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French Language in India

Why learn French of all languages? What are the benefits and advantages? Here are 10 most Important Reasons Why to Learn French Language in India.

Learning one’s language is never enough, especially in today’s world that is highly diversified in all spheres of human endeavors. Learning French will only open new doors for you! Thanks to a wide array of career options in Foreign languages, the benefits of learning the French language in India is immense. The fascination towards the French language extends beyond the obvious aesthetics of French cuisine, history, tradition, culture, arts, literature, places, customs and the like.


10 Good Reasons To Start Learning French Language in India

There are all kinds of reasons to learn a foreign language. Here are some of the important, legitimate, compelling and good reasons why to learn French Language in India.


1) French is an International language

Other than English, French is the only language spoken on all five continents. It is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world after English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic. There are 29 French speaking countries in the world such as France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc. There are currently over 270 million French-speaking population worldwide. La Francophonie is a group of 84 countries which share official use or teaching of French.

Why Learn French in India 

The most people who speak French, are not French natives and do not live in France. French is the second most widely taught language in the world after English and also one of the most frequently used languages on the Internet. By studying French language you are opening the door to communicate not just with native French speakers, but other people like yourself who have studied or studying French. Since it is second most-learned language in the world, you will find a huge number of study material or resources to learn this beautiful language.

The French language is the most popular choice among students who want to learn a foreign language in India. The exotic language offers tons of Career scope after learning French.

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2) France: Top destination for Indian students

Want to study in France? Within Europe, France is one of the top three most popular countries as a study abroad destination for Indian and international students. Paris is considered as the best city for students. Every year, more than 5,000 students go to France from India. The proficiency in French will open you up for higher educational opportunities in both French business schools and universities.

France has more than 3,500 institutions of higher education including many century-old universities like École Normale Supérieur, Université Pierre, École Polytechnique, et Marie Curie UPMC, University of Paris Sud, ESPCI ParisTech, École Normale, HEC, Supérieure de Lyon, Sorbonne Paris Cité – Université Paris and many more that offer excellent education in the various field such as management, science, art, technology, etc.

France has a number of innovative and research institutions rank among the world’s best. As per the agreement signed between the Indian and French government in 2015, Indian students in France can stay for a period of 24 months after completing studies. Due to language hurdle, Indian students face difficulty in finding jobs or internship after their studies. Hence, learning French is an excellent choice for students who are planning to go to France. 

Reasons to Learn French

3) International Connections and Relations

French is one of the six official languages of UNESCO alongside Russian, English, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is one of the official working languages of many international institutions such as UN, UNESCO, NATO, WHO, UNHCR, UNCTAD, ECOSOC, Red Cross, European Economic Community, UNICEF, International Labour Bureau and a number of international courts. It is also an official language of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FIFA, etc. 

Fluency in French is important for anyone considering a career in an international organization. It is considered as the language of diplomacy. French plays an important role if you are considering a career in any international organization or any embassy. Speaking fluent French is important for an international career since there are a huge number of multinational companies headquartered in France.


4) French in the Hotel, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Language plays an important role in the hospitality industry. The French language can be utilized in the industry to assist the foreign traveler, communicate with French speaking-employees and to work in French-speaking countries. Million of French-speaking visit India every year and the number keeps on increasing year after year, and they look for a person who can explain things in their native language. French Language offers plethora of career scope in Travel and Tourism industry.

Interested in Travelling? France is the world’s leading tourist destination, with over 89 million tourists in 2017. It is also popular as a skiing destination, wine tourism, and culture tourism. Not only Paris and other parts of France but French comes in handy when traveling to Canada, Africa, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Mauritius, the Seychelles and other French-speaking nations. Business tourism is also a crucial sector for France, with thousands of events organized every year. 


5) Scope, Demand, Career Options and Job Opportunities

French is a career asset in many sectors such as tourism and hospitality industry, banking and finance, fashion, retailing, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, international business, diplomatic service, education, and many more. In addition, there are great jobs in translating, interpreting, Proofreading and teaching. Career Options as a Translator and Interpreter is highly lucrative. There are tons of Job opportunities for French Language in India.

There are hundreds of international French brands such as Axa, BNP Paribas, Orange, Airbus, Alstom, Alcatel, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Christian Dior, Chanel, Carrefour, Peugeot, Michelin and much more. The knowledge of French not only opens the doors of these French companies in France and other French-speaking countries but also in India and other non-speaking French countries in the world. You can apply to numerous companies after learning French Language in India.

