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Which foreign language to learn in India

Once you are convinced about the advantages and benefits of learning a foreign language in India. This brings up the question “Which Foreign Language to Learn?” Which one has more demand, good paying, better career prospect and Job opportunities?

Not sure how to choose which Foreign Language is best to Learn in India ? If you are not able to decide which one to learn in 2018 and better for future. This guide can help you decide which languages you should consider.

Studying a foreign language has numerous rewards! Not only it is interesting and exciting but beneficial at all ages. We all have a different reasons to learn a new language. In an age of increasing globalization, It can benefit your career prospects, School and College education, emigration, studying abroad, travel, and pursuing your hobbies and interests.

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.” ‒ Sarah Caldwell

Choosing the right foreign language to learn is a very subjective thing and often very difficult to answer. While any language will be useful for some jobs or for some countries or where your interests lie, it depends on the purpose of the person learning the language. Career Options in Foreign Languages is one of the important reason while selecting a language. 

Since it takes lots of time, effort and persistence to learn a new language. Therefore, It is always advisable to study foreign language that has more career scope and demand in India. Here are some important pointers to consider.


Most Widely Spoken Foreign Languages

Top 4 foreign languages with the most speakers (Natives and Non-Natives) are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and French . I have not considered Hindi and English since both are official languages of the Government of India. There is no national language as declared by the Constitution of India.

German and Japanese are also popular in India since the economy of Germany and Japan are highly developed and offer lots of job and career opportunities in India and abroad. Over last few years, The demand for Portuguese, Italian, Korean, and Russian are also growing in India for multiple reasons.


Top 10 Foreign Languages to Learn in India

Which foreign Language to Learn

1) French

French is the most popular foreign language to learn in India. Since French is the part of most School and College curriculum, More than 1 lakh students studying French in Delhi / NCR only. Add other Indian cities, the number will be staggering high.

French is also one of the best foreign language to learn for jobs in corporate sectors in India. Many multinational companies use French as their working language in a wide range of sectors (fashion, education, banking and finance, export and import, travelling, retailing, education, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, etc).

Learning French language in India can be a career asset in several sectors. The career benefits of Learning French is immense. With over 30 French-speaking countries, French is spoken across five different continents and is also the second most studied language in the world, after English.

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2) German

Even though German is not widely spoken such as French, Spanish, Arabic, or Chinese. It is still second most popular foreign language in India after French. The five main reasons:-

i) Most spoken native language in Europe. It is official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and more. 
ii) Germany is an economic powerhouse and lots of job opportunities in many big German companies such as Volkswagen, BASF, Daimler, BMW, Bosch, Siemens, etc. German is a top choice in the field of Science, Engineering, Automobile, etc.
iii) The German language is part of academic curriculum in more than 500 Schools and Colleges in India including more than 250 Kendriya Vidyalayas alone.
iv) “First Move advantage” – Like French, German government initiated to promote German in India several decades back. In 1957, the first “Max Mueller Bhavan” was inaugurated in Kolkata. In fact, The first German lessons in India were imparted in Pune and Mumbai in 1914 (more than a century back).
v)  Germany’s universities have an excellent international reputation and among the best in the world. Thanks to a wide array of scholarship, Proficiency in German language plays an important role if you’re planning to go Germany or Austria for higher studies.

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3) Spanish

With 20 Spanish-speaking countries, It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Spanish language in India is the third most popular foreign language to learn after French and German.

There are multiple reasons why to Learn Spanish. Multiple career paths like Travel and Tourism, Foreign service, Jobs in BPO / KPO, Translation, Interpretation, Language Teaching, Journalism, International business for which proficiency in spoken and written Spanish can be a valuable asset.

Due to growing business relation between India and Hispanic countries specially South and Central America, Second most spoken language in USA and popularity of Spanish Football, Music and Movies are few more reasons people are opting for Spanish courses in India. 

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4) Japanese

Demand for the Japanese language is high due to growing India-Japan relation and Japanese companies expanding Indian operations. Japan is synonymous with high quality and technologically advanced products. Japanese is the most popular choice among East Asian languages in India.

Since Japanese has a reputation for being difficult to learn. Thus, there is less competition for job positions with Japanese-speaking applicants. If you’re looking for a foreign language that is highly paid in India, then Japanese is the language that get you paid the most in India and abroad. The Career Scope of Japanese in India is stupendous if you achieve high level of proficiency like JLPT N2.

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5) Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more than a billion people in the world. The 21st century belongs to China and Knowing the Chinese language will allow you to compete effectively in the global economy of the future.

China has become a huge market, and International businesses and companies are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context. Since very few people speak Chinese in India. Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese may give you an edge when competing for an important position in any firm.

ReadChinese Courses in Delhi and Future of Chinese Language in India

Beyond above mentioned five most popular foreign languages in India, The next five other important and useful foreign languages are Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Arabic and Korean.


6) Russian

Russian language is popular in India since a very long time. However, the demand has declined in last decade or so. It is spoken by over 300 million people around the world. It is the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia and the largest native language in Europe.

Due to the historical and good relation between India and Russia, It has myriad opportunities in Engineering, Science & technology, Oil & Gas, defense sector, etc. Russian language gives access to rich russian literature and scientific literature of the country and is a barometer of Russian soft power. There was a time, when Russian language was very popular in India (in top 3) and was taught in several cities and in a host of universities. However, the loss of Russia’s superpower status was accompanied by loss of interest in the Russian language in India.

The Russian Government apparently has started giving adequate attention to teaching Russian language in India. Will the scope of learning Russian language in India will become popular again? Only time’ll tell. With the growth of industry and opening up of private sector the need for language translators and interpreters who are proficient in Russian is evidenced in most Indian cities. 

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7) Portuguese

Portuguese language is the 6th most spoken language in the world. The demand for Portuguese language in India is growing rapidly due to the rising strength of Brazil’s economy and growing relationship between India and Brazil. All the eight Portuguese speaking countries including Portugal and Brazil offer a distinct stake for Indian interests, and together they represent eight valuable votes and a lot of influence on the global stage.

Growing relation between India and Lusophones (Portuguese speaking countries) will boost Scope of Portuguese language in India. There is increasing demand and scope for Portuguese Language Experts in India in various industries like Finance, Exports, Accounts, Technology, Technical Support, IT/ITES, Tourism and Education.

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8) Italian

Italian is the eighth largest economy and ranks as one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Italian is the most romantic of the romance languages. Several International Italian companies like Banco, Fiat, Benetton, Gucci, Lloyd, Ferrari, Marconi and Pinnacle etc. that have set up their business in India are looking for those who are proficient in the Italian language in India.

There are lots of Italian language specialist jobs in India. The scope of Italian language in India is increasing year after year. If you want to make your career in this beautiful language, then go ahead. Future of Italian language looks bright. Italian is also relatively easy to learn for Indians compare with other European languages like French or German or Russian.

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9) Arabic

Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world. More than 300 million speakers speak as their native language and it is mostly spoken in Western Asia and North Africa. It is one of the UN’s six official languages. It is spoken in 26 countries and truly a global language.

Arab world has untapped economic potential and extremely rich in natural resources. Proficiency in Arabic opens opportunities in business, government, nonprofit, education and beyond. There are many job opportunities in Arab-world and other countries as well. Like 10 millions of Indians, If you are also planning to move to Middle-East countries like UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, etc., learning Arabic is the right thing to do.

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10) Korean

Korean is the official language of South and North Korea. South Korea has a strong growing economy and 7th largest export economy in the world. The interest is rising northward in India due to the tremendous demand for language experts in many International Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai, Posco, Lotte, etc.

It increases your potential business and job opportunities not only in Korean companies but also companies deal with businesses in South Korea. The reason is the good pay package and comparatively lesser competition.

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Some languages are valuable because they are difficult to learn and the number of people who are proficient in the corresponding language is very less.

Other languages are fueled by a specific purpose like emigration to a particular country, Diplomatic reason, learning for hobby or looking for the job opportunities to a certain booming industry or country. 

There are many other foreign languages that are not so popular or less common languages for varied reasons. Asian languages such as Turkish Persian , Bahasa Indonesia , Tibetan, Mongolian, Eastern European languages such as Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian and Polish, Central European like Dutch, Catalan, African Swahili, Scandinavian Languages such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, etc.

Scandinavian languages like Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, etc are easiest languages for English speakers to learn. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese are also easiest language to learn for Indians if we compare with French, German, Russian.

According to the FSI study, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic are some of the most difficult language to master. If you are looking for easiest foreign language to learn with good career scope, then Spanish is the best choice.

