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Career Scope of Learning Korean Language in India.

Planning to learn the Korean language in India? Are you fascinated with their culture, K-Pop or career scope and job prospect? If you’re not sure why to study or can’t come up with any reasons to learn, this article can help you to decide.



Foreign languages have become popular these days in India. From French to Spanish and more, the numbers of students people taking their time to study foreign languages is increasing day by day.

As the world is becoming a global village, Job opportunities and Career options in Foreign languages are opening up like never before, and not just in numbers but also in the types of jobs possible. There was a time when learning a foreign language was considered as an extra qualification. However today, thanks to globalization and rising demand, students are opting for full-time careers.

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Recently, there had been a surge in the study of one of the foreign language courses in India, and that language is the “Korean Language.” Now a lot of people are attracted towards learning Korean language in India. The last few years have seen a steady increase in the number of students trying to learn this East Asian language in India.

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Why learn the Korean Language in India?

The importance of learning a foreign language in India is one that cannot be overemphasized nor ignore. A lot of people have come to realize that learning a foreign language is one of the best means of enhancing one’s choice of career and prospect of employment.

There are many vacancies in foreign departments, businesses, and offices, but due to the absence of good foreign language qualifications, these spaces remain unoccupied. When it comes to Foreign languages in India, most people prefer studying French, Spanish, and German languages. Only a few consider foreign languages spoken in East Asia.

Thanks to the emergence of Japan in the 1970s, South Korea in the 1980s and People’s Republic of China in the 1990s, East Asian economic powerhouses with their giant international companies expanding their business footprints in India, taking advantage of India’s new economic liberalisation business policy of the Government of India, has brought these countries and the need to learn these languages in preference to the popular European languages in India into sharp focus.

But the fact remains that there are foreign languages spoken in Asia and taught in India that can provide your resume with greater career opportunity. One such foreign language is the Korean Language.

Learning the Korean Language in India can enhance your job opportunity. It is the sixteenth most widely spoken and the official language of North Korea and South Korea. It is a widely spoken language with over 80 million speakers worldwide. It has a sizable population in places like China, Japan, the U.S.A, Vietnam, Russia and also in Canada, Uzbekistan, Australia, Kazakhstan, etc.

The great Indian scholar, poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore in the Nobel winning collection Gitanjali wrote a quatrain in which he described Korea as the “Lamp of the East.” His view about Korea was “In the golden age of Asia, Korea was one of its lamp – bearers and that lamp is waiting to be lighted once again for the illumination in the East.” Today, It is hard to find a South Korean who is not familiar with him. His love and admiration for the lamp of the east i.e. Korea will continue to remind the world of India and Korea’s shared ties.

For Indians, the benefits lies in the huge economic prospects it offers. For instance, South Korea alone is one of the strongest growing economies in the world and it’s also the 7th largest economy in terms of export.

The Korean economy (South Korea) is widely integrated with the rest of the global economy, and India is increasingly becoming a focal point of that integration. There is a rising and tremendous demand for Korean language experts in many international companies in India and elsewhere in the world. The career scope of Learning Korean language in India is stupendous and quite lucrative.

This is because of the increasing presence of many Korean companies such as LG, Samsung, Posco, Hyundai, Lotte, Kia, and many more. These companies would usually prefer to hire someone that has knowledge of the Korean language, ahead of any other candidate during recruitment.

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Benefits of Learning the Korean Language in India

There are lots of reasons to learn. We have listed quite a few below, and if any of them resonate with you, then find a Korean language institute or teacher and start your classes right away. Here are some of the benefits and advantages you will get to enjoy learning the Korean language in India.


1. Improved Career Opportunity

It is no longer secret that the world is fast becoming a global village through the rapid advance in technology. This has also greatly accelerated the integration of economics of various nations of the world, which includes South Korea and India. Today, the trade records between India and South Korea has increased tremendously, and many Korean companies are operating in the India market.

Most of these companies are on the look for people that will act as intermediaries between their business and their clients—somebody that can easily translate their business intentions and interact with the local community in India on their behalf. Learning the Korean Language will surely put you in a better position to earn big in these areas. Moreover, there are other job opportunities your knowledge of Korean language can add to your curriculum vitae. These include;

(i) Interpreter

Armed with your knowledge and certification, you can apply for a job at the office of the foreign embassy where you can act as an interpreter. Not only there is high demand for Korean interpreters but the competition is also relatively low due to the limited supply.

