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Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you – I am glad you’re here! My name is Vikash Gupta and I am a trainer, linguaphile, blogger behind StudyFrenchSpanish.

Vikash Gupta

I take a great interest in the languages of the world and that is why i choose this career. I have been teaching French and Spanish for past 12 years. I have studied Advanced Level French and Spanish, Intermediate Level German, Elementary level Japanese and Beginners level Portuguese and Korean.

I have worked with 16 organisations and had great success with my students, ranging from middle school to college age, non traditional students and employees in the corporate world. Currently, I am working as a Spanish lecturer at the University, French corporate trainer in two companies and Foreign language faculty at LanguageNext.

Why I started blogging?

This blog is something I wanted to start for a long time, but it took me forever to finally pull the trigger and actually do it. I started this blog mainly for three reasons.

  1. Learning a new language is my passion and I love languages. In fact, this is the only thing i do. Being a linguist for over a decade, It was a no-brainer that I’d start something language related someday. Passion is what leads to sustainable writing. You’ll do best at the things you love.
  2. Today, There is a growing demand for foreign language professionals in the country. The information available for aspirants, however are quite limited. On top of that – inaccurate, incomplete, and irrelevant information make a significant majority of it. My intention was to inspire and help you find the quality, useful and relevant content to you.
  3. It took me several years and months researching about various languages. In fact, I’m addicted to research. I still don’t consider myself as an expert but I’m happy to help in any way I can. As hundreds of people continued to express interest in finding out more about languages. Well, eventually I decided to start a blog dedicated to helping people learn a new language. So studyfrenchspanish was born!

Every time I considered starting a blog. Something came up. Eventually I started though I don’t think I really understood what I was getting myself into. This was really hard work. What you read in 10 minutes, sometimes take 10 days to write. The high traffic (300,000 visitors and counting in 2018 alone) compensated everything. Neither i make any money through this blog nor i really care about it. On contrary, i actually spend decent amount every year just to run this site smoothly. After all pursue what you like is never about money.

If you just have a passion for learning a foreign language but don’t know why, how, and where, then you’ve come to the right place.


  1. Group Classes — Regular / Part-Time / Crash courses in French and Spanish language. Group classes as per international curriculum (CEFR, DELE, SIELE, DALF, DELF, TEF, TCF).
  2. Corporate Training — We offer best and custom tailored corporate training in French and Spanish in Noida and Delhi. Our onsite corporate courses are designed to specifically meet the needs of your organization.
  3. E-Learning — The biggest benefit of studying online French or Spanish is Anytime and Anywhere. We have made easy and effective Online courses at affordable price. Join now and discover the benefits of interactive online learning.
  4. Individual and Customized Classes — We offer one to one classes or customized French or Spanish courses in Noida especially designed for CBSE, ICSE and IGSE schools and various universities.


  • Creative Method — We follow SWIRL method (S – Speaking, W – Writing, I – Intonation (Pronunciation), R – Reading, L – Listening). We offer a Highly Interactive and easy Language Learning experience to all students through variety of learning techniques that can help you learn French or Spanish.
  • Exclusive Study Material — In order to learn French or Spanish language, Study material plays a very important role. We provide exclusive, excellent and self-explanatory study material, audio-video material, references, E-books, 100s of Practice Set, etc. and of course FREE to all students!!
  • Preparation for exam / projects — We don’t only teach French or Spanish language but prepare for all exams. Whether you are planning to give Canadian embassy TEF French exam or Spanish Gov. approved Diplomas de Español or any School or College level exam irrespective of curriculum and affiliation, We prepare for all such exam with our decade old experience.


  1. CURRICULUM — Effective curriculum with a measurable plan and structure to enhance and develop learners’ competencies to complete tasks inside as well as outside of class.
  2. IMPLEMENTATION — Establish program goals, Create useful and engaging learning through easy and time-tested method, Deliver training to students at the right time and pace.
  3. PROGRESS — Regular assessment through formative and summative assessments in order to monitor progress towards achieving learning objectives.
  4. OUTCOME — Focus on cover career readiness, employability skills and enhancing the hobbies and other activities with the aim of practicing the language skills going forward.

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