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Korean Language Courses in Delhi

Interested in Korean Language Courses in Delhi? Despite limited options, There are few Colleges, Universities, private institutes and Embassy affiliated cultural centre for Korean language classes in Delhi.

Among East Asian languages in India, It is not as in demand as Japanese or Chinese. However, It is slowly and gradually gaining popularity because of increasing participation of many International Korean companies and popularity of K-Drama, K-Pop and Korean Movies in India.

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Thanks to rising and stupendous career scope of Learning Korean language in India, Today many in India are looking for Korean language classes in Delhi and all over India. South Korea has a strong growing economy and 7th largest export economy in the world. The interest is rising northward in India due to the tremendous demand for Korean language experts in many International Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai, Posco, Lotte, etc. 

Hallyu or the “Korean Wave” is the global popularity of South Korean culture since the 90s. The K-pop, music, and great dramas, soap operas, shows and movies are becoming more and more popular all over the world. You can have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to dive into its culture and explore a new world.

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If you want to learn, Whatever your reason – as long as you have a reason – you’re more likely to reach your language goals.

Korean Language Learning Centre in Delhi

1) Korean Language Courses in Delhi University

As per my knowledge, there are only four colleges affiliated to D.U., where one can pursue part-time Korean language courses in Delhi.

Korean Language Course in Delhi University
  1. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, Mall Road, Delhi – Certificate.
  2. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Pitampura – Certificate.
  3. Ramjas College, University Enclave, New Delhi – Certificate.
  4. Daulat Ram College, Maurice Nagar, Delhi – Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Certificate level requires candidates to have passed 10+2 with minimum 45% marks. Admission is given on merit. Application to the Diploma and advanced diploma requires candidates to have passed the Diploma and Advanced Diploma exam respectively.

Arts Faculty (Department of East Asian Studies) 

Arts Faculty Department of East Asian Studies offers One Year Full time Postgraduate Intensive Diploma Course (KF-1) and One Year Full-time Post Graduate Intensive Advanced Diploma Course (KF-2) through entrance test. Eligibility criteria is Bachelor’s Degree for KF-1 whereas for KF-2, Bachelor Degree and KF-1 with a minimum of 75% marks or Diploma in Korean from any University.

The University also offer M.A. / M.Phil / Ph.D. in East Asian studies. Students have to choose one language between Chinese / Japanese / Korean while pursuing M.A. / M.Phil / PhD in East Asian studies. The Admission procedure is based on entrance test. 

Address : East Asian Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007.
Contact : +91 9013965157, 27666675, 27667725. Email : [email protected]
Website : Link

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2) Korean Language Course in JNU

The Centre for Korean Studies (CKS) 

The Centre for Korean Studies (CKS) is one of the biggest academic centres of Korean Language, Literature and Culture Studies in South Asia. It offers B.A., M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in Korean Language, Literature and Culture Studies through JNU’s All india written test.

Korean Language Classes in Delhi

In MA programme, students master the advanced skills in Korean with special emphasis on appreciation of literary texts of various genres, translation & interpretation from English to Korean and vice versa, analysis of current affairs, and study of social and cultural heritage of Korea. JNU is the best University to learn Korean language course in Delhi as well as India.

Address : CKS, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, JNU, New Delhi – 110067
Contact : 91-011- 26704240 / 26742575 / 26742676 /26741557, Email : [email protected]
Website : Link 

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3) Learn Korean at Jamia Millia Islamia

From the academic year 2017-2018, Faculty of humanity offers One-year Certificate and One-year Diploma course in Korean Language in the Delhi campus. The Korean classes in Jamia not only will equip students with proficiency in the Korean language but also aid them in finding job opportunities at Korean companies.

JMI and the Korea Foundation have signed a MOU supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea for this programme. Korea Foundation has also appointed a visiting professor to teach these courses. Apart from the certificate course, Korean is also available for students pursuing professional courses in Management and Engineering. 

Address : Faculty of Humanities and Languages, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025
Contact : +91 – 11 – 26988044 / 26985176 and Email : [email protected][email protected]
Website : Link 

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4) Korean Culture Centre, New Delhi 

Sejong Hakdang (The King Sejong Institute, Korean Culture Centre, Lajpat Nagar – 4, Delhi) – It is the first Korean Culture Centre to be opened in South Asia. Centre main purpose is to promote Korean Cuisine, Fashion, Pop, Film and Culture particularly among Indian youth. They offer various part-time classes in Delhi branch.

With rising demand of Korean language worldwide, the South Korean government established the concept of Sejonghakdang” (The King Sejong Institute) as an organization to promote and teach Korean as a foreign language or a second language. It also provide integrated and standardised information for learning the Korean language. As of July 1 2017, there were 171 institutions established in 54 countries around the world.

The courses is divided into three broad parts – Beginners, Intermediate and advanced levels and further divided into 8 levels (Beginners – B1 & B2), (Intermediate – I1 & I2), and (Advanced – A1, A2, A3, & A4). They run three courses in a year (Jan-April), (May-Aug), and (Sept-Dec). 

The Korean courses are designed as per (TOPIK) Test of Proficiency in Korean exam. The TOPIK Exam in India is conducted twice in a year in Delhi, Jharkhand, Chennai and Manipur. It is the best language institute to pursue Korean language course in Delhi.

Address : A 25, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi
Contact : 011 43345000/5001 and Email : [email protected]
Website : Link 

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5) Arirang Korean Academy – Dwarka, Delhi

Established in 2008, This is another Korean institute located in Dwarka, Delhi. They offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level course. It is one of the very few institutes offering Korean classes in Delhi. Their classes cover Korean lifestyle, culture, food habits, and social customs.