If your Job or Business tend to require a knowledge of any specific language that is not popular, then that would be a completely different ball game. Otherwise, the practical use and benefits you get out of it is not as great as say, French, Spanish, German, Japanese or Chinese. 

All languages are important. Therefore, always choose the language as per your career goal or interest, rather going with the most popular and obvious one’s. You will never regret learning a foreign language.

There are many who learn a language for the sake of learning it. In that case, they search for easiest foreign language to learn. This is one of the main reason why most people fail to learn a language. Language learning takes time. I’m not talking about weeks or months but several years.

Choosing the right foreign language is very important. It would be very difficult to change the language midway. Read, Think, Observe and decide which foreign language to learn.

If you want to learn, Whatever your reason – as long as you have a reason – you’re more likely to reach your language goals.

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If you’re still not sure which foreign language to learn in India, you can always drop an email, comment below this post or ask on our FB page.

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  1. Sir Good Evening,
    I am an Accounts Manager (not a CA) but want to learn German. Because I have learnt it so many times but forget every time. What should I do? I have a question mark over my career. Should I change my learning language.

    1. Learning a new language is always a new challenge. You don’t need to change the language. You need to follow only two things (i) There is nothing wrong with studying a language to further career, but it is not as motivating as having a passion for that language. For example, finding your purpose can definitely help. (ii) Once you have passion and purpose, the next step should be “right method”. You also need a trainer who can guide you at every step. Studies have shown that how you learn a foreign language impacts whether or not you will actually follow through it.

  2. Sir,
    I hold a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Psychology and English Literature and have currently taken a year off to study Japanese and Korean at a private language school in Bangalore. I would eventually like to pursue a career in translation and interpretation. In the comments above, you mentioned that having a specialized background in IT or engineering would give one better prospects at acquiring jobs at, for example, Samsung or Toyota. I was wondering what some of the career prospects would be for someone with my background?

    I intend to pursue my master’s degree in 2019 in either Media and Communication or International Relations. However, I would also like to know if pursuing my master’s in these said degrees, combined with a certificate of proficiency in Japanese and Korean will allow me to pursue a career in translation and interpretation in the corporate, IT or any other field? Or translation and interpretation in which field of work would be most appropriate for someone with my educational background?

    1. Few points : 1) To become translator or Interpreter, only language skills are required and for that you need near-native proficiency in both the language (Source as well as the target language). This will take 3-5 years or more for only 1 language. 2) Certificate course has no real-life advantage. If you want to make career in Japanese or Korean, you have to study one of the east Asian language for at least 3 years to complete JLPT N2 (Japanese) or TOPIK Level V (Korean). 3) The combination of Engineering / IT / or for that matter any stream along with a language is definitely an added advantage on your C.V. However, even for that it will take few years to learn any language. 4) You can learn some Japanese or Korean or both in few months and that is good enough as a hobby but from a career point of view, it has negligible benefit.

      My Suggestion : 1) Choose one language 2) Start learning part-time and continue for next few years. 3) As of now, concentrate on your existing skills and master degree in Media and communication. Take Language as secondary skill. May be in long run, you will find something good enough.

  3. Hi this is Manish i am 25 yr old..and i want to learn french language from Delhi university but i don’t know age limit and eligibility criteria. i want to do degree and when the form will be open to fill up please help me in this

  4. Hello Sir! I want to learn Spanish for a batter placement, But my English is not as good as needed, And I am in +2 now, So what should I do, should I do 1 year Diploma in English first then Graduation in Spanish, Sir I am confused. Please Help.

    1. Higher fluency in English is not mandatory for Spanish. English, however is an important international language. Therefore, you should improve it. You can pursue English course along with Spanish.

      1. Thank you Sir for giving answer, After completion my +2 what should I do? Diploma or Graduation for Spanish. also If i don’t have graduate degree and i have command in English and Spanish language so can i get any better job?

        1. Pursue Full-time Graduation in any subject and side-by-side also do some part-time Spanish course. With 12th, you will be eligible for mostly entry level jobs in call centres, kpo and bpo. Try to complete at least bachelor degree.

  5. hello sir, I’m studying in 12th in Delhi preparing for my boards exams in march 2019 and I want to learn Japanese . so, is there anything for me to do right now like, filling admission forms and stuff ?? or which institution should I choose ? I’m too confused!!

    1. There are three types of Japanese Courses in Delhi – (i) 3 year Full-time BA in JNU (ii) 3 year Part-time courses in DU Colleges (iii) 2-3 years short-term courses in any private institute with an aim to complete N2/N1 in 3/4 years. For option (ii) and (iii), you also have to pursue any Degree level course from any University. For (i) option, you have to apply in next few days and admission is through entrance exam that will be held in early 2019. For (ii) and (iii), you can apply after your 12th exam. ReadJapanese Language Courses in Delhi.

  6. Sir currently I am a CA student and love to have foreign language in my profile but I am in dilemma which language should I opt as a commerce student and is there any criteria to learn any foreign language if yes please let me know. Thank you

    1. Honestly, there is no “best” language to learn and why to choose a “particular one” depends on the learner. That is why it is difficult to offer a generic answer. According to me, Without having a good reason, one should never learn any language. Ask yourself few question like why you should learn a language at first place? How much time you can dedicate say 2 years or 5 years? All the pros and cons with each language (Top 10 language in this article is an excellent list), any specific goal, and so on. Once you are convinced enough about why and which, start learning it irrespective of which language you decide. This will take few months of reading but that would be totally worth. Good Luck! 🙂

  7. Hello sir, I am doing my BA from kolkata I want to opt for one foreign language for my further studies can you please suggest which language I should study ? Also, what value does a diploma course in a foreign language has?

      1. I almost read all your articles. I am undergraduate studying bsc computer science. I am going to pursue masters in either computer science or animation and i would like to go abroad to work. So considering my field which is preferable language?

        1. That will depend upon the destination since IT skills are required in over 50 countries. It is better to concentrate on your ongoing career and learn language in future as per requirement. Another option – Learn French or Spanish since both these languages are spoken in over 20 countries. It can add more value to your C.V.

  8. Which is the best language between German and Spanish for certificate course? I want to make career in foreign language teacher in government or private institutions. I want to do certificate course of foreign language from st. Stephens college, DU. I am pursuing honours from University of Delhi.

  9. Sir, I really like the way you have written this useful article. I read your blog every week. I want to learn Italian because I like it. Should I learn? Also what is the best institute in Delhi for Italian course? Thanks

  10. Dear sir,
    First of all thank you so much for the marvelous work you have done, choosing a language to learn from so many options is really a pretty confusing task and often frustrating too, moreover all the content in the internet is geared towards USA and yours is the best and most detailed study regarding the Indian scenario. so thanks a ton. My question is.

    I am 28 year old chemical engineer working in the environmental engineering sector, I am fluent in English, Hindi & Bengali. I wish to learn a foreign language for better prospects in India & abroad. Should I go for Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish?

      1. Dear Sir,
        Thank you so much for your guidance. Since time is not a constraint and I wish to learn the language in depth, I am willing to dedicate 3/4 years to it. Moreover I have a very close friend who is on the same page with me and I guess having a regular partner enhances your practice. So Japanese it is. Thanks a lot Sir.

  11. Hi sir. I’m working in General Insurance Industry. I’m interested to learn foreign language so that I can work there in future. As of now I would like to know if there are any part time jobs / part time teaching jobs that’ll be available after I complete the course. EFLU Hyderabad and Ramakrishna Math Hyderabad are offering beginner level to Advanced diploma courses in foreign languages like German French Arabic etc. Pls advice which language would be best for part time jobs/home based jobs.

    1. There are not many part-time jobs for Language learners. I have rarely seen anyone working in two different field including languages. That’s because learning a language takes long time, at least few years. Both part-time/full-time job require an equal and significant fluency. Part-time does not add the required experience and quite hectic too. Additionally, Recruiters prefer specialist in a particular field. Teaching do offers part-time options. However, it is quite inflexible and thus requires full devotion to profession.

      From Career perspective, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese are top 4 languages. EFLU offers 3 years part-time courses in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, etc. Ramakrishna Math offers 4 to 6 levels in German, French, Japanese, and Spanish. Both are good options. ReadLanguage Courses in EFLU , Foreign Language Courses in Hyderabad and Career Options for Foreign language Teachers

  12. Hello sir, I am working in a bpo sector in gurgaon and pursuing graduation. And i want to learn foreign language so that i will get a good job in national or multinational company. So please sir guide me which foreign language is useful for me?
    Thank you.

