenty of Job opportunities and career options after learning Spanish in India. If you are still trying to find reasons to learn Spanish in India. Well, evidence suggests it’s a sound investment.

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