With the advent of new technology like teleconferencing and video-conferencing, it is now possible to hold conferences and meetings between personnel from India and their counterparts in South Korea without having to actually travel between the two countries.

There are also several private translation agencies which employ personnel having good knowledge of Korean. A person can work free-lance after gaining a few years’ experience. Since there are very few people who know Korean language in India. Thus, professional interpreters are paid handsomely.

(ii) Translator

Language translation is one of the lucrative jobs on the internet. You will come across many websites that offer similar jobs. You can easily bid for every one of such Korean translation jobs into European or Indian Language or the other way round. It is a well-paying career option if you are good at your work and enough experience to boost on your profile.

With the ever-increasing digitalized world, Korean experts can earn handsome money by working as a freelancer in different domains such as translator, proofreader, etc.

You will be surprised to know that almost 50% prefer not to join any company but prefer to work as freelancer. Translator and Interpreter as a Career Options is one of the most sought-after job in the field of Korean language in India and abroad.

(iii) Teacher and Trainer

Your degree in the Korean language can make you a language instructor working in any of the numerous language institutes. Even though you might not find the pay very attractive, it is a good place to start your career as a instructor, and from there move to higher opportunities after harnessing your language skills.

Several Indian and International companies look for trainers who can train the candidates for various courses or an on-site opportunity or for dealing with the Korean customers. As a result, skilled language teachers are finding their services in higher demand. The job opportunities in this field are a plenty – across the country.

(iv) Travel and Tourism

Thousands of Korean guests visit India every now and then and hire bilinguals guides who are proficient in Korean. One can be utilized in the industry to assist the foreign traveler, communicate with them and to work in a wide array of travel, tourism and hospitality sector.

If you want to visit South Korea for travelling or living, then you should be learning it. With the ability to speak the native language of the country, You’ll see huge benefits in your everyday life almost immediately.

South Korea is coming up as a popular destination for Indian tourists. The number of Indian travelers to South Korea has been increasing on an average of 20% every year. More than two lakhs Indian visited this exotic country in the calendar year 2017. By speaking Korean, you will not only enjoy to the fullest and earn their appreciation but also opens the door to a genuine interaction and connection.

(v) Call Center, IT, BPO and KPO

A recent addition to the requirements in industry. Another thing you can do with your Korean Language skills is acting as a call center trainee where you can handle call center business for overseas clients. 

It increases your potential export & import business and job opportunities not only in Korean companies but also companies deal with businesses in South Korea. The reason is the good pay package and comparatively lesser competition.

In last decade or two, a number of BPOs and KPOs have come up in India. Jobs could involve speaking skills, email writing, customer support or data processing.


2. Jobs in Korean Companies in India

What is not very well known is that more than hundreds of Korean companies and groups have their presence in India. These companies are operating in almost every sector, i.e. Information Technology, business research, consumer electronics, R&D, life sciences, media, automobiles, tourism, construction industry, trading, finance, services, etc.

Candidates who are fluent are preferred in Korean companies as their head Office are based in Korea and they need to communicate with the Head Office on regular basis. In addition, There are also scholarships being provided by the Korean companies for higher studies in the Republic of Korea.


3. Jobs in Indian Companies and other MNCs

Apart from Korean companies in India, many Indian companies have invested in S.Korea, like Tata Motors has bought Daewoo Commercial Vehicles, M&M has bought Ssangyong Motors. Besides these acquisitions, many companies like Infosys, TCS, L&T Infotech, Wipro etc. has their branch offices in S.Korea.

Thanks to Indo-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IK-CEPA), There are significant export opportunities for several Indian products in Korean market including, mineral fuels / mineral oils, iron and steel, organic chemicals, aluminium and articles thereof, residues and waste from food industries, cotton products etc. Knowledge of Korean could land you a plum job in plethora of Indian export companies.

Not only Indian and companies for S.K., there are 100’s MNCs from India, USA and Europe which hires Korean languages professionals for their office in India. Jobs in these mncs are related to account payables, translations, sales, purchase, technical writings, proof readings, interpretation etc.

While salary depends upon the target language involved, nature of the job, technicality of the subject matter, degree of the proficiency required for the task and of course the qualifications and experience of the person being hired. However in most cases, Companies who look for specific field specialists with the ability to communicate in Korean usually gives a language premium on top of the basic salary to the successful candidate.


4. Improving business and personal relationship

If you are interacting with any Korean speaking people working for a S.Korea based company like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, Posco, etc, learning the language will make you a more valuable asset to the company. In the event that the company plans to expand, your knowledge of the Korean language will put you ahead of others in consideration of any post in the company. Those whom you have been interacting with would be quick to recommend you.