    1. French, German, Spanish and Japanese are top 4 options. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret. Over the past decade, The number of people seeking Jobs as a language specialist has increased significantly. Thus, to build a meaningful career, aim for higher proficiency that will take 3-4 years. There is no practical benefit in any short-term courses.

  13. I am a housewife (37 yrs old). i want to learn a new language the reason is to divert myself from monotonous household work. kindly advice.

    1. The benefits of learning a language are limitless! Learning a new language is a good hobby and at any age helps the brain. You can choose one of the european languages such as French, Spanish, or Italian.

  14. Currently studying Bsc IT (First year) which language will be beneficial for me in future Spanish, Mandarin or Japanese. I would like to study the language for 2 or 3 years.

  15. Hi,
    I’m working in Unisys as technical support. I’m thinking to learn language to build my career, could you please suggest which will suit me to grow my career?
    Thank you

    1. French or Spanish are good choices and can enhance your career in IT sector. If you are ready to devout next few years (say 40 hours per month for next 40 months), then Japanese or Mandarin are also good options.

  16. Hi Sir, thank you for writing this article, it is very useful. I’m 27 year old, bcom graduate, currently working I’m bpo industry in finance and accounting. I want to learn foreign language for career perspective, confuses between Spanish and Italian, I’m not sure about the future opportunities of these two languages in India and outside India, could you please help me to choose?

  17. Hello sir, here I am a mcom student and pursuing Digital Marketing and SEO. I want to pursue my career in digital marketing and as well as in comic writing too. For foreign job opportunities I want to learn a foreign language. Which could be more profitable in field of digital marketing and being an interpreter? I am confused between Mandarin and Japanese. Reply soon sir! Thank you!

    1. Your Answers1) Foreign Language is an added advantage but not compulsory to get a job abroad. 2) For digital marketing, Widely spoken or strong presence on internet such as French, Japanese, Spanish, or German are best choices. 3) As of today, Japanese has an edge over Mandarin 4) If you want to be successful interpreter or content writer in a language say Japanese, it will take 3-5 years. Would you able to study for that long? Think about that! Spanish is not that difficult. I had studied all these 4 languages and i like all 4 🙂

      ReadScope of Japanese Language , Career Scope of Learning Mandarin and Interpreter as a career

  18. Sir, I’d like to ask which place offers the best Italian language classes in Mumbai? As, I want to further move and settle in Italy. Is the Italian consulate in Mumbai offering any courses from beginner to expert level? Or do you suggest any other university/organisation in Mumbai offering the same?

  19. Sir please tell me after doing Chinese language course is there job opportunity in airlines. And if it is so, then tell me the what kind of positions or jobs are available in airlines.

    1. I’ve rarely seen any requirement of any Chinese language specialist in any airlines. May be i am not aware. For jobs such as Flight Attendants, Pilots, Operations Agent, Customer service, Technicians, etc., you need some other skills. While Foreign language is an added advantage in the Airline Industry but it is not mandatory to know Mandarin until and unless you are working in one of the airlines of China or Taiwan.

  20. Sir, good article.
    How about learning persian? I am a native marathi speaker and I am into IT field. I have a passion for poetry and literature. Given the similarity in script I was thinking of learning Persian or Arabic. I am not sure whether I will be doing a career in these in the long run but I am sure whatever language I chose I will dedicate my time and effort as I am in love with the script and the phonetics and history / culture of these languages. Please let me know what are your views on Persian vis-a-vis Arabic.

      1. Thank you for the reply. I have gone through your articles. Given that I am a working professional, I will not be able to join a college for a degree. So will a online-certificate of proficiency from say IGNOU or Islamic Online University suffice for getting work such as “Faculty, Trainer, Teacher, Translator, Interpreter, Proofreader, Editor, Researcher, Content writer, Transcriptor” ?
        I know it takes years of learning and hard-work – but does the work profile of above nature require a formal degree? Do people look for a real college degree or an online certificate with good command should be fine.

        1. I hate to say this but Online Language courses does not work. Certificate course are not enough for anything. For all the career options you mentioned, minimum requirement is MA in the corresponding language or equivalent knowledge and that will take 5 years of classroom study. Arabic or Persian does not offer International proficiency test in India. So, No other option other than pursuing courses in any centres for few years.

          The degree or certificate for high proficiency is required for most jobs. The recruiters look for high proficiency and that level comes through formal education or degree/high level certification programs. Studying on own has very low success ratio and most companies don’t experiment due to enough supply. In addition, I’m not aware of any Online / Distance learning program which offers advanced level in any language. This is all about career and job opportunities. If you want to learn as a hobby, then you can try on own with whatever proficiency you can acquire.

  21. Hi,
    I am in offset printing industry since last one decade (into marketing). Interested to learn a foreign language to open my sky/opportunities. I was planning to go for Japanese – as there are many paper mills and thought that in future I may tie-up with them for their India operations.
    Pls guide.

    1. Not sure about paper mills and future opportunity. However, Japanese is not compulsory for business collaboration. You can always hire someone for limited work. Do remember it will take 3 years to learn proper Japanese. Is it worth it as per your requirement? Think about that!

  22. Hello Sir,
    i am Ankit and just pursuing my B.Com 3rd year and i would like to know that in which language i would get higher salary and has an opportunity to tour the world and explore their culture and is best for future making perspective.

    1. No language has “higher” salary. Every language offers good opportunities and it depends on the proficiency level, job profile and other skills. There are 100’s of languages and French, Spanish, Arabic, English are four most widely spoken languages in the world. Thus, you can choose between French or Spanish or Arabic.

      I’m not aware of any such language job where you can explore the world and make money too. Maybe you can make enough money and can utilize your saving to travel in different parts of the world. What you need is something like MBA in International marketing, Work on a cruise ship, Teaching English in Non-English speaking countries, Freelancer, etc. In almost all the cases, you don’t need another Language as a primary skills but only secondary & Optional.

  23. Hello Sir,
    I am a Commerce student.I have completed my B.Com and currently pursuing CMA intermediate and will soon join CA. I am interested in taxation and in future would like to be in the field of taxation. As China is the fastest growing economy and there are very few people in India who can speak Mandarin. From future prospective learning Mandarin is worth it for my career? And if not Mandarin then which language would be more preferable?

  24. Sir how long time it will take to learn the Japanese language completely. I just want to learn it quickly because I have not much time so please prefer me a good Japanese language learning app currently I m my under graduation it’s last year of BA I want to this language myself I know that impossible or difficult but whenever or whatever I just want to learn it desperately with my full dedication please help me to find a way to quickly learn this language

    1. It will take 3-4 years to learn Advanced Japanese. I am not aware of any such mobile app through which one can learn proper Japanese. Mobile is distraction and Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji needs proper concentration. If it is not feasible for you to join any learning centre, you can try on own through good books. Maybe you will able to learn Beginners level Japanese.

    1. Since French is the most taught foreign language in India. Therefore, French is probably the best choice in the field of language teaching. If you want to be successful translator, then Japanese is the best answer. Spanish is also popular in various fields like KPO, BPO, MNCs, Export sector. Whatever language you prefer – Target advanced level (B2/C1 or N2/N1). ReadTranslator as a career option and French Vs Spanish Vs German?

  25. Greetings ! My query is this that if anyone would like to go for French course (including all levels) from alliance Française, is it necessary to have been qualified 10+2 .

    1. Not sure about 10+2. However, Minimum age is 17 to appear or DELF A1. Alliance Française also has special batches for School Kids designed as per DELF Junior. Classes is restricted to candidates aged between 11 to 17 years.

  26. Hello sir
    I am pursuing BA Eng honours 2nd yr. I am very much interested in language course, could you please suggest me which language course i have to opt for my better career…

    1. Unfortunately, NO language is best. Mastering a foreign language takes time, dedication and hard work, regardless of whether it is done in a classroom or through self-study or in an immersion setting. From my own experience, motivation and passion are everything as far as language learning is concerned.

      You can follow four simple steps 1) You have to ask yourself why you really want to learn a language? Hint – Career should not be the only reason. 2) Pick few languages offering a wide range of career opportunities and job options. Hint – Start with Top 10. French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, etc fulfil the criteria. 3) Read more about these languages – overview, history, culture, difficulty level, where it is spoken, industry, economy, future prospect, availability of courses, etc. Hint – Read various articles on this blog, use google or wikipedia. Take your time. If you are going to spend 3 years in learning a language, 3 weeks of research will be worth. At the end, 4) you will choose the one as per your liking and do let me know.

