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Foreign Language Jobs in BPO

Language skills open up a ton of specialist career opportunities such as Foreign language jobs in BPO, KPO, MNC, IT, and Call Centers.

There are a wide variety of reasons why to learn a Foreign Language. The benefits of learning a new language are numerous! This include travelling, immigration, improving confidence and creativity, new career prospects, high-paying jobs, hobby, interest or or just for fun. While what is the best foreign language to learn depends on several factors and quite subjective. Studying a new language can improve your career prospects as the job opportunities in foreign languages are growing like never before.


Career in BPO, KPO, ITES and MNC for Language Experts

One of the career opportunity open for language learners is in the business process outsourcing (BPO) field in India, which has evolved over time and is still evolving. BPO outputs are further backed up with the emergence of top-notch services provided by knowledge processing outsourcing (KPO) businesses. KPO is the subset of BPO offering more specialized and knowledge based services. From all indications, it is clear that these organizations are set to witness growth at a tremendous pace. With vast experience and great expertise, Indian companies offer a wide array of BPO and KPO services including inbound, outbound, chat, voice and email support services across various industry verticals. 

Offshore industry and reliable outsourcing have introduced a lot of job opportunities, which enhances the rate at which people are learning foreign languages in India. ITES, Outsourcing and offshoring industry have brought plenty of job opportunities in India paving the way for learning foreign languages in India. Your knowledge in a foreign language is a sure fire when added to your resume and choosing a career in Information technology Enabled Services (ITES) and such other job openings in this sector. India’s time-zone is a great benefit to companies in the Europe and USA, who make use of the difference in time zones to provide uninterrupted customer service around the clock.

Globalization has increased the number of outsourcing jobs to India. There are tons of processes in a BPO, KPO and ITES which involve different roles. A career in this sector could involve speaking skills, undertaking document tasks, a collection of information in the corresponding language, training, data entry, Technology helpdesks, voice-based jobs, accounting services, server management, data and document processing, back office support, document translation and proofreading, transaction, testing services, lead distribution and generation, quality management, migration processes, email support services, and more.

The number of India MNCs with excellent expertise in offering a wide range of BPO and KPO services that spans various vertical industries are growing by the numbers. This further opens up more career opportunities for foreign language learners and speakers. You can have a part in the multilingual call center services the sector provides for different offshore companies in the telecom, education, financial, banking, insurance, engineering, manufacturing, hospitality, automobile, aviation, oil & gas, medical sectors, and so on.


High demand for Foreign Language experts

Many big Indian companies require foreign language experts to open their operations in foreign countries whereas foreign multinationals require such candidates at cheap salaries from India. These MNCs look for language specialists for various purposes both in the IT and no-IT sectors. There are more job options in BPO, KPO, ITES, MNC and Call centers than any other sector as far as employability for the foreign language specialist is concerned.

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Top Languages BPO, KPO, and MNC need in Multilingual Call Centers

Most of these BPO/KPO come from the USA. Thus, Spanish is the most popular foreign language in this sector. After Spanish, the most in-demand and popular options are European Languages like French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

Apart from these languages, there is also growing demand for East Asian languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese in the voice and non-voice BPO sector. The Japanese and Mandarin are two most popular and in demand East Asian Languages in IT & BPO industry. You will also find some requirements for not so popular languages, namely, Russian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Persian, Finnish, Polish, Turkish, etc.


Eligibility Criteria and Requirement

In most cases, the requirement is intermediate level i.e. B1 or B2 in European Languages such as Zertifikat Deutsch (German), CILS or CELI (Italian proficiency Test), DELF/DALF (French), DELE Spanish language proficiency test, Mandarin Chinese Level III or IV in HSK Test in India, Japanese N3 or N2 in JLPT exam in India, TOPIK Level 3 or 4 in Korean Language Proficiency test. Diploma or Advanced Diploma or upper intermediate proficiency in the corresponding language are also considered and accepted in most companies. In addition, there are also few foreign language jobs in BPO and other related sector where high proficiency or experience in the same field is an added advantage.


Top Recruiters for Language Specialist

The Top recruiters for language experts are Amazon, Accenture, Evalueserve, Wipro, Fiserv, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Exxon Mobil, Dell, IBM, Samsung, Toyota, Oracle, Infosys, Orange, HCL, Xchanging, Enchanting India, Thales, Siemens, American Express, Thomson Reuters, L&T, Genpact, Geometric Ltd, Fujitsu Technology, WNS, Convergys, Daksh, First Source, EXL, vCustomer, MphasiS, Zenta, HTMT, iEnergizer, and many many more. After completing Intermediate or Advanced level course, students attract a good salary offers from multinational companies operating in BPO, KPO and other Outsourcing industry.


Salary Package and Remuneration

Presently, there is a high level of demand for people proficient in one or more foreign languages in Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other parts of the country. The salary rate is attractive, with an annual rate of growth is anywhere between 10% to 30%. The minimum salary range with 0-2 years of experience or Freshers is between 3 to 5 lakhs per annum. Foreign language expert salary is generally 25% to 40% higher over their English speaking counterparts.



The learning of a new language can open quite a number of career avenues and can make you a more attractive candidate to a prospective employer across the world. Your proficiency in a foreign language entails you have broken the language barrier to some degree, and you’re opening yourself up for improved career opportunities in specialized fields of endeavours. Foreign language jobs in BPO, KPO, IT, MNC and Call Centers is one such great option.

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