Many French companies are setting up their regional offices in India and other parts of the world and ability to speak the language definitely increase your growth manifold if you have french mentioned in your CV. Due to globalization, outsourcing and boom in export industry, the career scope in French language in India has increased immensely.


6) French is a Language of Art, Culture, Love and Literature

French is the lingua franca of culture, including art, cuisine, dance, and fashion. France has won more Nobel Prizes for literature than any other country in the world and is one of the top producers of international films. Cannes film festival is popular for hosting the most prestigious films in the world. France has given the fine wine and gourmet food.

French enhances critical thinking and opens up your creativity and innovation. This language offers access to great works of literature in the original French, as well as films, songs, and many major news media sources, including the global television network TV5MONDE and France24. France has the highest number of recipients for the Nobel Prize for Literature, with 16 Laureates. Knowing French enables you to understand cultural diversity which will enhance your competitive advantage abroad.

It is one of the most beautiful languages and gives the immense pleasure of learning a rich, melodious language, often called the language of love. Paris is often called “La Ville-Lumière” – City of light as it was the birthplace of the enlightenment and, and more literally because Paris was one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting. France has numerous famous monument, museums, beautiful landscapes, historical sites, and galleries, of which the most famous is surely the Louvre and Eiffel tower which reflects a country with roots deep in history and a wonderful heritage. This is one of the several reasons why you should learn French language in India.


7) To impress others and be centre of attraction

You wouldn’t learn a language just for the sake of impressing people, or would you? While I don’t advocate learning French to impress friends, acquaintances or strangers, nor is it a great long term motivation, it is nevertheless impressive. Barring few of my old classmates, not a single one of my friends or relatives speaks another language. It’s sad. But, the fact that it is unique makes it impressive. Moreover, you could even become a source of inspiration that motivates them to learn French for themselves. 

People learn French for a variety of reason. The point is, you now speak another language, and a common reaction expressed by many is, wow, you speak French! I know few foreign languages including French and people are always blown away and complemented often, particularly if you don’t flaunt the ability. Not because i am intelligent or smart but due to the fact it is very uncommon.

I won’t lie but at first, when I was starting out in language learning, I use to like attention and to be in spotlight. Today, it is no more appealing to me. Let’s face it, the attention is nice and it is fun to show off once in a blue moon. You may like it once in a while but don’t learn because of that. Life is short. Focus on what you want to do and expand your horizon to always look for opportunities to be successful in life.


8) Discover a new aspect of your personality

According to Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, “the limits of my language are the limits of my universe”. In conclusion, knowing another language enables you to push the limits of your world.

A number of studies show that we have different personalities when we speak different languages. Your personality can change depending on the language you speak. There is no doubt that learning French will expand your own personal universe. You might come across as a totally different person when speaking in French. Becoming fluent in this language will offer you with an unrivalled feeling of accomplishment and it is a skill which can be of significant importance to you for the remainder of your life.


9) Immigration to France, Canada and other French-speaking nations

More and more people are making the decision of spending their rest of the life abroad. Imagine you are fluent in the French language and the company where you are working is out looking for personnel to fill various positions in various French speaking territories like Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and France itself. Your resume will definitely receive priority, among other things, ahead of others who don’t have such qualification.

It will be quite difficult to find a job or make friends or get things done if you don’t speak the local language fluently, or at all. A major tool in that endeavor is the language obstacles. Knowing French will make your living experiences in Francophone countries much easier. This is one of the main reason why government of the respective countries provide incentives for language learning for immigrants. French is one of the requirements of economic immigration to Quebec province or Canada or France. You have to appear for TCF or TEF Exam in India.


10) French is not a difficult language to master

Studying French is not a very difficult language. Anyone can learn through a number of right methods that simplify the learning process. It will never take you long to start communicating in French at a certain level. French and English share thousands of cognates – some identical and others very closely related. Opera becomes Opéra, Number becomes Nombre and Romantic turns into Romantique, Respond is Répondre and so on. As a matter of fact, an insight into French offers new perspectives to English and other romance languages, namely Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian.

Generally, French is perceived as difficult European Language but not that difficult as you might think. Armed with the right method, regular practice, discipline, good study materials, and proper motivation, one can achieve the higher proficiency in a matter of 3 years. You are definitely going to complete French language proficiency test DELF/DALF B2/C1 in 2-3 years.

