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Persian language course in Delhi

Among West Asian Languages, Persian is the second most popular Foreign language in India after Arabic. If you’re looking for Persian language course in Delhi, then there are various colleges, universities and learning centres offering Persian language classes in Delhi.

The Persian language, also known as “Dari” in Afghanistan and “Tajik” in Tajikistan, has 62 million native speakers, and 110 million total number of speakers worldwide. It is a language almost as beautiful as its region of origin. 

Persian or Farsi is the official language of Iran. Rumi, Saadi, Hafez, Ferdowsi, and Omar Khayyam are ancient Persian writers who command respect among the English speaking world, as well as being revered by modern-day Iranians. Unique, poetic and influential, Persian opens the door to one of the most distinctive Middle Eastern cultures such as Afghanistan (Dari and Pashto), Turkmenistan (Turkemenian), Kazaksthan (Kazakhi), etc.

If you’re fluent in English, you already know a slew of Persian words, including bazaar, candy, caravan, caviar, lemon, kebab, naan, orange, pyjama, paneer, pashmina, pistachio, samosa, shawl, sitar, spinach, sugar, tambourine, and typhoon, among others. If you wish to study Medieval Period of India, interested in Persian Literature and historyetymology of the many words in Hindi and other Indian languages, or interested in Urdu/Persian poetry – Then there are multiple benefits of Learning Persian Language in India.

There are two Universities that offer Pashto language course in Delhi.

Persian language course in Delhi..

1) Persian Language Course in Delhi University


Zakir husain Delhi College, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi

Zakir husain Delhi College holds the distinction of being in existence well before the establishment of Delhi university. It carries within itself nearly a history of 300 years as an institute of learning.  The college is affiliated to University of Delhi since 1925. The Department of Persian offers B.A. (Hons.) and MA in Persian Language. Total number of seats are 18.

In MA in Persian, the course also covered Modern Persian Literature, Classical Persian Literature and Indo-Persian Literature etc. The programme shall be governed by the Department of Persian, Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi. For admission to B.A.(Hons.) in Persian, the candidate must have passed 12th and studied Persian language in Class X or XII. Admission in MA is done through entrance exam and merit list.

Website – Link

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St. Stephen’s School of Asian Studies (SAS)

St. Stephen’s Centre for Languages, formerly known as School of Languages, is a self-financed Centre which has become an integral part of the College in the last ten years. The Centre intends to promote the study of various languages, literatures and cultures.

The focus is not only on the study of languages. but, research on literatures and cultures has been introduced as an important constituent of the Centre from the academic session 2015-16. St. Stephen’s College also runs Certificate course in Persian languages as the department are one among the constituent departments of College. School of Asian Studies (SAS) offers Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses in Persian

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Arts Faculty (Department of Persian), North Campus

Established in 1922, The Department of Persian is one of the oldest departments in the Delhi University. It is a matter of achievement that the dept has succeeded to some extent in its mission, and today the dept has to its credit more than 50 awarded PhDs. The Department of Persian centre offers following courses in Modern Persian :-

  • 1-year Certificate course (Eligibility – 12th Passed + Merit list/Entrance test).
  • 1-year Diploma (Eligibility – 12th Passed + Certificate or equivalent knowledge in the same language).
  • 1-year Advanced Diploma (Eligibility – 12th Passed + Diploma or equivalent in the same language).
  • 2-year full-time MA (Eligibility – BA/BA (Hons.) of University of Delhi or an examination recognised as equivalent. Admission is based on performance in a written test and interview conducted by the Department.)
  • M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy) (Eligibility – Admission is given to those who qualify themselves for the Master’s Degree with at least 55% marks in Persian of D.U. or to those possessing equivalent qualification.)
  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) (Eligibility – Passed M. Phil. in Persian of D.U. or other recognized University securing at least 55% marks. A candidate with first class in M.A. in Persian may also be admitted at the beginning of the session. In that case, Department of Persian will take into account Entrance Examination + Interview along with due weightage to academic record.)
  • 1-year Post M.A. in Diploma Course in Persian Advanced Translation Interpretation (Eligibility – M.A. in Persian from University of Delhi or any recognized with at least 55% Marks in the aggregate.)

    For complete information, admission procedure and important dates – Check the website. – Link

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2) Persian Language Course in JNU


The Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies (CPCAS)

This Centre in Jawaharlal Nehru University was established on the 7th of January 1971 as the Centre for Afro-Asian Languages. It soon emerged as a prominent seat of Modern Persian Studies all over India. Besides Modern Persian Studies, it also excels in Translations, Area Studies of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan; Indo-Iran Relations; Ancient Iranian Studies, History of Persian Language and Literature and Stylistics in Modern Persian Literature.

The Centre of Persian & African Studies (CAAS) holds an entrance examination for admission to B.A. (Hons.), M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. programmes in Persian and Central Asian Studies, which cover entire gamut of language, literature and culture of Iran; Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkey. The centre also offers Certificate Courses of Pashto and Optional Courses of Turkish are being taught here with professional skill and scientific methods. 

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3) Persian language course in Jamia Millia Islamia

The Department of Persian is independently functioning since 1988. Before this, a combined department of Arabic, Persian and Islamic Studies was setup in the year 1968 under the name of the Department of Islamic and Arab Iranian Studies. The centre is well know for teaching and research of Persian language and literature. The department of Persian has developed its own seminar library having more than one thousand important Persian books.

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Pashto, Kazakhi, Turkemenia Courses in Jamia, Delhi

Other than JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia is second college that also offers 1 year part-time Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Pashto language. They also offer 1 year part-time certificate and 1 year part-time Diploma in Kazakhi language (Official language of Kazakhstan). 1 year part-time Certificate and 1 year part-time Diploma in Turkemenian language (Official language of Turkmenistan). If you are looking for Pashto, Kazakhi and Turkemenian language classes in Delhi, then Jamia is the right place.

Department of Persian Offers following Programmes in Modern Persian, Pashto, Kazhaki and Turkemenian :-

  1. M.Phil/Ph.D. Doctoral Research Programmes.
  2. Masters Programmes – M.A. (No. of Seats: 30)
  3. Undergraduate Programmes – B.A. (Hons.) (No. of Seats: 60)
  4. One-Year Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Modern Persian (Seats: 40 / 40 / 20)
  5. One-Year Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Pashto (Seats: 10 / 10)
  6. One-Year Certificate / Diploma in Kazhaki (No. of Seats: 20 / 20)
  7. One-Year Certificate / Diploma in Turkemenian (No. of Seats: 10 / 10)

For Eligibility criteria for admission and other details. Check the website – Link

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4) IGNOU (School of Foreign Languages – SOFL)

IGNOU – School of Foreign Languages (SOFL), in collaboration with Iran Culture House New Delhi, IGNOU has initiated a 6 month regular Certificate Programme in Persian Language. The Programme is expected to provide a basic working knowledge of the Persian Language and Iranian Culture.

Website Link


5) Persian language course by NCPUL

The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Government of India. Set up to promote, develop and propagate Urdu and Persian language. 

The Council has launched a ‘One Year Certificate Course in Persian Language’ through Urdu and English medium for those who have no prior knowledge and are keen to learn it. Presently, 24 Persian Study Centres running in 19 States and 23 Districts.

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6) Iran Culture House, New Delhi

Iran Culture House, New Delhi offers the Persian classes for the beginners as well as for the advance level with modern technique and Iranian teachers. These courses have been carefully designed for those who are keenly interested in developing the skill of reading, writing and speaking. Website Link 

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