      Sorry for not suggesting “that one language”. I have written about 20 languages and i personally like 8 of it. So, i want you to try to help yourself 🙂

  27. Am a chartered accountant by profession. which foreign language will have great opportunities for me in the fields of finance and accounts.

    1. Choose one from Top 5 list. All five are equally good and will enhance your employment prospects. Choosing one is a very difficult task since all have different reasons to learn. If you cannot study beyond 2-3 years, then French or Spanish is a good choice. Both languages are spoken in 25+ countries.

    2. Sr I am msc biotechnology, I am interested in learning foreign language..but am confused which language is good for my job field.. actually my future goals also doing PhD in abroad..plz suggest me

  28. Hello,

    I’m having 9+ years of experience in IT industry as a Manual Tester and currently, my role is “Test Lead”. I am interested in learning ANY foreign language but want your suggestion which ONE should I pick up and continue. I am learning a foreign language as it will add value to my resume and will help me in the current organization.

  29. Sir
    I’m little bit confused that which foreign language course I chose for best career in future. Please suggest sir.

  30. Sir i am student of Bachelor of commerce and i want to admission in MBA . So please suggest me which foreign language is best for me.

  31. Sir, I am pursuing a Bachelor degree in Japanese language. My query is about higher studies. Whether going up to M.A. in Japanese or opt for MBA. Which of these two will be good for career and job perspective in India?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. If you get into a good MBA college, means really good. then go with it and continue studying part-time Japanese (May be JLPT N1 or some specialized translation course). If you couldn’t, then MA in Japanese is better & offers plenty of good career options. Career Scope after completing Japanese.

  32. Sir. I am pursuing an MBA in International Business from Amity Business School Lucknow. This is my first year(1st sem). Currently my institute is offering foreign language courses in German, Spanish and French. I am in a dilemma as to which language I should opt for?

    1. Frankly speaking, it does not matter which one you choose. Language course is just one of the subject in MBA and Amity curriculum mainly focus on written part that also only basic and no speaking, listening and reading. Without the three important ingredients of any language, it is not worth anything. While French is better among 3 options. I’ve taught not less than 50 Amity students who chose one of the 3 options. French as an extra subject is totally waste of time. If you seriously want to learn even Beginners level French, Join Alliance Française de Lucknow.

  33. Sir, am working in automobile industry as admin executive in Chennai. Our company headquarters is at Mexico. Am interested to learn foreign language. can you please guide me which language would be advisable for my career perspective.

    1. While German is the most popular choice in the field of Automobile. However, since your company HQ is in Mexico. Thus, you should learn Spanish. Being able to communicate effectively in Spanish will be beneficial for this job. USA and Mexico are two largest Spanish-speaking countries in the world.

  34. Sir, Iam 42 and my background is in IT. Recently I have started the basic Japanese language course but now iam in doubt whether I should pursue this or switch to other languages since this would take more time. What do you suggest. What are the job opportunities for me in this area? If I take up other languages probably will it increase my job perspective more than Japanese? Or do you still think I can persue Japanese and give it it’s due time and finish it. Kindly need your guidance. Thanks

    1. Mastering Japanese is never easy. It is a complex unique system of Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji and it’s going to take a lot of time, effort, persistence, patience and discipline. That’s why a significant majority give up within 6 to 12 months. My suggestion would be to continue with it. Yes, it will take few years to reach advanced level (like JLPT N1/N2) but From career perspective, future of Japanese is full of opportunities. ReadScope of Japanese in India

  35. I’ve taken admission in certificate course in spanish in DCAC college. I want to know how many students study in one class?

  36. Sir
    I am MBA HR with few years of exp ,I want to learn a language for career prospects. Interested in Spanish or German. Which is best ?

    1. NO language is best. There are several factors you should consider when choosing a foreign language. Spanish is more widely spoken, Important in USA, and comparatively easier than German. On the other hand, German is most spoken language in Central Europe and one of the most important in the field of Engineering, Science, Auto, Power, etc. I personally prefer Spanish over German but then my reasons may be different from others. 🙂

  37. Sir I am Ministry of tourism gov. Approved guide and presently working in agra as a English language guide. I want to know which language is best for my career in guiding as well as corporate sector in our field Spanish guide is lots of but more person suggest me for Chinese. Pls tell me what’s right for me.

    1. Tour guiding is a great career if you speak multiple languages. India witnesses maximum non-English tourists from Francophone, Hispanic and China. Thus, learning French or Spanish or Mandarin would be the right decision. You can definitely choose Mandarin. Caveat – Little difficult and you need to study for 3-4 years. After completing Intermediate or Advanced level, you can appear for the Licence guide exam in the category of General – Linguistic.

      1. Thanks for the valuable advice for me. But I am confused between Spanish and Chinese which is better specially for future aspect so please tell me which one is better for me in guiding and multinational company

        1. If you can study from 3-5 years, choose Mandarin Chinese. If you cannot study that long, Spanish is better and not difficult.

  38. Sir,i just completed my Graduation Bsc this year july 2018 and now wanted to pursue my Master degree in foreign pls guide me how to apply for this and further details..Thank you Sir.

    1. For Master in any foreign language, Good Knowledge (equivalent to Advanced Diploma or B2/N2/Level 4/etc) in the same language is required since Admission is based on written exam and then viva-voce. First, you have to study the language for 2-4 years before applying for MA.

        1. My choice ‘d be French. German is good for Engineers, those working in the field of Power, Automobile, Machinery, etc., and also if planning to visit or work or study in Central Europe.

  39. Sir i want to take up language translation and interpretation as my career. I have recently graduated in English literature as my honours subject. I have a great interest in turkish language. I have many questions in mind like scope, job prospects, earnings and lot more. also i would prefer to be a multilingual. So plz guide me.

    1. To be a successful professional translator, you need near-native proficiency in both the language (Source as well as the target language). With experience, learning, and specialization, Skilled translators always find their services in high demand and they are paid quite well. ReadTurkish Language in India

  40. Thanku sir for this article it’s helps me lot to get detailed insight about foreign languages but i am confused to opt which one suits me. i graduated with pcm in 2013 from bareilly and after that i decided to prepare for banking sector and every time i stuck in mains exam i wasted too much time on this. now finally i decided to change my career direction. i wanted to start my career one more time but i have not much time of 3 to 5 years which cited in above article to learn japanese and mandarin chineses to get good career option. sir i am confused which one i choose to get a good job opportunities. and also wanted to know intermediate level in foreign language can give me a good job opportunity. which one i choose french, spanish or german. Now i am living in lucknow and from where. please also guide me to learn from where lucknow is good or delhi for these type of courses.

    1. I can understand your concern and situation. Your multiple questions need comprehensive reply. Don’t worry. I’ve sent you an email.

        1. There is no one language that will be good for everyone. It depends on several factors. Without any information, It is difficult to suggest anything Neha. If you can study for 4+ years, Go with Japanese or Mandarin Chinese or Korean. 3+ years – French or German, 2 years – Spanish.

  41. Hello Vikash! I would like to know the best places to learn French/German/Spanish for my 12 yr old son at Hyderabad. Actually, he started developing interest through some online apps (Duolingo). Looking for your inputs.

  42. Sir , i am very much confused which foreign language to learn which not to.. and being a computer science student which foreign language would be good to learn according to you ?

    1. Based on the global economy trending particularly in the IT sector, I’d suggest go for French or Spanish.

  43. Sir
    I am so much confused which language to choose for my career and better job German or Italian . Pls help…there are many students in my area those had done German. But now days there is lots of rush in German language everyone is doing German and Italian is followed by very less. so I think that it is easy to get job in Italian due to less competition pls help me which is right to choose

    1. Number of students learning German does not give the true picture. If you calculate the ratio between all the students learning German and those who are fluent equivalent to C1 and actually make their successful career, then the ratio would be close to 50:1 i.e. only 2%. That is why i always recommend to pursue any language only if one is ready to study for next few years.

      I personally like Italian more than German. However, career scope is quite limited. If you want, then learn it. Italian is one of the most beautiful language and that itself is a big reason. ReadScope of Italian in India

  44. hello sir ,
    can u please tell me which foreign language is beneficial for fresher architect and from to where to pursue to that language course as i live in delhi. can i also do it simultaneously with my job and how much time will it take. please help

    thank you

    1. No language is best. Each one has its own pros and cons. You can choose one from top 5. Spanish is the easiest one whereas Mandarin is the most difficult among top 5.