If you are still not convinced, you might be interested to read (i) 15 Important Reasons to Learn French (ii) Scope of Learning French (iii) Career after Learning French (iv) DELF/DALF Exam in India (v) TCF, TEF Canada Exam in India

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  1. Sir now i m pursuing french hons from BHU but i am not interested in so much however i am good in. And it does not seems me too. Some people suggested me that after BA yu can easily find a job with decent salary But i want to pursue economic maths statistics. So i am confused ? about this. Should i quite french or not? Please suggest me.

    1. One of the major reason why most people fail to achieve success in learning a language is because they lack the passion, interest and proper motivation. If you don’t have it then most likely learning French is not for you. You can try the subjects of your choice provided that you don’t waste more than 1 year. Think and take the right decision.

  2. Hi sir I am planning to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident. how much time and what proficiency level is required to work in an office environment that uses french for general communication with clients in Canada. will it be helpful in getting jobs there.

    1. French is the official languages of Canada and only official language of Québec province. For immigrants, there are two benefits. 1) You can earn points for PR if you know French and 2) French will be helpful for job search in Canada. In Québec and nearby provinces, French is almost essential. In both the cases, you need DELF B2 or TEF Canada that will take at least 2 years if you study 10-15 hours per week. Only a beginner-level or a few month course has no real life advantage in Canada.

  3. Sir I have completed my MA French from a central university​ this year, and teaching french in a CBSC school but I would like to do PhD from France or any francophone country. Can you help me to find out what should I do or where should I go to get the chance?

    1. Félicitations pour compléter la maîtrise en Français! You can contact CampusFrance. They are affiliated to French Embassy in India to promote Higher Education in France. Check their article on PH.D. in France LINK

    1. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. From Immigration to Canada to learning as a hobby or Jobs in MNC or enhancing career prospect in the field of international marketing. There are 100s of good reasons to learn French. First you need to find the reason as per your goal, interest, career, etc. Without any reason, it will be difficult to study for next 3 years, minimum time-frame required to reach B2 for most candidates!

  4. Sir I just completed my bba so I just want to ask that is there any scope of learning french for the job or should I do something else? What are the good companies where French language skills will be an asset?

    1. Are you studying French or planning to start? Time has changed. These days for any good French job openings, minimum requirement is DELF B2 or Advanced Diploma/BA/MA in French. There is no point in studying French if one cannot study for at least 3 years. As per my observation – Almost 80% give up after Beginner’s level or half-way and thus they cannot utilize French skills to find a good job. In short, there are plenty of opportunities but only for those who reach such a high level of proficiency. There are 100’s of companies where French will be a great value-add to your resume.

    1. Yes. French will be useful in a wide range of sectors and industries. The purpose of language is to communicate information. Whenever you deal with French speaking person, the French language skill will be great value-add to your resume. You should first concentrate on BCOM and then Master degree, then you can try for Jobs where French will be an asset for the company.

  5. Respected Sir, I’ve just read your advice that Japanese or any other Asian Languages are good options. Could you help me which is the best institute in Kolkata for Japanese Language. Now, I’ve started my career as an import documentation executive.

    1. Yes u can join Ramakrishna mission institute of culture, it is in Golpark, Kolkata. The institute teach various types of other languages. If u want to learn then u must contact with them.

  6. Sir I am pursuing MA in English, what career options I have, if I learn French till A2 level? Please give me your own suggestions too. I want a chance to work in France.

    1. French will add some value in your C.V. However, A2 is not enough in the job market. Try at least B1 if not B2. MA in English + B2 in French will help to find a English teacher jobs in Francophone countries including France.

  7. Sir, I have completed my A2 level in French and going to apply for B1 level but now i am confused whether i should work as a translator, tourism or as a french professor, as i have 1 year experience in teaching french.

    1. Well, A2 is not enough for most jobs let alone translator or professor. For translator, you need at least DALF C1/C2 or MA in French. College lecturer/Asst. Professor is even more difficult. Minimum prerequisite is MA in French + UGC NET. In few cases, C1/C2 + experience are also enough for such jobs. ReadTranslator as a Career Options.

      After B2, You can try for few School teaching jobs. In tourism, few jobs only require limited proficiency in French such as A2. My advice would be to continue with French and try to complete at least DELF B2. Bonne Chance!