Learning the Korean language will also assist you in strengthening friendships and business relationships with Korean speaking friends or family members. It can enable you to break the ice with professional colleagues and friends from near and far. S.Korea Government also offers ample amount of scholarship for higher studies in the country.


5. Improve your Brain Power

One of the rewards of learning a second language is that being bilingual is a way of boosting one’s intellectual growth, as well as enhancing mental development. The process of learning the Korean language will not only stimulate your mind but also ensures that your brain is active and healthy always.


6. Enhancing your Knowledge of Korean Culture and Practical concepts

A significant number of those who studies Korean do so because they are by Korean movies, music, and TV shows. A large number of people across the globe is fascinated by country’s K-pop artists such as K-pop, Big Bang, Girls Generation, and more. All of these had accelerated people’s interest in studying the Korean Language.

The language can better equip you with deep understanding of Korean movies, shows and songs. The people of the country are a unique set, very receptive and intelligent. Hangul represent the Korean alphabet and studying it is very simple and it can help you to master and adapt to the basics.

Once you start adding some efforts and practice to the overall perspective, you will start catching up within a short while, especially with the help of your classmates and the Korean teaching assistant. From then onwards, you will start understanding the phrases, words and even cultural references used in TV plots and movie background.

You will also be able to listen to interviews of your favorite Korean stars, including their songs and news, while having the opportunity to contribute in comments and constructive criticism.

The Korean language will give equip you with an outstanding knowledge of the country’s historic background, architects, foods, socio-economic and political life. You can have a one-of-a-kind unique opportunity to dive into its culture and explore a new world.

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How to improve and perfect your Korean Language Skills?

If you have made up your mind to learn the Korean language in India, there are some notable books you can buy to assist you. You can also watch Youtube videos, read few free lessons and listen to lots of podcasts. These are good sources of gaining more knowledge of the language.

However, the best way to learn the language is through face-to-face interactive sessions with a private tutor or join any institute for Korean classes in Delhi or any other part of the country.

Through a Korean teacher, you can easily and quickly learn grammar, pronunciations, vocabulary, Speaking, and more. In future, I’ll write about Korean language courses in India.


Korean is not a difficult language to learn

This Isn’t as difficult and complicated as you think. Since it is unrelated to European languages like English, French, German or Spanish or Indian languages, it looks difficult for Indians. The alphabets hangeul (한글), grammar, verbs and pronunciation is is an incredibly simple and very straightforward.

Like any other language, One needs to practice lots of listening, reading and of course speaking. It is not a difficult If you were probably thinking the difficulty level was the main reason not to learn.

Armed with the right methods, materials, and motivation, one can master and can pass Korean Language proficiency test in India i.e. TOPIK Intermediate level 4 or Advanced Level 5 in 2-3 years and not several years or decade as many believe. Read more about TOPIK Exam in India.

If the 20th century belonged to Europe and America, the 21st century surely belongs to the Asians and the knowledge of Korean can add both feathers and wings to the résumé to the more ambitious ones in any career planning.

Now that you have understood all that it takes to start learning the Korean Language, now is the time to do it. After all, Learning Korean pays rich dividends.

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  1. Sir, I have applied for beginner’s level in Korean at Korean Cultural Centre, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. I have interview on 14th. Can you please tell what questions can be asked and how should i prepare for it. I am really nervous. Also, is KCC a good option to study at, considering future job prospects?

    1. Since this interview is a new addition. I’m not sure about the purpose of the interview or type of questions they will ask. It is not an entrance exam. So, not a big deal. If you want to learn Korean, KCC is indeed a good option. Since they don’t offer any job placement, you have to find one on own after completing 6-8 levels.

  2. Sir, keeping the emerging trade relations with Korea in mind, won’t Korean have equal job prospects as Japanese have in the near future (2-3 years)?

    1. While Career options in Korean is greater today than ever, It cannot be compared to Japanese. The growing popularity of Korean Language in India is mainly because of K-Drama, K-Pop, and popular star like BTS and of course unique and vibrant culture. Job prospects are quite limited though growing. While it is expected to grow northward, it won’t be able to reach on a par with Japanese in foreseeable future say 10 years.

      I have studied several languages including Japanese and Korean and i personally love Korean. If you’ve the interest, you should learn Korean. Every language is unique, useful in certain countries, and offers some career opportunities and distinct advantage. There is no better or best. It’s personal choice based on numerous factors!