  45. Hi Vikash..

    Good and informative article. I’m confused whether to learn French (from Alliance French institute or Mumbai University) or Chinese (from Chinese institute or Mumbai University or Somaiya College). I want to learn new language as as career perspective also.


    1. Both languages are good for career. Mandarin Chinese is not overcrowded, so advantage. If you choose French, go with L’Alliance Française de Mumbai. For Chinese, Mumbai University is offering the course through Chinese embassy affiliated Confucius Institute. So, it will be good. India China Chamber of Commerce is also offering Chinese course in Mumbai. So, you can check out before deciding.

    1. It depends. You can choose between French and Spanish. These two are the most popular languages in the world as far as career is concerned. If you can study for 3-4 years, Then Japanese and Mandarin Chinese are also good options.

  46. Hello sir, i am from accounts and finance background…can you pls guide me about german, Japanese and French, which language to choose for my career….i interested in becoming lecturer….need your help?

    1. It’s difficult to choose one out of 3. My first preference would be French followed by Japanese and German. But it’s me! Different people make different choices based on various reason. Being an academic and lecturer in the field of Foreign languages, i can acknowledge that there are more students studying French compare to any any other foreign languages. Thus, the opportunity for French lecturer, trainer, teacher is bright in India, at least for a foreseeable future. If any doubt, you can always contact me 🙂

      I’m thinking to organise a regular session at my centre on every Sat or Sun when anyone can meet me and clear all doubts.

  47. Sir this is so inspiring but m still confused which language to choose from point of view of getting a high pay scale job after completing my certificate course

    1. Well, it is difficult to get a good and high-paying job only with a certificate programme irrespective of language choice. Language learning, for most of us, is a long and difficult journey. An Advanced level can get you pretty far in the job market and for that keen interest is absolutely important. The purpose of the article was not to List “Top 10 or 20” but to elaborate various languages with reasons, details, and future prospect. Keep reading until you find the best language to learn. You can always ask me anything anytime 🙂

        1. Japanese is one of the most highest paying language. However, to become proficient (equivalent to JLPT N2/1), It will take 3-4 years. Spanish also offers a wide array of Jobs. High salary depends on various factors including language expertise and experience.

  48. Sir,I wish to study arabic in Hyderabad.which is the best place to study arabic there.also which language should I choose along with arabic so that I get a highly paid job and also I can learn with arabic.and also the best place in Hyderabad to learn that language part time.

  49. Which foreign language can provide me high salary? And which language can give me an opportunity to work abroad. And the colleges to which i can prefer in kolkata.

    1. All languages offer good salary and work abroad opportunity provided that you achieve the high level of proficiency. The language with more career scope are also more crowded whereas not-so-popular one’s have less competition. So, choice varies from person to person. However, I recommend to choose one from top 5 list. In Kolkata, You can try Kolkata University, Jadavpur University, Ramakrishna Mission, and few private and embassy affiliated centres for various courses. ReadForeign language courses in Kolkata

    1. That will depend on many factors like target country, sector, goal, interest, etc. However, as far as job opportunities are concerned – French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese are the 5 most popular choices. If you are ready to study for 3-5 years, then Mandarin Chinese or Japanese is the best choice.

  50. Hello Vikash,

    I am a Tier 3 technician/engineer with Microsoft Global Escalation Team. Upgrade is the need of time and for me, a technical upgrade is not a good option at my age. I am 40. So i am considering a language upgrade with French and Spanish, as i am planning to shift base. Please advise.

    Sincerely, Sumit Nirmal Kumar [Edited Contact details]

    1. When it comes to learning a foreign language, there is no age limit. Persistence, Effort, Motivation, Reasons and Right approach are crucial factors when it comes to learning a foreign language. If you have, then sky is the limit.

      French and Spanish are two most popular and important foreign languages to learn as far as career options are concerned. You can choose one and stick with it for next few years. Learning two languages simultaneously is not the right thing to do. it will be confusing and easy to mix up words from both languages specially if both languages belong to same family of languages. Both French and Spanish are from Romance group of languages. Good Luck!!

  51. Sir am doing MBA with marketing specialisation. In what way and what are the opportunities I’ll get by learning French.? If so give me some information and ideas about getting job in abroad ….Thanks in advance…..

    1. Foreign Language skills like French can definitely help you in MBA placements and Job options abroad. If you are working in an export house, The company will send you on international trip specially in Francophone region for sales & Marketing job. (There are over 30 French speaking countries). Knowledge of French will make you globally savvy – a quality that more employers across the world have come to expect from MBA job candidates. You can also try in various companies abroads where MBA and French language is compulsory or an added advantage.

    1. Which course? For BA (Hons.), minimum 45% marks are required to apply. The admission is done through entrance test. Questions pertaining to general knowledge, artificial language, short essays on issues related to the subject etc. would be covered in the syllabus. Entrance Examination for M.A. and M.Phil. in the concerned language shall be conducted in the same language. For complete details, ReadForeign language courses in JNU

  52. Sir, i’m a 12th passed student and i am willing to learn foreign languages. To get my career broad and i choose to learn French and German language. So,Please can you tell me what should i do and about best institution in Raipur.

    1. Between French and German, you can choose French though German is also an important European language to learn. French is one of the most taught language in the world and offers a varied range of career options. In Raipur, you can try few private institutes or one-to-one individual classes. It would be difficult to recommend any one due to limited options and information.

  53. Sir I am 12th passed student and i m willing to learn a foreign language. Sir, now i going to get admission in bsc mlt. To get my career broad i choose to learn Spanish. I am from Jaipur. So, plz can you tell me the best institute in Jaipur to learn Spanish.

    1. Spanish is a good choice Harsha. There are few private institutes in Jaipur like Dante, Polyglot, E Language Studio, ALA Institute where you can learn Spanish. However, I cannot recommend any particular one due to limited information and lack of personal verification. You can visit few of these centres and check which one you like and then start studying. In future, we will have lots of things related to Spanish which will be helpful to you. If any query, always free to ask.

  54. Hello Sir,
    I am in sales and Marketing profession. I have done my engineering in Instrumentations and Control from Pune University. Since almost 3.5 years in sales of process instruments producrs.
    I am willing to learn foreign language. I am confuse. Can you advise me as per my profession and For more carrier growth. Which is most suitable.

  55. Hello SIR…Of the French and Spanish which one to choose for my bachelor’s degree in. I want to pursue my M.A. in its native country with scholarships. Between French and Spanish, Which one has more scope in the national and international level. Which one has more demand. Help me sir to decide my career.

    1. Between French and Spanish, I would recommend French. Not only French has an edge as far as demand, career scope and job opportunities are concerned but also more scholarships is granted by Francophone (French speaking countries) compare to Spanish speaking countries.

  56. Dear Sir

    Good day am 32 years old my carrier started at 2008 worked in BPO and present working in SCM logistic looking for carrying improvement if i do Japanese is there good scope in india. To learn Japanese language which institute is best please help for my good and well carrier through out my life.

  57. Sir i have just completed my 12th and now i am willing for opting a language course in delhi university. Please can you guide me with which language shoude i go for and which college under delhi university is best for the same.

    1. You can choose between French, Spanish, German, Japanese or Chinese. All 5 have good career scope. Delhi University offers two types of UG courses (a) 3 year part-time Certificate + Diploma + Advanced Diploma, and (b) 3 year full time B.A. (hons).

      For (a) option – Choose French, Spanish or German. Choose any good College (all are more or less same) or Arts faculty. For (b) Choose any language of your choice or from Top 5. Arts faulty is the best choice, In fact only choice for most languages. Department will depend on language you select. Read Foreign language courses in Delhi University

  58. Hi Sir,
    I am Nitin from bangalore, i am a BBM graduate (2014 passed out) and i am currently working as senior procurement executive in a software company and i have three yrs of experience. I am very much interested in learning foreign language out of my interest and to build a good career as well. I am in confusion between french and spanish to learn. Please assist me which will be the better option and also suggest the institutes which will be the good place to learn in bangalore

    1. You need to look at the pros of both French and Spanish and decide what makes the most sense to you. French is better foreign language for software engineer and IT professionals. I know both the languages and i personally prefer French over Spanish. French is generally seen as a more “prestigious” language and more career opportunities too. Only drawback – It is little overcrowded.

      For FrenchAlliance Française de Bangalore is the best choice. Bangalore University also offers Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Higher Diploma (8 months each) and M.A. in French. For SpanishInstituto Hispania is a good option. Bangalore University conducts Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Higher Diploma (8 months each) and M.A. in Spanish.