    1. A language enables you to communicate with others. French is spoken in 25+ countries including North & Central Africa, Europe and Québec (Canada). India exports pharma products worth billion $ in these regions. Proficiency in French will be career beneficial in export sector and job opportunities in francophone countries. ReadBenefits of Learning French in India

  8. Sir I am navin. I have completed my m.a in sociology. I am confused. Can I learn french language and what scope in future. Plz tell me sir

  9. Dear sir I am learning French as an interest and in future to get the opportunity in this field. I am working in R&D pharma sector. How could I utilize this.

    1. The export of generic pharmaceuticals is one of India’s strengths. Every year, India exports pharma products worth multi-billion in Africa and Europe. 20+ such countries are French-speaking specially in North Africa & Eastern Europe. Ability to speak French will be career beneficial in export sector.

  10. Sir, what are the career opportunities for Japanese language? How much time will it take to reach a decent job performing level. Thanks

    1. It depends why you want to learn. If you want to learn out of interest or to pursue hobby, travelling or immigration or add more value to your C.V, then learning French is an good idea. One year is also okay for all these purpose. If you want to shift your career completely from IT to French, it will take long time (3-5 years) and you have to start from zero. That may or may not be wise decision since you already spend so much time in the field of IT. It’s better to start learning as a hobby and then in future, you can take the right decision.

  11. Sir. I m Electrical Engineer by profession and in Govt service and will be superannuating soon. I intend to do certificate course from Panjab University. Will it be useful for my post retirement endeavour.

    1. Post-retirement if planning to do something related to Languages, or travel abroad in non-english speaking countries or pursue as hobby, then YES! Otherwise NO. There will be very limited jobs in 60’s and that also language learning takes time, at least few years.

  12. what are the career scope/option in the coming future in india or outside it, if i do my honours in one of these languages(chinese/japanese/korean) ? or can i get a decent job only by doing honours in one out of these 3 languages?

    1. From the career perspective, Future of East Asian Languages (Mandarin, Japanese and Korean) are bright and full of opportunities. BA (Hons) or MA is not mandatory. However, high level of proficiency is the prerequisite for most jobs. For successful career, You should target Advanced Level – V or VI of HSK (Chinese) / N1 or N2 of JLPT (Japanese) / Level 5 or 6 of TOPIK (Korean).

  13. Hi. I’ve heard that French nowadays has become very saturated in India because it is an obvious choice of the students. Should I prefer learning German over French as honours paper ? (Banaras Hindu University)

    1. Language learning is not like any other subject. Most people want to learn just because of career and money making. The reality is that for most people they don’t actually have a passion or deep interest like some of us do. Choose the one as per interest not as per career scope. For most languages including French, Success ratio is quite low.

      The language that offers more career opportunities will always be overcrowded. German is as overcrowded as French. In fact, French is still better than German in most sectors. Why not learn East Asian languages like Japanese, Mandarin or Korean? These languages offer excellent career opportunity and not overcrowded either.

    1. Chinese is not a language. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the mainland China. French is comparatively easier to learn than Mandarin. Currently, there is rapidly expanding demand for Chinese language professionals. If you are ready to study for next 3-4 years, Mandarin is a good choice and future looks bright.

      French is one of the most popular and taught language in India. Although there are plenty of career options and Jobs. However, it is overcrowded as French is the default choice for majority of language learner, at least in India. To be successful, one has to to at least DALF C1 or Advanced Diploma. This will take 3 years. Good Luck!

  14. I want to learn french language and want to pursue my career in interpreter which institute would be the best in delhi

    1. In Delhi, Alliance française de Delhi is the best centre for offering French Language courses. ReadFrench courses in Delhi. In order to become a successful Interpreter, one needs to be fluent speakers of both the languages (Source as well as the target language). For that, one needs DALF C2 or MA in French.

  15. I am in digital marketing and confused which foreign language is good for my career either french or spanish? Can you tell me which language will be good for my career?

    1. It is difficult to choose one. From India perspective – Between two, French is better. French will score better than Spanish in a wide array of sectors such as aviation, fashion, automobile, retailing, travel & tourism, etc. and on other hand, Spanish is in great demand in the sectors like ITES / BPO / KPO, etc. and 2nd most important in USA. ReadWhich foreign language to learn in India

  16. hi, between french and spanish which foreign language will be more beneficial for a student who is studying english honours ?and which one has more job prospectives?

    1. Yes. After learning French, you can do various kind of part-time jobs as a freelance teacher, translator, interpreter, proofreader, travel agent, Company communication executive, etc.

    1. Sir, can I learn french as I am not that fluent in English language. Will it be beneficial for me to do in terms of career and working profession?

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