Address : T-305, 3rd Floor, Plot No-11, Aggarwal Plaza, Sec-12, Dwarka, New Delhi
Contact : 011-45034053 and Email[email protected]
Website : Link

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6) Korean Language Courses in IGNOU

Students interested in pursuing Korean Language & culture can now seek admission in the IGNOU through distance Learning. The Certificate in Korean Language & Culture (CKLC) aims at people who want to acquire basic level communication skills in Korean. For CKLC, IGNOU have two regional centers in Delhi and Noida.

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  1. Sir, can you please tell me about Arirang Korean Academy. What is the structure of the courses and when will admission start? Will learning Korean from there help in future to get work?

    1. Their website is not updated. You can contact them at 011-45034053 for more details. There are not many options for Korean course in Delhi. Since you are going to give interview on 14th at KCC. Enroll at Korean Culture centre. Irrespective of where you study, what matter at the end is how you study.

      1. Thank you Sir. You have really helped me. I don’t have anyone to guide me. And, you are the only one who has helped me to take steps confidently. Thanku sir. I will work really hard. Thankyou for guidance.

    1. I’m not sure about the minimum age. You can contact them for more info. For Jan 2019 session, admission is based on personal interview to be held on 14th and 15th December, 2018. How will you attend the classes if you get the class schedule on weekday morning? It’s better to complete 12th first and then start learning Korean.

  2. Sir, I wanted to know how many levels in Korean Cultural Centre equivalent to graduation in Korean? Do I have to complete beginner, intermediate and advanced level which each have two levels? And then go for post graduation in Korean language?

    1. Degree courses focus more on literature, culture, history and linguistic part whereas pvt. institution or cultural centre courses are more about language for day to day activity. That is why it cannot be compared. There are not many options regarding Advanced level Korean courses in India.

      For PG in Korean, there are only two options. 1) MA from JNU and to clear the entrance you need to complete at least 6-7 out of 8 levels from Korean culture centre or TOPIK Level V. 2) For 2 year PG KF-1,2 from DU, you don’t need any prior knowledge in Korean. Admission is through SLAT entrance and the written exam is based on English Language Aptitude, Reasoning, and G.K. & Awareness.

  3. Sir how much will it cost in total to learn korean till advance level approximately according to you . Will Appreciate your feedback .?

    1. The fee amount will differ depending upon the centre. There are not many options for Korean and fees are affordable. What Looks Interesting and fascinating on day 1 turns out to be complicated and difficult at later stage. Since very few people reach Advanced level. I won’t worry about cost when pursuing any East Asian Languages.

  4. Sir, I am learning Korean right now. And, I am not facing any difficulty as it is very easy for me. Should i go for learning Japanese too? I want to be a freelance translator. Will it help me in getting more job opportunities?

    1. No. Continue with Korean only. I don’t know your prior knowledge but you should aim to complete TOPIK Advanced level V/VI in next few years. Korean beginners level is quite easy. The Intermediate and Advanced level, however are quite complex and time-consuming.

      Two different languages at the same time will be very difficult and confusing. If for hobbies and want to complete only beginners level, then it’s fine otherwise Avoid. Once you complete Advanced level in Korean, you can pursue Japanese. The future of Korean Language is full of opportunities. ReadScope of Korean Language

    1. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any Korean Institute in Mumbai. There may be few but due to lack of enough information, i cannot suggest. I will update if i find something. You can try Individual Korean tuition or IGNOU’s Certificate in Korean Language & Culture (CKLC).

    1. No. Everyone speaks Korean in South & North Korea. You need some primary skills other than language to get a job there. The ability to speak Korean is an added advantage and can help you to communicate effectively in Korea.

    1. Certificate course is beginners level whereas Diploma is Intermediate level. The three year course is divided between 3 parts. 1st year – Certificate, 2nd year – Diploma, and 3rd year – Advanced Diploma. You cannot pursue Diploma without completing Certificate.

  5. Sir, how to apply for diploma in korean in Delhi University? What is its eligibilty criteria? What is the syllabus of common entrance test (SLAT)?

  6. Do companies recruit students from DU if they learn foreign language (particularly Korean)? Do they hire us temporarily even for small projects or meetings etc.? Please tell me if i should learn Korean if it can provide me a side earning source too?

    1. Yes they do. Both Freelance short-term as well as full-term jobs options are there after learning Korean. Korean is a good choice with a wide range of career options.

      1. Thanks for the reply Sir. Will a certificate course be enough for this? If not, please tell me what other courses should i do?

        1. If you want to make your career in Korean, then Certificate course is not enough. Try to complete Advanced Diploma or Korean proficiency Test TOPIK Levels 5 or 6.

    1. Generally, they run 3 courses in a year for 15 weeks each. Jan-April, May-Aug and Sept-Dec. Registration for May-Aug will start in mid April (most likely). Fees is around 8,000-10,000 for one level including study material. For latest update and details, you can contact at 011-43345041 or Visit at their centre located 25 A, Lajpat Nagar-IV (near moolchand).

      1. Sir Namashkaar. I’m Rahul from Delhi.. Sir I need to ask about the which language is most in demand for job purpose.. And which is highly growing day by day.. Thank you.. Regards Rahul 9311004086

        1. I think it’s 8,000 for 1 level i.e. B1. For both B1 & B2 – it will be Rs. 16,000. I gave you the contact details, you can call to confirm. For May-Aug 2018 batches, registration will start on 16th Apr and will continue till 27th Apr, 2018.

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