  59. Hi Vikash,

    First of all you have been as best as Google here. Your work is highly appriciated.

    I am here to know that which foreign language in India will be having a brigh future in coming years. Crowd wise I think Spanish, German and French are equal. I am 23 years old and currently working with Accenture. My current job profile is accountant and not at all related to foreign language. I want to switch my carrer and want to become a translator, freelancer and language expert in future.

    I love learning language and have deep intrest since it doesn’t have any limitation and you can learn and grow limitless. I want to know that which language would be better to first learn as I want to take this as my carrer and expertise in 2-3 languages. I completely want to learn my first language in 2 years.

    I also want to pursue higer education like M.A in spanish, french,german or chinese. Your response would really help me out. Thank you. Your reply

    1. Thanks Shisir

      a) All the top 10 are best foreign language to learn for future. Do remember, If there are more career opportunity in any language or easier to learn (say French, German or Spanish), there are more competition too. Similarly, less career scope or difficult to master (say Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese or Portuguese) also means less competition. At the end, if you are proficient (completed Advanced level) in any language, you ‘ll find a wide array of career options.

      b) If you study 10-12 hours every week, It will take 3 years to reach Advanced Level (B2/C1) in any European Languages and 4-5 years in any East Asian languages. To be a successful professional Freelancer translator or interpreter, you need near-native proficiency in both the language (Source as well as the target language). This will take 4-6 years. Achievable if you choose one and stick to that language for next many years. For the sake of interest and hobby, you can learn few but target should be only 1 as far as career prospect is concerned.

      1. Thanks you so much for your prompt reply sir.

        So which one I should choose between German, Spanish and French in regards to better carrer scopes and future prospective. I hated maths and science my whole life :p so language is the only field were I find I can dedicate my life and excel myself.

        I just don’t want to get into something which will land me nowhere in the future after dedicating my heart and hard work to something.

        1. It is quite difficult to choose between top 3. If you have any personal preference, go with it.

          My own personal choice is French. Spanish and German as 2nd and 3rd. Whatever you decide between 3, You won’t regret 🙂

      2. Hello sir, Recently my engineering is completed and from last year my intereste in learning Korean has developed so now I am really looking forward to learn korean but I m confused ,will it be beneficial if I choose to learn korean instead of other languages for my career opportunities.

        1. In recent years, there has been a rise in worldwide interest in learning Korean. It is an increasingly important on the world stage because of South Korea’s powerful economy, technological innovation, and global popular culture. The scope as a career is stupendous. ReadReasons to learn Korean

  60. Sir,I had completed MBA and Llb and .I am confused whether to cohse French or German.As a lawyer which language is more beneficial.

    1. French is one of the most spoken languages as far number of countries are concerned whereas German is most spoken native language in Europe. If you have any intention to settle/study/work in Central Europe or anything to do with Engineering, then German otherwise French is the better choice for MBA / Lawyers all over the world.

  61. Greetings Sir!!

    Dear Sir, I was going through your replies and was fascinated by your superb answers to every one of them.

    Sir i want to ask you that I Graduated in Eng. Hons. Literature and gained a working experience in marketing in Chamber of Commerce in Delhi. I started working right after my final exams. Now i want to give the best of myself to One language (Foreign).

    Kindly suggest me the best and also the Institute too. One more question Sir! Is it mandatory to take regular classes for a foreign language or will alternate classes be fine enough?

    1. Thanks for your appreciation Mazhar. You can choose any one from the top 5 list. No language is the “Best”. It depends on many factors like, your interest, which country you are planning to go, sector/domain you will be working, which culture you like the most, time-frame, etc. You can read the Career Scope and Job options for each of these foreign languages. You can find the links mentioned in this article only. Once you decide which language to study, you can choose the institute accordingly. No, Regular classes are not compulsory to learn any foreign language. Many language centres are offering part-time week-end and evening classes. For timing, Check the respective institute once you finalize where to study.

      In Delhi – (French – Alliance Française), (Spanish – Cervantes, Instituto Hispania, Mundo Latino), (German – Max Mueller), (Japanese – Mosai, Japan Foundation), (Chinese – Chinese language institute, HanYou), (Portuguese – Camões Institute), (Korean – Korean Culture Centre), (Italian- Istituto Di Cultura), (Russian – RCSC ), and so on. There is a link with every language where i have mentioned where to study that particular language in Delhi, you can read in detail.

  62. Sir, I have a carrer break after working for 2 yrs in manual testing. Which language is good to learn now for bright financial and professional future for me ?

    (I have done msc comp sci and now a mother of 2 and currently housewife!)

    1. Apart from English, the French, Spanish, German, Russia, Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese are seven best foreign language to learn for IT professionals in India. These 8 languages cover almost 90% of the world GDP and 170 countries. Between these 7, I ‘d suggest choose between French, Spanish or Japanese.

      If you know French, you can tap 30-35 Francophone countries in Africa, Europe and Canada. On the other hand, Proficiency in Spanish can cover 30+ countries in South & Central America, USA and of course Spain. Japan is the one of the biggest market for India including IT industry. By acquiring Japanese language skills, you will surely improve your job prospect in a wide range of fields/sectors including IT/Software development/etc.

  63. Hi sir
    I completed my B. Com and I am interested in language and I am confused which language to be learn accordingly to my career.

    1. Choosing the right foreign language to study is not simple and easy. It depends on the purpose of the person learning the language or where your interest lies.

      If there is no particular goal or target, i recommend French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin. Read the potential, scope and career options of each of these foreign languages. All links are mentioned in this article.

      Spanish is a good option, widely spoken & not-so-difficult. German and French are also good but Advanced level is required since both are overcrowded. If you can study for 3-5 years, then Japanese and Mandarin offers excellent career opportunities in India and abroad. If you have any doubt, do let me know Shraddha.

  64. Sir,i had completed graduation in the year 2012..after that i tried doing cs i.e company secretory but i failed….later i studied for competitive exam but could clear prelims only .This is how i wasted 6 yrs of my career..Recently i came across the prospects of foreign language seems interesting but i am afraid about the duration it will take to complete and would it be a feasible option for me to give a new start to my career.Please help.I am already 27

    1. Hi Nupur,

      If a problem is fixable, then there is no need to worry. It’s never too late to learn a new language. Many of my students were in 50s & 60s and they performed quite well. Obviously, age doesn’t matter. Only 3 things are required to learn any language :- (i) Persistence/Consistent practice, (ii) Interest & Zeal and (iii) Right approach & Method. (I will write few articles on these topics in months to come)

      As far as duration is concerned, you can learn beginners level (any language) in few months. Then slowly and gradually, you can complete intermediate level in 18-24 months (if you put more effort with right guidance, it is possible to cover the same in 12-18 months too.) Then you can start working. There are numerous part-time/full-time job where only Intermediate level proficiency is required.

      Once you start working, you can continue higher Intermediate and Advanced level in the same language. I actually learnt more things once i started working. Learning a language is a lifetime investment. However, for 50% jobs only intermediate level is required. Good Luck! Do let me know if any doubt.

        1. Unfortunately, there is no such language that will get you a job quickly. Language learning takes time, not months but years. If you’re ready to pursue a language for at least 2 years, then choose between Spanish or French or German.

  65. I am Graduate & done post graduation in Interior Designing. I am in this field since 1995. I always love to learn different languages but was always busy Now I feel that I should learn some foreign language so that I can work from home & still be economically independent . I would appreciate if you can help me to choose the correct language.

    1. Hi Chhaya,

      Not to worry!! it’s never too late to learn a new language. You can become a freelancer or work from home after learning a foreign language. You can become proof-reader, skilled translator, online tutor, customer support for export houses or MNCs with global footprints (through e-mail or occasional telephonic conversation), Content writer, online sales & marketing, and of course Interior decorator by enhancing and imparting knowledge by reading popular content related to interior designing in different languages. You want to learn to help your existing career or start something new? If you have any particular one in mind due to whatever reasons, go with it otherwise learn any one from Top 5 choice. Arabic, Korean and Italian are also popular choices for Interior designer though not in Top 5 overall.

      I’ve studied French, Spanish and some German & Japanese. Based on my personal experience, Spanish is easiest choice between 5 followed by German, French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. If you’ve a long term planning, go with Japanese or Mandarin (not Cantonese). If just a hobby & want to learn to boost your career, go with any Romance Languages specially French or Spanish.

      ReadEast Asian Languages and European Languages

  66. Hi,

    I am a Software Engineer and wants to learn new languages esp. Korean. It seems from your comments that you are not advising Korean to anyone. Why?