  3. Sir, how can i become a lecturer in Korean in D.U.? What courses should i do to become one? Please tell me the details sir, what all will be required?

    1. To become permanent lecturer/Asst. Professor in Colleges/Universities, you need MA. in Korean and also must have qualified NET/SET. For any promotion, one needs Ph.D. in Korean along with teaching/research experience. The University higher authority can also appoint temporarily for lower pay without these qualifications. Even in that case, however A higher proficiency with experience is prerequisite. Because of very few vacancies and high academic qualification as entry barrier, getting a Job in any University is quite difficult.

  4. Sir, Korean cultural centre has one semester each to achieve beginner’s , intermediate and advanced level. That means in just one year one can reach advanced Korean. Is it really true? Can i afterwards get a government job as a language expert in ministry of external affairs?

    1. NO. The entire Korean course is divided into 8 levels (Beginners – B1 & B2, Intermediate – I1 & I2, and Advanced – A1, A2, A3, & A4). It takes roughly 4 months to complete one level. Thus, it will take 3 years to complete all 8 levels. If you miss any level or fail, it will take more time. I am not aware of any Gov. job for Korean expert. Government generally choose an existing employee and give training or send to various centres like SFL to learn Korean as per requirement.

  5. Sir I m doing basic level of Korean language in Mumbai but I want to do next level at some place where I can easily get jobs too is there any institution where I can learn and get job facility too?

    1. Unfortunately, there are very few institutes for Learning Korean in India. As of now, aim for learning till advanced level. The opportunities will also increase once there will enough demand. It might take time.

  6. Sir, which language is good for jobs Japanese or Korean? I can understand little bit of Korean but I don’t know Japanese at all. My friends and family says Korean Language doesn’t have scope so you shouldn’t learn Korean. Can you suggest? Which is better?

    1. Between two, Japanese has an edge as far as career prospect is concerned. Do remember Whatever you choose, it will take minimum 3 years to complete advanced level. You can learn some beginners level only in few days but being fluent in one of the east Asian language is altogether a different ball game. There is no real-world benefit in pursuing 6-12 month short-term courses. If you’re ready to study for that long, Go Ahead and Good Luck 🙂 ReadCareer Scope in Japanese and Japanese Courses in Delhi

    1. There are not many options got BA (Hons.) in Korean in India. You can take admission in any bachelor program of your choice and side-by-side you can learn Korean by joining any good institute. Generally, it takes 3 years to complete advanced Level.

  7. hello Sir,
    I am currently in dilemma of which language to learn German or Korean. Does German or Korean have better scope in India? i do understand a little bit of korean due to my interest in kdrama. but i am not that familiar with german. Can you please help me?

  8. Hello,
    I am learning Mandarin at proper classes and I am currently at HSK Level 3. Because I also love Korean, I started studying the basics on my own and have been doing quite well. As I know the importance of learning along with a tutor, do you know any Korean learning classes here in Mumbai? It would be lovely to find some help here.

    1. Generally, I don’t advice Learning two new languages at the same time. IMO, you should at least get HSK 5 before you try Korean. For hobby or interest, it’s fine but for career. I’d say NO based on my experience. ReadFuture of Mandarin Chinese in India Unfortunately, there is no known or good learning centre for Korean Language in Mumbai. You can find some Korean tutor through local classified site like Sulekha, JustDial, Learnpick, Urbanpro, etc.

  9. IGNOU has recently started admission for certificate course in Korean Language and Culture. I would like to enrol for that course. Can you please tell me whether it will help me in any case for a job? I’m serving in Indian Air Force and presently working in Agra. Thank you sir.

    1. Good to know that you’re serving in IAF 🙂

      Yes, few weeks back IGNOU has started Certificate in Korean Language & Culture Programme (CKLC). For July 2018 session they have extended the Last date for admissions in Korean to 31st August, 2018. You can apply online. Link | ReadLanguage Courses in IGNOU

        1. I missed one of your query. No certificate in Korean through distance learning is not enough. Minimum Advanced Diploma (University) or TOPIK-II Level 4 or 5 is required for Jobs. However, CKLC can be a start. Later, when it will feasible – you can pursue some classroom courses.

  10. Hello sir.

    I am Grace from New Delhi. I have been to Seoul last year for my honeymoon and I just fall in love with Korea and so I am going to learn Korean from Korean cultural centre Delhi. Can you help me like what should I do to get job in Seoul or a post graduate study in Seoul but problem is that I got only 52%in B.A program. but I also did GNM from GTb hospital so can I apply for Bachelor’s degree in Science because I got 68%in GNM. please help me what can I do to get settled down in Seoul??
    Thank you sir.