    Please give me comparison between Korean and Japanese, like Career prospects, learning curve, scripts etc.

    What about Turkish?

    1. Hi Yassir, As far as choosing the foreign language is concerned, I’m largely agnostic on the issue. I always believe all languages are important. However, i do take various things into consideration while suggesting a specific one like time-frame, existing field/domain, Job opportunities, availability of language centers, target country, etc. If you want to learn Korean, Go Ahead. Future is bright including in the field of Information Technology. Korean is a good choice with good salary package and comparatively lesser competition compare to European languages. Many International companies including the Korean ones like Samsung, LG, Posco, Hyundai, Lotte, etc. hire Korean language specialist in India and all over the world.

      Now, there are two caveats. (i) It is comparatively difficult language (3-4 years to complete Advanced level TOPIK – Korean language proficiency test). (ii) Only spoken in Korea. For many, this may not be the reason not to learn. It depends from person to person. These days, demand of Korean is moving northward thanks to Korean culture, economy and expansion of Korean companies worldwide.

      Between Japanese and Korean, I ”ll prefer Japanese from a job prospect. Also, an important factor is Japan is one of few country where English is a rare commodity. They are monolingual i.e. Mostly speak only Japanese. I studied Japanese for 6-8 months and i found very unique & beautiful though i must admit that i can be biased :). There are many reasons. You can read in details Why to learn Japanese in India and Scope of Korean Language in India

      Currently, Turkish is not a popular choice. India-Turkey relation is not good for the reasons well-known. Volatile political condition in the region & not-many Job opportunities. Since there are better options with good future prospect, i won’t take the risk of learning it. Avoid. ReadTurkish Language in India

      1. Thanks for your reply.

        Isn’t Japanese characters are tough to learn like Chinese characters as opposed to Korean alphabets which is quite easy.

        What about difficulty level of language speaking part for Japanese and Korean?

        1. Korean alphabet is definitely the easiest among East Asian languages. Hangul, the Korean alphabet, was invented with the specific purpose of being easy to learn and use. Korean may have only 24 letters, but just because someone can read the letters doesn’t mean they can read any newspaper like Chosun Ilbo (National newspaper of South Korea). The grammar, pronunciation, listening, speaking and all other things are not-so-easy and time-consuming to master.

          In terms of difficulty, I think Japanese and Korean are at about the same level. Some parts are harder for Korean while other parts are harder for Japanese. To reach Intermediate or advanced level, Korean will take as much time and effort as Japanese.

          1. Thanks for your reply.

            One last question. What about Russian language in terms learning curve and job prospective?

          2. The scope of Russian language in India as a career is good. There are employment opportunities for Russian speaking Indians in numerous sectors such as Commerce, Oil & Gas, Steels, Export, Engineering, Science & technology, defense sector, tourism and hospitality industry, diplomatic services, BPO/KPO. Translators, Interpreters and Voice-support are required in several Indian and MNC companies in India dealing with Russian companies.

            There was a time when Russian was one of the 3 most popular foreign languages in India. However, in the last decade or two, it has witnessed the decline of interest. Still, it is one of the important language to learn.

  67. Hello Sir. I have nearly completed my B.Tech(Pharma) degree and interested in Chinese culture and language. I have decided to do basic course in Chinese and then I wish to appear for B.A(Chinese) in the US and then work there only .I had no prior Chinese lessons or course done. What do you suggest?

    1. Chinese is not a single language. It is a group of languages where the written form is mutually intelligible (Lots of similarities). However, Spoken or vernacular one are quite different. Standard Chinese or Mandarin (Putonghua, based on the Beijing dialect) is the most spoken Chinese and also official language of China followed by Yue (Cantonese), Wu (Shanghainese), etc. You should learn Mandarin since 85%-90% people in China speak this variant of Chinese language.

      There are lots of benefits of learning Chinese Language in India. Why to do B.A. in Chinese after completing B.Tech? You should think about post graduate course in Mandarin. Of course, You need to learn the language (till intermediate level) prior to admission in PG course. There are many Chinese language institute in India. You have not mentioned the name of city. I can give you few options, if you tell me city of your choice. Do let me know. For Delhi, ReadChinese language course in Delhi.

  68. I am a bcom graduate having 2 years work experience in Ermst and Young in the field of auditing. As a career perspective, coming from a commerce background which foreign language would be the best to learn to get a better opportunity?

    1. Hi Swathi,

      For commerce background, learn the most widely spoken one. Thus, choose between French or Spanish or German. Reasons:-

      1) After English, French & Spanish are most spoken languages as far number of countries are concerned whereas German is most spoken native language in Europe.
      2) While all languages offer some career scope. However, these 3 European languages offer best career options & job opportunities in India & abroad.
      3) If you can study 8-12 hours per week, it will take at least 3-4 years to reach upper intermediate level in East Asian languages like Japanese, Korean, Mandarin & Cantonese. It may or may not be possible for you. You can learn Intermediate level French or Spanish or German in 18-24 months with high success ratio.

      Studying language is a lifetime process. You should learn only if you don’t leave midway. Then only it will be fruitful & beneficial in your career and enhance future prospect. If you have interest in a particular one say Italian or Korean or any one, then you should pursue your passion. After all, if you ‘ve a reason – you’re more likely to reach your language goal. Good Luck!

  69. Hello sir..I did bba and soft eng diploma..but i am not satisfied with the bases of jobs..I wanna do job like travelling and explore the world for that I wanna know which language good forme…I think many time Korean language is it good if I start learning this language…I wanna do job where I get versatility some time tourist guider, some time translators and do work as export import too…Korean dramas I like most..i read koreans last ywar kpop stars came mumbai but they dont get pleasure as they aspected….they wasnt get beauty of india….which make me little disappointed it…but they love indian food…now after reading your article I am not clear which language I should learn it…give me proper guidance sir. .

    1. Hi Naina,

      If you want to explore the world – where and when you want, Work as per your own convenience from wherever you want and with whichever, Then freelancing gives you these options. You have utter freedom to live your life as you please as a freelancer!

      Korean is definitely a beautiful language. The “Korean Wave” is the global popularity of South Korean culture since the 90s. Learn Korean and you can have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to dive into its culture and explore a new world. There is an ever-increasing requirement for Korean translators and interpreters in India.

      Two caveats (i) Not widely spoken language like French or Spanish or Mandarin (ii) Not-so-easy. If you study 10-12 hours every week, It will take at least 3-4 years to reach Advanced level (5th or 6th Grade of TOPIK II – Korean language proficiency test). To become a translator or Interpreter, Advanced level is required.

      Language learning is a lifetime investment. So choosing right language is extremely important. The reason i recommend French, Spanish, Chinese or even Japanese or German because these languages are either widely spoken or/and offer more Job opportunities compare with other foreign languages in India. However all languages are good and all offer some career options and jobs. As i said, whatever language you choose including Korean – As long as you have a reason – you will reach your destination.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any doubt or question. Good Luck!!

  70. Sir I am Rahul from Delhi.
    Sir I’m just 12th passed..
    And sir now please guide me which foreign language is best for me Job purpose…and sir what’s your opinion for Korean language…
    JUST 12th passed and need a good job… Please guide sir

    1. All languages are important. It depends on the goal of the person studying. You can choose between French, Spanish, German, Mandarin or Japanese. All these European and South-East Asian languages are good for the future as far as career scope and Job opportunity are concerned. Korean is also a good option. It may not be in top 5 in India but an east-asian language with a promising future. ReadKorean language classes in Delhi

  71. I like the way you have listed out different languages to choose from when one is considering learning a foreign language. I wonder why most people select French when it comes to learning a foreign language. To me, all foreign languages appear equally difficult and this blog has made me think whether I should try and learn some foreign language.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. I agree that all languages are important. French is most popular choice is due to 5 main reasons.

      i) Historically, French always has been the popular choice, not only in India but worldwide.
      ii) Many students would like to study in Europe. Thus, French is an ideal choice after English.
      iii) French is spoken in more countries than any other foreign language other than English.
      iv) “First Move advantage”. French government initiative to promote French in India several decades back. Alliance française was established in 1956.
      v) Enough study material, availability of teachers and institutes make life easy for students.

  72. Sir in my college in sybsc we have to opt for a language to study and i dont know what to choose. Sir which language do you suggest to study?

    1. What is sybsc? second year bachelor of science? I guess, you have to take one language as an extra subject for 1 or 2 years? What are the options ?