    1. That is quite interesting! Getting a job in Korea is not easy. You need very good academic qualification, experience and of course fluency in Korean. It’s better to try for PG course & not UG. South Korea offers a variety of PG courses in various stream and marks is not criteria for many such courses.

      It is extremely difficult to get citizenship in South Korea. That is why there are very few foreigners settled there. You can work there after completing PG courses as long as you have skilled job in hand with good salary. Even for that, you need high level of proficiency in Korean. As of now, learn Korean and aim for TOPIK Level V in next 3 years.

      1. Thank you so much sir…and m happy because some of our relatives in seoul are very helpful n they are gonna help us too.
        Thanks a lot.

      2. Hello sir I’m doing B.Com first year student and eagerly want to learn Korean language. Can you plzz suggest me which college or which Institute in Delhi is right for this course.

        1. Institute – The King Sejong Institute, Lajpat Nagar IV or Arirang Korean Academy, Dwarka

          Colleges – Few options are there. However, it would be better if you study in private institute and complete TOPIK level 5 and then give JNU entrance for MA in Korean. You have 2.5 years. So possible 🙂 ReadKorean Language Courses in Delhi

  11. Dear Sir, Please suggest some books to learn Korean language and expertise. As i can’t afford to take private classes. How much a person can earn as a Korean-English Translator/Interpreter, vice versa?

    1. It is difficult to learn Korean on own due to lack of discipline, guidance, conversation, and regular test. You can buy any beginners level book to start learning. While one can make good money through translation or interpretation. However, To be a successful translator/Interpreter, it will take several years. ReadTranslator and Interpreter as a Career Options

  12. Hello sir
    I have completed my M.Com. I want to learn Korean from Pune. Where should I enroll for this language course in Pune. Thank you

  13. Nice to read your blog. I have done B.Sc and preparing for in Maths though i don’t have interest. I’m passionate about learning languages and learnt basic Arabic and Hangul (Korean). I want to learn japanese, mandarin, arabic, korean, british accent. Can i learn by myself? Is it necessary to have diploma certificate or degree in that language? Also i live in Allahabad hard to get tutor or certificate here, and i can’t go to other place due to my economy condition. Thank you

    1. If you want to learn, Whatever your reason – as long as you have a reason – you’re more likely to reach your language goals.

      Don’t try to learn multiple language. You will end up with nothing. Choose one, try to learn through books and online resources. Certification or Degrees are required for Jobs. You can learn on own, and when you are confident enough, then you can appear for Language proficiency test such as TOPIK (Korean) in Delhi or nearby centres. It is very difficult to learn a language on own but given your situation, you can definitely try it. Good Luck!

  14. sir, i have been selected for ug Korean from jnu but i am very anxious about job prospects because earlier i was learning chinese from sikkim university. please guideline me

    1. You should continue with UG programme. Korean Language offers a plethora of career options and job opportunities. Thanks to strong economy, the career prospect looks promising at least in the foreseeable future. Also on successful completion of BA(H) in Korean, you can take direct admission to the MA in Korean without giving entrance test.

  15. Dear sir,
    I loved to learn foreign languages but I’m not fluent in my spoken English which is poor. I’m from Kolkata and want to learn korean language. Is spoken english is mandatory? which is the best institute in my locality?
    Regards, Karan

    1. Good English is not compulsory to learn Korean. In Kolkata – University of Kolkata, Jadavpur University, Ramakrishna Mission School of Languages, and CDA offer various Certificate and Diploma Course form Beginners to Advanced level in Korean. ReadKorean Language Courses in Kolkata

    1. There are very few options in Bangalore for Korean classes. Bangalore University offers Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma in Korean. You can try few private institutes.

  16. Hello sir
    # Is certificate course in Korean language good for getting jobs ?
    # From where should I enroll for this language in Delhi?
    # Which one is better-open course or regular course?
    Thank you

    1. (i) NO. Certificate is not enough. You should target either Advanced Diploma from any University or TOPIK-II (Level 4/5) if you are studying in any private institute. (ii) For courses in Delhi, You can try Korean Culture Centre (Lajpat Nagar – 4), or Arirang Korean Academy (Dwarka). ReadKorean Courses in Delhi. (iii) Open course? Means Online or Part-time? Online is not good. Both Part-time and regular are good enough.

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