      Since you will have limited time to study a language as an extra subject, Go with Spanish (Not so difficult, Spoken in over 20 countries, mainly in South/Central and North America and good for career too). French and German are second and third choice respectively. Do let me know, if you have any doubt.

    2. Sir i want to learn language but yet i am not able to decide that which language is better for me to get a good job and earn handsome salary.sir i want to do UG course from jnu/ DU in language. Pls suggest me better language so that i will earn more and more money.

      1. Learning a foreign language for the sake of making lots of money is not the right approach. Without passion, keen interest, desire to know – It is very difficult to cross the mid-level proficiency. 95% students fail to cross the basic level in any language worldwide. Take some time, think and take out a piece of paper and write down all the reasons other than money why you want to learn the language.

        Language is not the only way to make big money, there are far better and several lucrative avenues. Try to read about various languages, importance, career scope, opportunities, etc. I wrote many such articles on this blog.

        As i said on numerous occasion, All languages are important. Choose as per your interest, goal and scope. If you have a reason – you’re more likely to reach your language goals.

        French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese are 5 Top choices!! Highest paying foreign language to learn in India are those that are either difficult to master & take lots of time (Japanese, Chinese, Korean).

        One can do very well by learning popular choices too like French, German, Spanish or not so common languages like Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, etc. but one needs to study a lot or pursue the course till advanced level (like C1/MA). If you want to make lots of money, you need to reach the top 5%. Isn’t it? Good Luck!!

  73. I am a commerce student .pursuing MBA from AKTU LOCKNOW.which language is best for MBA student for high paid job prospects in abroad and india as well.who have interest in accountancy and also good in in marketing.
    My major subject in mba is marketing and finance and also according to time period and easily can complete the course with job.

    1. As per your requirement (Limited time and beneficial in the field of Marketing and finance), i would suggest French or Spanish (Spanish is easier than French).

      Both are widely spoken language in the world after English (Both are spoken in 20+ countries), Not so difficult and enough study material to support your learning experience. Both will be great career asset in International marketing and export sector too. Many companies are looking for MBA qualified with the working knowledge of French or Spanish to cover South/Central America and North Africa to boost their sale. Good Luck!!

  74. My daughter is 8 years old and promoted to 4th class. In her school its mandatory to opt for one foreign language and the options are Chinese, Japanese, German and French. We zeroed in on Japanese and German. Could you please help us to decide should we go for Japanese or German for her? (We ruled out French as its very common these days in India and We don’t want to opt for Chinese given the volatile relations between India and China)

    1. Despite of volatile relation between India and China, Future of Mandarin is bright due to it’s growing economy (means that it will become more influential worldwide) and also the fact that Chinese are mostly monolingual. Currently, Chinese is not as popular as Japanese or German in India. Between Japanese and German, i ‘d recommend Japanese. Less crowded, high paying, takes long time to master (Advantage for your daughter who has many years to study), Japanese are mostly monolingual, and Japan economy is expected to be in top 5/10 for foreseeable future (at least for next 3-4 decades).

      German is also a good choice, but do remember it is as common as French, at least in India. In my opinion, this should not be criteria as a significant majority (90%) give up after Beginner’s level or half-way. If you calculate the ratio between all the students learning thesaid language in India and those who are fluent equivalent to B2/C1 or N1-2/HSK, it would be close to 50:1 (based on my 12 years of experiences). What matters is learning the language in a proper and professional way so that it will boost the career going forward.

      Do check the school if they have Japanese in 9th & 10th (as most school offer only from 4th/6th till 8th grade as third language) and in 9th & 10th grade, one has to choose between French / German / Hindi / Sanskrit and in some cases Spanish or other Indian languages as a second language. If they have, go with Japanese otherwise German. Read Reasons why to Learn German in India and Why learn Japanese language in India Even if you choose between French or Chinese, you won’t regret in future as all these 4 languages have good future prospect worldwide. Good luck for your daughter future and Do let me know, which one you choose.

      1. Thank you very much for your detailed and insightful reply. It has really helped me to make up my mind. As you asked to check with school if they have Japanese in 9th & 10th. I am going to check it tomorrow itself. Most probably it would be Japanese as you correctly mentioned that she has many years to study. Now it just depends on her school if they have it till 10th. If not then surely I will opt for German. I will let you know.

        I completely agree with you about the importance of learning a foreign language be it French, Chinese, German or Japanese! If Spanish was an option I would have opted for it even though I know its widely common (but again as important as any other language) like French but unfortunately her school has not introduced it yet. I have studied Spanish till B2 level at Instituto Hispania, Hauz Khas and I understand the importance of having knowledge of a foreign language.

        Once again I thank you very much for your help. Appreciate it.

  75. I am a commerce student .pursuing graduation from DU.which language is best for commerce graduate who have interest in accountancy.

    1. 5 most popular options are French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese as far as career prospect, job opportunities and immigration are concerned.

      All 5 are good choices for a commerce student/in the field of accountancy/finance. It will take minimum 3-4 years to become semi-fluent in Mandarin or Japanese. If you cannot study for that long, go with French or Spanish or German (Spanish is the easiest between these 3).

      As i said, All languages are important including not so popular one. Whatever you choose, you will never regret learning a foreign language in India 🙂

    1. French, Japanese or German are 3 best choice. To learn Japanese, it will take minimum 3 years so may or may not possible for you.

      Between French and German, You can choose either one. German is generally a better choice for Engineers. It is most spoken native language in Europe and you can also get access to free University in Germany. French is the second best choice and an ideal choice If you are looking for Job opportunity in India.

  76. I am a student of bba and i little bit confused between German and French language so vl u plss just which one is better for business communication?

    1. IMO, Both are equally good. Whatever you choose, you won’t look back with regret. If i have to choose one, I will go with French. Reasons:-

      i) French is widely spoken in over 30 countries and Second most widely learned language after English. Means more business communication!
      ii) Just like German is more popular among Engineers, French is for BBA/MBA students. Many French universities and business schools are ranked as some of the top higher education institutions.
      iii) French speakers are more monolingual than Germans, means knowledge of French is required if you are dealing with someone who is French speaker from any francophone countries.
      iv) French is helpful in Canada immigration

      But as i said, both are good options! If you don’t have anything specific goal in mind, go with La langue Française 🙂

  77. I am a law graduate.i m confused whether to do German or French as an additional language skill.Can u please suggest

    1. For a law graduate, No language is best including the latin (Since law originated in Rome and the official language was Latin during Roman Empire at that time). It depends. If you want to choose one without any specific country or goal in mind, French is the best one. Two main reasons:-

      1) The Geneva Conventions (It defines the basic rights of wartime prisoners) was written in French. The official working languages of the International Court of Arbitration are English and French. You will find lots of legal study material in French.

      2) French is spoken in over 30 countries. It means more possibility to emigrate to various countries including Canada, more law firms and clients to look for, and a chance to become legal translation, Interpreter, journalism, etc. too)

      In the age of Globalization, Languages like French give attorneys, a global mindset which is increasingly helpful, and desired by employers in most international law firm. Ability to speak French can help you to increase client base, as well as gain personal touch, goodwill, trust, and better mediation and negotiation capability at an international level.

      Plz Note : German scores better than French in many sectors/fields/countries. However, as per your requirement – French is an ideal choice. Good Luck!!

    1. Skills such as communication and interacting with people of all backgrounds can go a long way to helping you get job in the field of Logistic & Supply chain. Learning a foreign language is an excellent idea to improve your communication skills.

      As far as best foreign language is concerned, it depends on target country/continent. South East Asia – Chinese, Middle-East & East Africa – Arabic, North/West Africa – French, Europe – French or German, South, Central & North America – Spanish. If you are not sure about country/continent, then go with French or Spanish. Reason – Two most widely spoken languages in the world after English (Both are spoken in over 20 countries), Not so difficult and enough study material to support your language journey.

  78. I want to know which foreign language course will be beneficial as per concern of Career, it shall be short term? And government Institutes that provide part time course in Foreign languages?

    1. Dear Sakshi, All languages are important. However, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese are the 5 best options in India as far as career and job prospect are concerned. If you have limited time say 6 months to 2 years, then go with Spanish or French or German. There are many colleges in Delhi university that offers part/short term courses.

      ReadForeign language courses in Delhi university You can also try Foreign language courses in Delhi embassy

    1. It depends on your goal and sector. However, as far as job opportunities are concerned – French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese are the 5 most popular choices. If you are ready to study for 3-5 years, then Mandarin or Japanese is the best choice. Spanish or German or French are also good though more crowded. (You can complete B1/B2 (Intermediate level) in these european languages in 1-2 years).

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